625 Chapter 625 Senior brother Wong vs Liu Mei 2


The look on 'senior brother Wong's' face suddenly changed as he immediately changed the trajectory of his red sword to clash with the black-robed woman's knife instead.


Although he knew that his sword was longer than the woman's knife, in this scenario, it was clear that the young woman's knife would end up truly piercing his neck if he kept trying to stab Liu Mei!


Even though deaths weren't allowed during the faction wars, in fights between experts, it wasn't uncommon for someone to die when they went all-out!


The sound of metal clashing resounded clearly in everyone's ears before the black-robed young woman was sent flying for a few dozen meters, her body destroying tens of trees in the process until it finally came to a halt.


It was obvious that this young woman at the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul wasn't a match for 'senior brother Wong'.


Just a single attack had sent her flying for a few dozen meters, and even though there were no obvious injuries on her body, 'senior brother Wong' was certain that her internal organs were definitely shaken right now.


Although the young woman was nothing more than a puppet, even puppets wouldn't be able to move once they were injured too heavily.


However, at the same time that 'senior brother Wong's' sword met the young woman's knife and sent her flying, the enormous, 30 meters(100ft) tall Death Eater also moved, as it opened its gigantic mouth and let out a huge roar before it ran towards 'senior brother Wong' with its mouth still open, almost as if it was ready to devour him!


Feeling the terrifying aura filled with bloodlust, madness, and unrestrained killing intent that was coming from the Death Eater's body, the look on senior brother Wong's face finally changed.


With his left hand that wasn't holding his red sword, he stretched it towards the Death Eater's hideous mouth and shouted angrily


''Saint low-grade martial skill, Flame axe!''


A huge axe that was burning with bright orange flames and was more than 10 meters tall materialized in front of him, before it flew straight towards the Death Eater's wide-open mouth.


The Death Eater's mouth was soon enveloped in flames as the Flame axe entered inside it before it hacked its insides violently.


In less than 10 seconds, the Death Eater's body was filled with countless cuts and holes, while its pitch black but empty insides that were devoid of any internal organs, were clearly exposed for everyone to see, before it finally collapsed on the ground.


''I told you that you are no match for me.
You should have retreated while you still could!'' Staring at Liu Mei with his arrogant and cold gaze, 'senior brother Wong' spoke in an indifferent tone as he stood in the air, before he suddenly shot forward in the next moment, his sword once again aiming to pierce through Liu Mei's chest.


Even if Liu Mei's puppet, the black-robed young woman wanted to close the gap and block his sword attack again for the second time, she was now more than a dozen meters away and she wouldn't make it in time.


Liu Mei's lips however curved up as she saw this scene, and closing her eyes she simply infused her qi into the collapsed body of the Death Eater below her feet, completely ignoring 'senior brother Wong's' incoming sword attack.




''How is this possible?''


In the next moment, it wasn't just the crowd that was stunned by the scene that followed, but even the white-robed Elder in the sky, Elder Teng, who stared at the Death Eater's body with a shocked look on his face.


The collapsed body of the Death Eater that had been hacked to pieces previously by 'senior brother Wong's' flame axe suddenly started to regenerate at a speed visible to the naked eye, and in just a few seconds, it was actually restored back to its original condition.


Even the yellow-robed 'senior brother Wong' stopped his attack as he stared at the enormous beast in front of him with eyes filled with disbelief.


He had actually used a Saint-grade martial skill that used up more than 30 percent of his qi, just so he could quickly deal with the Death Eater and defeat Liu Mei quickly before he moved towards Shun Long, but the enormous, hideous monster in front of him, had actually regenerated in the blink of an eye while its aura didn't seem to be even a single bit weaker than before!


It was only natural for 'senior brother Wong' to be stunned by this.


Although others didn't know about it and thought that the Death Eater's greatest strength was its unmatchable strength, how could Liu Mei not know that the true strength of the Death Eater lied in its regenerative ability!?


As long as Liu Mei fed it with her own qi, the Death Eater would regenerate any wounds and be back in perfect condition!


Of course, nobody else knew about this aside from the members of Shun Long's faction, since this was the first time that Liu Mei's Death Eater had suffered injuries like this in a faction war.


However, 'senior brother Wong's' shock had just begun, as a dense aura of death suddenly erupted from Liu Mei, before a ball filled with death qi appeared in her hands.


Liu Mei allowed the ball filled with death qi to fall on the Death Eater's body that was right below her, and the moment that the ball touched it, the Death Eater's aura started to become even more terrifying!


Although its aura was still at the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul, 'senior brother Wong', the white-robed Elder Teng in the sky, and even the people sitting in the audience seats could all sense how much more terrifying the current Death Eater was.


This was the second form of the Saint low-grade martial skill, Death's Chant.


After she had obtained the second form of this martial skill from the Golden Treasures Hall, Liu Mei knew that once she used it, the Death Eater's strength would explode.


With a cold look in her eyes, Liu Mei stared at the middle rank 8 Nascent Soul stage 'senior brother Wong' in front of her who was now surrounded by her undead army, before she asked him in a calm voice


''You want to defeat Long-ge…
just by yourself? Even if I wasn't here, I doubt you would be able to even get past Bai Longtian.''

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