627 Chapter 627 Fighting Peng Chao 2


It wasn't just Peng Chao and his group, but every single person in the audience seats and even the white-robed Elder Teng in the sky who were all staring at the yellow-robed Jiang Chen with eyes filled with shock, as the same 2 words appeared in their minds at the same time


''Unique physique?''


''He really has a unique physique?''


''Impossible! There is no way that Jiang Chen can have a unique physique! This monster has an immortal-grade bloodline, I refuse to accept that the Heavens gave him a unique physique as well!''


''You refuse to believe it? What does it matter if you refuse to believe it or not? There are no qi fluctuations from that veil of darkness coming from his body.
What else can it be other than a unique physique?''


There were a few disciples in the crowd who couldn't accept that Jiang Chen had a unique physique on top of his immortal-grade bloodline, but most of them were experienced enough to understand what was going on at first glance, causing their eyes to turn extremely serious.


If one was going to ask the disciples in the crowd who were the 2 strongest people in Shun Long's faction, nearly everyone would either choose Jiang Chen or Liu Mei.


In the past 5 months during the factions wars, it was either Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, or Xie Xingyi who had taken care of the enemy faction leaders, causing the rest of the disciples in the outer court to start paying attention to them.


However, since Xingyi was relying on her Vanishing Shadows unique physique and didn't have any direct fights but was mostly using assassination attacks, it was hard for anyone to determine her true level of strength.


As for Jiang Chen, everyone had already heard that he possessed an immortal-grade bloodline that he had used during the fourth test of the Holy sect almost a year ago.


Among the rest of the outer court disciples in the Holy sect, there were only 3 more people who possessed immortal-grade bloodlines as well, and all of them were monsters at the top 100 rankings of the Martial Roll of Honor.


However, not a single one of them was known to have a unique physique along with their immortal-grade bloodlines!


Naturally, bloodlines were only activated extremely rarely, but it was a fact that they were still a trump card that one could use during a life and death situation, making them extremely dangerous.


Possessing an immortal-grade bloodline along with a unique physique, was definitely something that even the peak geniuses of the Holy sect would be paying serious attention to from now on.


''Jiang Tianfang's son…
what kind of monster is this kid? How come he is following this Shun Long?''


Even the white-robed Elder Teng couldn't believe what he was seeing as he stared at Jiang Chen with a deep look in his eyes, before he turned his attention towards the calm, short-haired young man at the depths of the forest who was leisurely standing there with Bai Longtian by his side.


Shun Long simply sat cross-legged on top of a large rock with his eyes closed, while Bai Longtian was standing next to him, not seeming too worried that someone would manage to get past Liu Mei's defenses and attack Shun Long.


In the last 5 months, this had only happened once during the last faction war, and Bai Longtian only had to intervene once before the Death Eater ran towards him and destroyed the enemy early rank 8 Nascent Soul stage cultivator who had managed to sneak past Liu Mei's undead army to sneak attack Shun Long.


Of course, the question that Elder Teng had in his mind was the same question that every single person in the audience seats was thinking about as well, as they all stared at Jiang Chen at the center of the arena who seemed like a god of darkness!


Why was Jiang Chen following Shun Long? With his level of talent, even the top 10 factions would definitely accept him.


Unfortunately, it didn't look like Jiang Chen was going to answer them as he kept walking towards Peng Chao one step at a time, as the veil of darkness around his body started to turn even thicker.


Peng Chao now had a serious look in his eyes as he stared at Jiang Chen, before he took out a large azure sword from his spatial ring.


Peng Chao had thought that even if Jiang Chen was strong, there was no way that he would be strong enough to fight against him, but after seeing the veil of darkness that had started to appear around him, this thought instantly vanished from his mind, causing him to look at Jiang Chen seriously.


He already knew that Jiang Chen was probably strong enough to fight against the second strongest member of his faction, 'senior brother Wong' head-on.
Even if Jiang Chen lost against 'senior brother Wong', Peng Chao believed that Jiang Chen wouldn't be much weaker.


However, now that he had revealed his unique physique, Peng Chao understood that Jiang Chen's strength was most likely not much inferior to his own.


The young man and the young woman standing at Peng Chao's sides both stared at Jiang Chen solemnly as well, as they tightly held their weapons.


Jiang Chen however completely ignored them as he waved his sleeve, taking out a large, golden saber from his spatial ring and holding it with both hands.


This was Jiang Chen's star-rank weapon!


Holding his golden saber tightly, Jiang Chen infused his qi inside it, causing the mysterious patterns on the golden saber's surface to lit up one after the other, before an incomparably dark aura erupted from inside the saber.


This aura that seemed to be almost identical to the veil of darkness coming from his body seemed to have instantly strengthened the darkness around Jiang Chen by another fold, making it even denser than before.


Peng Chao who had been staying still and was waiting for Jiang Chen to make his move so he could counterattack suddenly felt a shiver run through his body, as a deep sense of danger appeared in his heart.


He could sense that Jiang Chen's current aura was now extremely terrifying, making even a peak rank 8 Nascent Soul stage expert like him feel fear!


There was no way that Peng Chao would keep waiting until Jiang Chen took the initiative to attack him.


The look on Peng Chao's face turned serious as he held his azure sword in front of him and infused his qi inside it, before he slashed it forward barely a moment later, as he shouted


''Saint low-grade martial skill, Sea-splitting sword!''


Jiang Chen stared coldly at the gigantic sword slash that was flying towards him and looked like it could split a sea apart, before his calm yet cold voice resounded throughout the entire arena


of Darkness!''



Author's note: 1/2

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