629 Chapter 629 Will you participate?


Jiang Chen's lips curved upon seeing this scene before the darkness around him started to disappear, allowing the crowd in the audience seats to see what was going on inside the forest.


The crowd was stunned once they saw the young man and the young woman from Peng Chao's faction that were lying on the ground clearly injured, while Peng Chao himself was standing still at the heart of the forest while a small silver dagger was placed on his neck.


Xie Xingyi was standing behind him with an indifferent look on her face, almost as if she was waiting for Peng Chao to speak, while the white-robed Elder Teng simply shook his head without saying anything.


As a powerful Dao King, how could he not have noticed what had happened a few moments ago?


As soon as Peng Chao used the azure sword in his hands to block Jiang Chen's fist of darkness, Xie Xingyi's body suddenly emerged from the shadows behind him, as she then pointed her silver dagger towards his neck.


This had happened so quickly that even a peak rank 8 Nascent Soul stage cultivator like Peng Chao had been unable to dodge.


''I give up.''


Peng Chao's somewhat unresigned voice resounded throughout the forest, as he then turned around and stared at the peerlessly beautiful blond-haired young woman who was standing behind him.


Xie Xingyi nodded her head calmly and retracted her silver dagger from Peng Chao's neck, before her body disappeared into the shadows.


Peng Chao shook his head and ignored Xie Xingyi, as he turned his gaze towards the yellow-robed Jiang Chen who was standing a few meters away from him and said with a jeering tone


''Jiang Chen, is that all you have? Do you not even dare to fight against me by yourself? What's the point of having a unique physique if you are a coward?''


Jiang Chen had a contemptuous look in his eyes as he stared at Peng Chao, as he turned around and left without even responding to him, leaving behind a dumbfounded Peng Chao.


''WHOAAAH! Peng Chao really lost! He actually admitted defeat!''


''I want to know what happened inside Jiang Chen's dome of darkness! As soon as it disappeared, Peng Chao was just standing there with Xie Xingyi's dagger right above his neck! Isn't Xie Xingyi just at the middle of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul? How can she ambush Peng Chao like that?''


''If she joined hands with Jiang Chen, even Peng Chao will have trouble defending against their attacks.
Her unique physique is also terrifying! I heard that even soul sense can't detect her that easily.''


Shun Long's lips curved up once he heard the loud discussions among the disciples in the crowd, as he opened his eyes and stared at the forest ahead of him.


At the same time, the middle rank 8 Nascent Soul cultivator from Peng Chao's faction, 'senior brother Wong' -who had been bombarded by the attacks from Liu Mei's Death Eater and the black-robed young woman at the early rank 8, as well as the dozen remaining undead knights and 300 skeletons- seemed to have also heard those discussions, as he and Liu Mei stopped fighting at the same time.


And yet, the robes on 'senior brother Wong's' body had been tattered and on the verge of collapse, while his body seemed to have been filled with countless sword wounds.


It was obvious that he had been wounded greatly during his fight with the Death Eater just now.


As for the Death Eater itself, the enormous 30 meter(100ft) tall monster didn't have any obvious wounds on its body, and neither did the black-robed young woman that was hovering in the air by its side.


Turning her attention to the other side of the arena, Liu Mei saw the white-robed Elder Teng in the sky who waved his hand, attracting everyone's attention, before he declared in a loud voice that reverberated throughout the entire arena


''Faction war:


Winner, Shun Long's faction!''


Shun Long smiled as the loud cheers of the crowd in the audience seats exploded in his ears, either discussing Jiang Chen's Kingdom of Darkness or Xie Xingyi appearing behind Peng Chao forcing him to admit defeat.


''Brother Shun, it seems like brother Jiang really went all-out this time.''


Bai Longtian said with a smile on his face, but it was obvious that he had actually expected that already.


Shun Long nodded his head with a calm look on his face when the ground beneath his feet started to tremble, as the enormous Death Eater appeared in the distance ahead, tearing down the trees that blocked its path.


Liu Mei was the first one to return next to him, followed by Xie Xingyi's body that appeared from the shadows a few moments later, and lastly, Jiang Chen.


''Brother Long, we won.'' Xie Xingyi said in a slightly proud tone as she looked at Shun Long with her stunning green eyes, while Jiang Chen nodded his head calmly, but there was the same look of pride in his eyes as Xingyi's.


Faction wars were extremely important to every faction in the sect, not just for the rewards that the factions obtained from the Holy sect every month, but for their faction's prestige as well.


To Jiang Chen and the rest, their faction was no different from their own home by now.


Just as Shun Long was about to speak, a white blur tore through the sky as it appeared in the air above them barely a moment later.


The white-robed Elder Teng handed Shun Long his sect identifying token that he had taken from him before the faction war had started, as the white-robed Dao King stared at the group of 5 outer disciples below him with a bright smile on his face and said




Shun Long and the rest all bowed and cupped their hands at the white-robed Dao King in front of them.


After staring at Liu Mei, Xie Xingyi, and Jiang Chen for a few more moments, Elder Teng looked at Bai Longtian deeply for a while as well, before he turned his gaze towards Shun Long.


At that moment however, the white-robed Dao King was stunned when he realized that he couldn't probe Shun Long's cultivation at all, almost as if there wasn't even the slightest amount of qi coming out from his body, making him furrow his brows.


''I can't detect this kid's cultivation? How is this possible?''


Although this thought appeared in his mind, Elder Teng didn't show it in his expression as a smile appeared on his face as he looked at Shun Long and asked curiously


''Shun Long, do you plan to participate in the Martial Roll of Honor tournament? I am sure that many people are curious about your current strength.
5 months ago, I remember that you were at the middle of rank 4 of the Nascent Soul.
Hehe, even I am curious to find how strong you have become by now.''



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