Shun Long thought for a moment, before nodding his head as he unleashed his aura of an early rank 8 qi condensation cultivator.

Before the young man and the 3 young girls had any time to get angry at this qi condensation rookie who had been playing them for so long, Shun Long had already arrived behind a ’blood wolf ’ as he gathered his qi in his right hand and punched towards the wolf ’s back.

As Shun Long ’s fist connected with the wolf ’s spine, a cracking sound was heard as the wolf whimpered before it collapsed on the ground and after twitching for a while, it stopped breathing entirely.

The group of disciples from the ’Roaring wind pavilion ’ were shocked, when the young man was the first to recover as he shouted

’ ’Careful! ’ ’

As one of the 3 women was still absorbed watching Shun Long kill the wolf, another one had appeared above her head as its sharp claws headed straight towards her neck.

The girl screamed and turned to run but the wolf ’s claws had ripped off the robes on her back as a bloody imprint of a huge claw was left on her skin.

This girl instantly passed out, while the rest of the ’blood wolves ’ had suddenly turned frenzied as they smelled the scent of blood from this young woman.

Shun Long who had just killed one of the 3 ’blood wolves ’ that were attacking the young man, saw what happened and rushed to kill the other 2 wolves which were now madly attacking the 2 girls.

His speed was extremely fast as he had arrived in front of the 2 wolves in less than 2 breaths, before he ruthlessly kicked with his left foot in a sweeping manner, towards one of the 2 wolves ’ front legs.

A cracking sound was heard as the wolf ’s front legs were broken, and before it had much time to react, one of the 2 girls used her sword as she stabbed its head.

As this wolf died, the other one was also taken care of quickly, before Shun Long turned to help the young man who was fighting off 2 wolves with his sword.

The hunters had turned into prey as the wolves tried to escape, but in a 2 against 4, their heads were soon chopped off by the sword-wielding young man.

As soon as the fight was over, the 3 disciples of the ’Roaring wind pavilion ’ quickly rushed to help the young woman whose back was injured by the ’blood wolf ’ and was now unconscious.

After they made sure that she was going to be alright, the young man looked at Shun Long as he said

’ ’Thank you for your help brother ’ ’

Shun Long just shook his head though as he replied

’ ’It was a mutual exchange ’ ’

Just as the young man was about to speak, one of the 2 girls looked at him as she whispered

’ ’Senior brother, are we really going to give him the wolves cores along with our survival points? No matter how strong he may be, he is just a qi condensation rookie in the end..
if we all fight against him then maybe we can… ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes turned chilly as he heard this, and he turned to look at this woman with undisguised killing intent.

Now that he had saved them this woman wanted them to go back on their word?

The woman staggered back a few steps as her face paled when she thought of how brutally Shun Long had killed the ’blood wolves ’ just now.

Contrary to her wishes though, the young man headed towards Shun Long as he cupped his hands before he handed the survival points that he had promised.

After that, he turned his head to speak to the woman who had ’whispered ’ to him just now as he answered with anger obvious in his voice

’ ’Since we promised something, it ’s only proper to hold our own end of the deal as well. ’ ’

The woman hanged her head dejected as she replied in a weak voice

’ ’Yes senior brother, Fei Fang was wrong. ’ ’

Shun Long was impressed by this man ’s forthrightness as he nodded at him before he turned to remove the wolves ’ hearts and beast cores.

Among the 5 wolves, they found 4 beast cores, while the last wolf hadn ’t formed one yet.

However as per their agreement, Shun Long took 3 of the cores for himself as he left the other one for them.

Just as he was about to leave, the young man from the ’Raging wind pavilion ’ asked

’ ’Brother, judging from your robes, you must be a disciple from the ’floating cloud sect ’ correct? ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as the man continued by cupping his hands

’ ’My name is Yong Ru and these three are my junior sisters from the ’Roaring wind pavilion ’.
They are Fei Fang, Ming Zhu and Qiao Lian.
Please forgive Fei Fang as she is still immature.
May I ask for brother ’s name? ’ ’

Although Shun Long was just a qi condensation cultivator, Yong Ru who had witnessed his strength, actually considered him to be a peak rank 3 earth cultivator who was seemingly hiding his true strength for some reason.

’ ’My name is Shun Long. ’ ’ Shun Long also cupped his hands at Yong Ru.

Yong Ru tried to think, but he didn ’t seem to have heard about any strong disciple from the ’floating cloud sect ’ with this name.

He then put that matter on the back of his mind as he continued

’ ’To tell the truth, brother Shun, me and my junior sisters are heading towards the central mountain.
If brother Shun is also heading there, perhaps we could travel together. ’ ’

Based on Shun Long ’s extraordinary strength, Yong Ru knew that their journey would be a lot safer if he joined them.

’ ’Central mountain? ’ ’ Shun Long was perplexed as he hadn ’t heard anything about a specific mountain in the Demonic Mountain Region.

’ ’Brother Shun doesn ’t know? ’ ’ Yong Ru asked bewildered as he started explaining

’ ’Well, it isn ’t really a secret anyway.
The Demonic Mountain Region covers a vast distance of more than 5000 miles.
Among those 5000 miles, there is a large number of mountains.
However, the most important of them all is the one at the center of this region, the central mountain. ’ ’

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