628 Chapter 628 Jiang Chen“s Kingdom


The veil of darkness around Jiang Chen abruptly started to churn before it expanded even further, covering not just Jiang Chen's body, but completely submerging Peng Chao as well, along with the young man and young woman who were standing by his side.


In the blink of an eye, a large part of the forest had been completely submerged into darkness, turning into Jiang Chen's Kingdom!


The outer court disciples in the audience seats were instantly thrown in disarray the moment that Jiang Chen's figure disappeared into the darkness along with Peng Chao and the other 2, before anxious shouts soon filled the arena.


''What happened to Peng Chao's group? What is this black dome of darkness? Is this thing Jiang Chen's unique physique?''


''What kind of physique is this?''


''Who won? Elder Teng, let us see the fight!''


Some of those disciples even tried to send their soul sense inside the arena to peer into Jiang Chen's Kingdom of Darkness, but before their soul sense could even approach the black dome that had appeared inside the forest, Elder Teng snorted coldly as he instantly suppressed those disciples' soul senses.


It was common knowledge that no matter what happened, no one would ever try to meddle with a fight in the arena, whether that was a personal fight or a faction war!


Of course, although those disciples in the audience seats wouldn't dare to truly interupt the fight, sending their soul sense to observe the fight was no different than challenging Elder Teng's bottom line, causing the white-robed Dao King to personally take action against them.


After all, if even one of them had any intentions to secretly attack Jiang Chen or Peng Chao and his group through their soul sense, Elder Teng would be the one responsible.


After taking care of the disciples in the audience seats, Elder Teng turned his attention towards the black dome of darkness below him.


He immediately understood that this was something created by Jiang Chen's unique physique, and without any hesitation, he jumped inside it as well.


Although Elder Teng's vision was fully suppressed inside Jiang Chen's 'Kingdom of Darkness', the white-robed Dao King didn't fight against it, and instead, all he did was just quietly spread out his soul sense to find out where Jiang Chen and Peng Chao's were.


At that moment, Elder Teng 'saw' through his soul sense the gigantic sword slash that Peng Chao had previously created, as it tore through the darkness almost effortlessly, as it kept flying towards the unmoving Jiang Chen!


Although Peng Chao and his group, and even the white-robed Elder Teng had their vision impeded inside the Kingdom of Darkness, how Jiang Chen not see what was going on in here?


Seeing the sword slash that was flying towards him, Jiang Chen had a serious look in his eyes as he clenched his right hand tightly, before he swung his golden saber towards it at full strength!


At the same time, the darkness around Jiang Chen started to quickly gather around his golden saber, forming the image of an enormous saber made of darkness that was more than 10 meters(33ft) tall, and a moment later, the enormous saber actually collided with Peng Chao's 'Sea-splitting sword'!




A heaven-defeaning explosion could be heard from the center of the arena the moment that the saber and the sword collided with each other, while even the darkness inside Jiang Chen's 'Kingdom of Darkness' had started to spread outwards.


The crowd in the audience seats only saw a ripple in the outer-most layer of the Kingdom of Darkness, before the veil of darkness soon returned to normal.


Despite the huge explosion that had happened, it was obvious that Jiang Chen's Kingdom was still unaffected!


Jiang Chen stood at the center of the arena with his clothes tattered, but his expression was still calm as he stared at Peng Chao's group that was less than 20 meters away from him.


At that moment, the expression on Peng Chao's face suddenly changed.


Although he couldn't see anything through the dense darkness around him, he could clearly sense the powerful explosion as well the moment his 'Sea-splitting sword' had met with Jiang Chen's saber, but his Saint low-grade martial skill had actually failed to seriously injure Jiang Chen!


Peng Chao was certain that if Jiang Chen had been critically injured, the Kingdom of Darkness would have disappeared by itself, or at least, Elder Teng himself would have intervened to save him.


However, it was obvious that neither of the 2 had happened.


Just as Peng Chao was about to fly upwards and escape out of the area that Jiang Chen's Kingdom of Darkness covered, he suddenly sensed danger from both sides, as 2 enormous black fists made from darkness itself attacked him from both his left and right, sealing all paths of retreat.


The young man and the young woman next to him seemed to have sensed the sudden attack as well, but even after joining hands, the 2 of them had only managed to block one of the fists before they were sent flying, while blood had had started to flow from their lips.


It was obvious that both of them had been seriously injured after they blocked Jiang Chen's fist of darkness.


Peng Chao also understood that the 2 of them had been injured, but in his eyes, this was only natural.


Inside this Kingdom of Darkness, Jiang Chen's strength wasn't inferior to even his own.


How could the 2 of them block his attack and be unharmed?


Even Peng Chao knew that he would have a hard time blocking this fist head-on.


Peng Chao simply shook his head as he clenched the azure sword in his hand tightly and placed his full attention in the battle in front of him.
He was confident that as long as he retreated out of the area that Jiang Chen controlled, he would be able to get the advantage then.


Sensing the second fist that had now appeared by his side, Peng Chao's aura at the peak of rank 8 in the Nascent Soul exploded outwards without holding back.


He could clearly undestand that Jiang Chen wasn't holding back either, as the power behind this fist was truly enough to seriously injured and even kill a normal peak rank 8 Nascent Soul stage cultivator like him if he wasn't careful!


Waving his hand, Peng Chao slashed his azure sword, as his sword met Jiang Chen's fist head-on!




A second explosion sounded from the dome of darkness inside the forest, making the crowd in the audience seats turn even more frantic as they couldn't see what was going on.


Everyone could guess that Jiang Chen and Peng Chao were both going all-our, but aside from Elder Teng, no one else could see what was going on!


Inside the dome of darkness, the moment that Peng Chao's sword met Jiang Chen's fist of darkness, Peng Chao's expression suddenly changed, as a sense of lethal danger sprouted in his heart.


Peng Chao could feel all the hair on his body standing up at the same time, almost as if death was approaching him from behind as well.


This had nearly caused Peng Chao to almost give up defending against Jiang Chen's attack, as he nearly turned around to meet the attacker behind him as well.


However, the moment that he slashed his azure sword forward, Peng Chao suddenly sensed a cool sensation on his neck, making him suddenly freeze where he stood.


At the same time, the indifferent voice of a young woman behind him entered his ears, as she only said 2 words


''You lose.''

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