630 Chapter 630 The top 1000?


Hearing Elder Teng's question, Shun Long cupped his hands at him before he said


''Elder flatters me.
However, you are right.
All of us will participate in the Martial Roll of Honor tournament a month from now.
As for whether we will manage to reach the top 1000 or not, that will be slightly more difficult.''


''The top 1000?'' Elder Teng asked in a disbelieving voice as he stared at Shun Long with an incredulous gaze.


It was obvious that Shun Long had no idea how strong the people in the top 1000 rankings in the Martial Roll of Honor really were, making the white-robed Elder Teng simply shake his head and smile ruefully at him.


Even Peng Chao who was a peak rank 8 Nascent Soul stage cultivator wasn't even close to the top 1000 rankings in the Martial Roll of Honor.
After all, even the weakest person in the top 1000 rankings was, at the very least, an extremely powerful rank 9 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, while some of those monsters at the very top of the rankings were even rumored to have exceeded that level.


Although Shun Long and Jiang Chen were both rumored to have immortal-grade bloodlines, they could only use their bloodlines for a limited amount of time and most disciples usually wouldn't even use their bloodlines during the Martial Roll of Honor tournament in the first place.


''The top 1000 is too difficult for you right now, but I still have faith that you can reach it in the next 3 or 4 years if you are lucky enough.
As long as you reach the peak of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul and you deepen your comprehension in the Dao of Space, I believe you will even have a chance to enter the top 500 rankings as well!''


Elder Teng then threw one last look at Liu Mei and the others and nodded his head towards them, before he turned around and soared in the sky above the arena.


He understood that for a faction that had 4 personal disciples of the inner court Elders as its members, it was only a matter of time until it started to make waves within the Holy sect.


After today, now that Shun Long's faction had entered the top 300, apart from those strongest factions at the top 20, every other faction within the sect would start paying attention to them.


After all, in Elder Teng's eyes, it wouldn't be more than 10 years until Shun Long's group managed to challenge some of the factions at the top 100! In the eyes of a peak-stage Dao King who had lived for tens of thousands of years, 10 years were nothing more than a single cultivation session.


Shun Long then turned his attention towards Jiang Chen and the rest and said


''Let's go back to the Golden Treasures Hall first.
There is less than a month left until the Martial Roll of Honor tournament begins.''


Liu Mei and the others all nodded their heads as they followed Shun Long out of the arena.


As their group left the arena, the eyes of the 50.000 outer court disciples in the audience seats were almost all focused on the yellow-robed Jiang Chen!


For an outer court disciple to have both an immortal-grade bloodline and a powerful unique physique, there was no doubt that his name was going to spread throughout the outer court, attracting the attention of plenty of powerful outer court disciples!


Of course, the reason why Jiang Chen had decided to reveal his Eternal Darkness unique physique today wasn't a spur of the moment decision.


Jiang Chen had already talked with Shun Long about this matter the night before.
It wasn't just him, but Bai Longtian as well who was also planning to reveal his unique physique during this faction war…
of course, that was only if 'senior brother Wong' had managed to get past Liu Mei's undead army and reach them.


Jiang Chen knew that even with his current strength, as long as he didn't use his immortal-grade bloodline of the Demonic Crow of Darkness and if he didn't reveal his Eternal Darkness unique physique, it would be almost impossible for him and Xingyi to defeat Peng Chao.


After all, Peng Chao wasn't just a peak rank 8 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, but he was also someone ranked within the top 2000 in the Martial Roll of Honor rankings.
His strength was said to be above most peak rank 8 Nascent Soul stage cultivators, and was even nearing the strength of some of the outer court disciples who had stepped into the early rank 9 of the Nascent Soul as well.


Even though he was ranked among the weaker outer court disciples in the top 2000 and was near the bottom of the rankings, Peng Chao was still strong enough to destroy a normal faction at the top 1000 all by himself.


With this thought in mind and since everyone knew that the top factions would become increasingly stronger as they move up in the faction rankings as well, Shun Long understood that Jiang Chen revealing his unique physique was going to happen sooner or later.


Besides, since they were all going to enter the Martial Roll of Honor tournament a month later, there wasn't much point for Jiang Chen to keep his unique physique hidden any longer unless he wasn't planning to fight at full strength.


However, even with his unique physique and his immortal-grade bloodline, Jiang Chen knew that his chances of entering the top 1000 rankings in the Martial Roll of Honor were still going to be extremely low.


Sometime later, Shun Long's group arrived in front of a huge, luxurious building, that had its 2 golden doors wide-open, as countless outer disciples were coming and going from its entrance at all times.


With a smile on his face Shun Long stepped past the entrance as he entered inside the Golden Treasures Hall, while Liu Mei and the rest all followed behind him.


Jiang Chen, Bai Longtian, and Xingyi, all had excited looks on their faces, as they all knew the reason why Shun Long had come to the Golden Treasures Hall today!

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