626 Chapter 626 Fighting Peng Chao


The look on 'senior brother Wong's' face changed as he charged towards the enormous, 30 meters(100ft) tall Death Eater without holding back.


He could clearly feel, from the terrifying aura that was coming from the gigantic beast's body, that the current Death Eater was definitely a threat to him right now.


Seeing 'senior brother Wong' fly towards it, the Death Eater opened its hideous mouth and welcomed 'senior brother Wong's' attack head-on!




However, aside from being pushed back a little, there were no injuries on the Death Eater's body after receiving the sword attack, completely shocking everyone who saw that scene.


''How is this possible? Even a middle rank 8 Nascent Soul cultivator like 'senior brother Wong' can't harm this monster?''


''It is definitely because of that black aura that appeared around its body! After it appeared, that monster's strength increased by many times! Even 'senior brother Wong' will have trouble if he wants to kill it without using another Saint-grade martial skill now!''


There were plenty of powerful disciples in the crowd who had already reached the late-stages of the Nascent Soul as well, and all of them instantly realized that the current Death Eater's aura was much stronger than it was before, after Liu Mei had used the second form of the Death's Chant.


Even without the Death's Chant, the Death Eater that was at the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul was already strong enough to destroy normal outer disciples who had reached the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul.
Right now, even 'senior brother Wong' would find it hard to damage it without using some powerful martial skill!


Of course, in terms of speed, the Death Eater was still much slower than 'senior brother Wong' himself.
this wasn't a one-on-one battle to begin with.


The black-robed young woman at the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul who had been sent flying by 'senior brother Wong' previously didn't seem to have suffered any injuries, as she attacked 'senior brother Wong' as well, instantly putting him into a passive position.


It was one thing to deal with the Death Eater that wasn't any weaker by himself, but once that woman joined hands with it, 'senior brother Wong' understood that things were turning bad.



Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest, Jiang Chen had already arrived at the forest's depths, only to see a calm-looking young man with long black hair waiting there leisurely, while a young man and a young woman were guarding him from his left and right.


Jiang Chen smiled coldly as his eyes stared at the long-haired young man whose aura had already reached the peak of rank 8 in the Nascent Soul, completely ignoring the 2 people by his side.


This person was clearly the leader of the enemy faction, Peng Chao.


As for the 2 people by his side, one of them was a young man at the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul, while the other one was a young woman who had actually reached the early rank 8.


Staring at the newcomer, Peng Chao didn't seem to be any surprised as he stared at him with a calm smile on his face, but the young man at the peak of rank 7 and the young woman at the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul started to look at their surroundings with serious looks in their eyes before they both spread out their soul sense around their bodies.


They knew that since Jiang Chen had come here, there was no way that he was alone.
Most likely, Xie Xingyi was also here, but the looks on their faces soon changed when they realized that it was simply impossible for them to detect her presence even with their soul sense.


Although the people from Peng Chao's faction didn't take Shun Long or Bai Longtian as threats, they knew that Jiang Chen who had an immortal-grade bloodline and had comprehended both the Demonic Dao and the Dao of Darkness, Xie Xingyi who had a unique physique, and Liu Mei who had comprehended the Dao of Death were all extremely dangerous opponents.


Of course, being wary of them and treating them as powerful opponents didn't mean that they feared them.


It only meant that Jiang Chen, Liu Mei, and Xie Xingyi, were simply worthy to be taken seriously by them.


Jiang Chen looked at the long-haired Peng Chao who was leisurely standing there and was staring back at him with that same calm smile on his face, before his aura at the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul exploded out of his body.


The young man and the young woman next to Peng Chao responded in the same matter barely a moment later, as they let their aura clash with Jiang Chen's head-on!


It was obvious that they weren't willing to lose to Jiang Chen.


Peng Chao shook his head when he saw this scene as he said calmly


''It looks like junior brother Jiang doesn't like to waste time either.
Unfortunately, your strength is simply too low right now.


Perhaps, if you had managed to breakthrough to the middle of rank 8 of the Nascent Soul then you would have a chance…
but the current you? Unless you are willing to use your immortal-grade bloodline there is no way you can stand in front of me!''


As soon as he finished speaking, Peng Chao's cultivation at the peak of rank 8 in the Nascent Soul exploded outwards, completely overpowering Jiang Chen's own aura.


''Senior brother Peng Chao is right.
Even if Jiang Chen is a genius, can he really stand in front of him right now? Even if senior brother Peng Chao was alone, there would be no way for Jiang Chen to defeat him!''


''Still, if Jiang Chen really decided to use his immortal-grade bloodline, Peng Chao will probably be in trouble.''


The crowd watched the scene between Jiang Chen and Peng Chao who were facing off with rapt attention, as no one bothered to even watch 'senior brother Wong' who was now barely managing to defend himself against Liu Mei's Death Eater and her undead army any longer.


With a calm look on his face, Jiang Chen stared at the calm-looking Peng Chao as he took a step forward and said in a low voice


''With the Martial Roll of Honor tournament being so close, there is no reason for me to hide it anymore.''


The moment that he finished his words, a black veil that looked like it was made by pure darkness itself appeared around his body, before it slowly expanded outwards.


At that moment, the young man and the young woman around Peng Chao, and even Peng Chao himself were all stunned, as a single thought that they didn't want to believe suddenly appeared in their minds.

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