631 Chapter 631 Song Yahui


As they stepped past the entrance and entered inside the Golden Treasures Hall, Shun Long led Liu Mei and the others in front of the entrance of a private room where a blue-robed young man was standing guard.


This young man's cultivation was at the peak of rank 4 in the Nascent Soul, and from the clothes he was wearing, it was obvious that he wasn't an outer court disciple of the Holy sect, but most likely a servant.


Shun Long was slightly surprised to see someone standing guard in front of Wan Zu's private room since he clearly remembered that there wasn't anyone here the last time, but he still didn't mind as he kept walking towards the room.


The young man frowned when he saw Shun Long and the others walking towards Wan Zu's room, as he took a step forward and extended his right hand a moment later before he said


''Please stop.
If you want to see senior Wan Zu you will have to wait.
My young master is currently inside and is talking with him.''


The young man's words were polite, but the haughty tone in his voice couldn't be concealed as he looked at Shun Long and the others while he blocked the path in front of the door.


Although he was just a peak rank 4 Nascent Soul cultivator, the young man could clearly sense that even the strongest people in Shun Long's group were just Jiang Chen and Liu Mei, both of whom were at the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul.
This wasn't a low level of cultivation, but in the outer court of the Holy sect that was filled with countless monsters, it was nothing much in comparison.


At the same time that the blue-robed young man finished speaking, the door of the private room behind him also happened to open, before a young man dressed in yellow robes and a white-haired old man dressed in white both stepped out from it at the same time.


''Eh? What's going on?'' The young man in the yellow robes exclaimed when he noticed the commotion in front of Wan Zu's room, as his eyes landed on Shun Long's group.


Shun Long was somewhat surprised when he sensed the aura coming from this person's body that was actually at the middle of rank 9 of the Nascent Soul, and it was even among the stronger middle rank 9 Nascent Soul stage cultivators that he had seen.


The blue-robed young man that was blocking Shun Long's group instantly turned around when he heard the yellow-robed young man's voice, but just as he was about to speak, Wan Zu's eyes suddenly lit up at that moment, as he took a step forward and pushed the blue-robed young man to the side without any hesitation, before he exclaimed in a voice that was filled with surprise and joy


''Brother Shun Long! Hahaha, what a surprise!''


''Shun Long?'' The yellow-robed young man next to Wan Zu seemed to have been surprised when he heard this name, as his eyes stared at Shun Long with a curious gaze inside them.


It was only at that moment that Wan Zu remembered the yellow-robed young man standing next to him, as he smiled and looked at him before he said with a smile on his face


''Ah, brother Song, I suppose you haven't met each other yet.
Let me introduce you.
This is brother Shun Long, a genius whose faction has been rising extremely quickly in the faction wars during the past 5 months.
In just 5 months, his faction managed to enter the top 1000 rankings.''


Wan Zu then looked at Shun Long and smiled in a warm manner as he continued


''Brother Shun Long, this is brother Song Yahui! You have probably heard of him as well.
Brother Song isn't just a member of one of the top 100 factions, but he is actually ranked within the top 1000 ranks in the Martial Roll of Honor as well.''


The yellow-robed Song Yahui nodded his head, but after taking a look at the 4 people standing around Shun Long, his gaze landed on Shun Long's body a moment later as he then said


''Shun Long huh? I have indeed heard of you.
Your faction has been rising quickly and it has even attracted the attention of some powerful factions even among the top 100 in the outer court of the sect, but it's mostly because of that Jiang Chen and Liu Mei next to you.
As for you…
I heard that all you do is just sit back without even fighting your opponents.
It's surprising that anyone would accept you as a faction leader.''


Liu Mei, Bai Longtian, Xie Xingyi, and Jiang Chen, all narrowed their eyes when they heard Song Yahui's words, as they shot cold looks at him.


Indeed, Shun Long wasn't fighting by himself in the faction wars, but wasn't every other faction leader the same? Aside from the wars among the top 100 factions that were rumored to be different from the normal faction wars, fights between factions inside the arena would always have the faction leaders stay behind and wait while they were protected by the rest of their faction.


It was obvious that Song Yahui didn't have a high opinion of Shun Long as he looked at him with a superior look in his eyes as he waited for his answer.


And yet, Shun Long simply shook his head disdainfully, before he turned his attention towards Wan Zu and said


''Song Yahui? I haven't heard of him.''


Song Yahui narrowed his eyes as he looked at Shun Long, but Shun Long simply stared at him with a cold look in his eyes, without taking a step back either, causing Wan Zu to start sweating bullets.


The white-robed elder then smiled as he took a step forward and got between the 2 groups, before he laughed and said


''Haha, let's not fight inside my Golden Treasures Hall.
The two of you, please give me some face.''


After staring at Shun Long for a few moments Song Yahui nodded his head and said


Since senior Wan is asking for it, this Song will naturally give you face.


As for you, Shun Long, your tiny faction has just entered the top 1000 less than a month ago.
You are lucky since if it wasn't for senior Wan Zu, I would bury you to the ground today.
Unfortunately, you are simply not worth it for me to deal with the Enforcement Hall disciples afterwards.''


''Your name is Song Yahui? I will remember it.''


Surprisingly, just as Song Yahui turned his attention towards the blue-robed servant of his and was about to leave, Liu Mei's icy-cold voice resounded in his ears, causing Song Yahui to turn his attention towards her.

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