634 Chapter 634 Refinement Hall


As he finished speaking, Wan Zu stood up from his seat and left the private room, leaving behind just Shun Long and the others.


''Brother Shun, we could wait until we found it elsewhere.
I refuse to believe that the Holy sect is the only one who has a stalk of that 'five-elements grass'!'' Bai Longtian said in a serious voice as he stared at Shun Long.


Although Bai Longtian and the others weren't alchemists, they all understood that Shun Long was buying this stalk of 'five-elements grass' for them and that he was paying a much higher price than normal to obtain it from Wan Zu.


However, Shun Long simply smiled as he looked at Bai Longtian and shook his head before he said


''Longtian, don't worry.
It's not the Holy sect who is gaining the most out of this trade.
Besides, the 'five-elements grass' is the last rank 6 medicinal herb that I need, to refine the 'five-elements awakening pill'.''


Xingyi, Bai Longtian, and Jiang Chen, all stared at Shun Long with looks of gratitude in their eyes.


Everyone remembered how the white-robed Dao Emperor, Elder Cao Ling, had said during the fourth test of the Holy sect that Xingyi would have a chance to stregthen her unique physique.


Naturally, this hadn't attracted just Xingyi's attention, but every single person who had a unique physique, including Bai Longtian and Jiang Chen.


However, it was only 3 months ago when they found out that the 'five-elements awakening pill' that could strengthen their unique physique, was actually even more rare and expensive than the rank 5 'Barrier piercing pill' that they had received from their masters as a gift when they were accepted by them as personal disciples.


The 'five-elements awakening pill' was an extremely rare rank 6 pill that wasn't for sale even on the first floor of the Golden Treasures Hall.


Even powerful star-rank alchemists only had a 40 percent chance to successfully concoct this pill.


Star-rank alchemists!


How expensive it would be for someone to ask a star-rank alchemist to concoct a pill for them?


Most likely, the fees just from the pill concoction itself would exceed a million middle-grade spirit stones.
If one included the rarity of all the rank 5 and the rank 6 medicinal herbs that were needed, it wasn't absurd for the price to reach 2 million middle-grade spirit stones!


And even if one had enough spirit stones, it wasn't necessarily certain that they would be able to find a 'five-elements awakening pill' either.


Thus, Jiang Chen and the rest all understood how difficult it was for anyone to get their hands on this pill, and how expensive it could be if they wanted to buy it even from the Holy sect, let alone from a power outside the Holy sect's territory.


Unless one had connections with an extremely powerful alchemist and was lucky enough to successfully concoct the pill on the first try, it would be extremely rare if not impossible to obtain it otherwise.


With a smile on his face, the white-robed Wan Zu returned to the room a few moments later, holding a jade box with a grass that had 5 different colors inside it.


''Brother Shun Long, this is the rank 6 'five elements grass'.''


After opening the jade box and taking a look at the five-colored grass inside it, Shun Long nodded his head and handed the rank 6 'white petal flower' and the heart branch of the 'Red Parasol Tree' to Wan Zu, before he stored the 'five-elements grass' inside his spatial ring.


Without wasting any more time with Wan Zu, Shun Long stood up and cupped his hands at him before he said


''Senior Wan Zu, I will take my leave.''


Wan Zu seemed like he had something he wanted to say, but he still shook his head a moment later before he cupped his hands and answered


''Of course brother Shun.
You can come and see me anytime in the future as well.''


Nodding his head, Shun Long turned around and led Liu Mei and the rest out of the private room, as they walked out from the Golden Treasures Hall a moment later.


Turning his gaze towards Xingyi, Shun Long smiled and said


''Xingyi, can you lead the way to the Refinement Hall?''


Xingyi's eyes instantly lit up as she nodded her head and answered


''Of course! Brother Long, follow me.''


Since her master was the Elder responsible for the Refinement Hall, Xingyi naturally knew the way to the Refinement Hall in the inner court.


An hour later, after getting past the 2 disciples guarding the inner court with Liu Mei's and the rest's help, Shun Long's group arrived in front of a huge buidling that seemed to emit large amounts of heat.


As they approached the building, before they could even enter inside, the scent of hundreds of medicinal herbs assaulted their senses, making Shun Long's group suddenly freeze on the spot.


''Junior sister Xingyi!''


Just as Xie Xingyi was about to lead Shun Long and the others inside the Refinement Hall, her expression suddenly changed, as she saw a young man in yellow robes walk towards her with a smile on his face.


This young man had brown eyes, a hooked nose, and light blue hair, while an aura that had reached the peak of rank 8 in the Nascent Soul was radiating from his body.


Behind the young man were 2 young men at the peak of rank 7 and the early rank 8 respectively, each of them dressed in the yellow robes of an outer disciple as well.


The blue-haired young man approached Xingyi and smiled as he said


''Junior sister, you haven't visited master for such a long time.
This senior brother has missed you dearly.''


The look on Xingyi's face turned into one of disgust as she looked at the blue-haired young man in front of her, while Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, Bai Longtian, and even Shun Long, all stared at him with narrowed eyes.

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