623 Chapter 623 Growth 2


At the same time that Jiang Chen arrived at the center of the arena, the 4 people from Peng Chao's had also arrived as well.


Those 4 from Peng Chao's faction weren't weak, as even the weakest 2 of them were actually a young man and a young woman at the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul while the other 2 young men were at the early rank 8 and the middle rank 8 of the Nascent Soul respectively!


Staring at Jiang Chen's figure that was flying towards their own forest, the young man at the middle of rank 8 in the Nascent Soul and the one at the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul both ignored him almost as if they didn't even see him, as they flew towards Shun Long's side of the forest.


However, the young man and the young woman who were at the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul both glanced at each other at the same time, before they actually moved to intercept Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen was slightly surprised by this, but he completely ignored the early rank 8 and the middle rank 8 Nascent Soul young men who had entered the forest and were heading straight towards Shun Long's direction, as he turned his attention towards the young man and the young woman who were blocking his path with a mocking smile on his face.


Normally, the faction wars had one offensive team and one defensive team.


However, even if the 2 offensive teams met each other, they usually wouldn't waste their strength fighting with each other and would head directly towards the enemy faction leader.


Otherwise, if they spent all of their strength fighting against the enemy faction's offensive team, they may not have enough strength to deal with the enemy defensive team!


Besides, each faction usually had enough confidence in the strength of their offensive and their defensive teams to deal with the enemy faction's attacks.


This was why Jiang Chen was surprised when he was stopped by the young man and the young woman who were actually at the same cultivation level as him.


''You really think the 2 of you can stop me? Even that guy at the middle of rank 8 in the Nascent Soul wouldn't be able to stop me so easily!''


With the same smirk on his face, a pair of pitch-black wings that were burning with dark red flames sprouted from Jiang Chen's back, as his speed suddenly increased explosively.


This was the second form of the Saint low-grade martial skill, 'Demonic Wings'!


In the past few months, Jiang Chen had already obtained the second form of the Demonic Wings from the Golden Treasures hall, making his speed nearly one-third faster than when he just used the first form of this martial skill.


Most martial skills at the Saint low-grade normally wouldn't provide more than a 40 percent increase even if one had the complete martial skill, so for the Demonic Wings to really provide such a huge boost to Jiang Chen when he just used the second form was nearly unbelievable.


Of course, the only reason why Jiang Chen was able to have such a large increase in his speed when he used the Demonic Wings was thanks to his Demonic Dao and his immortal-grade bloodline of the Demonic Crow of Darkness!


The young man and the young woman from Peng Chao's faction were both startled when they saw Jiang Chen flying straight towards them, but they both took out their weapons and faced him head-on without faltering!


Although Jiang Chen was a genius, the 2 of them didn't believe that they were inferior to him either.


After all, both of them were not only members of Peng Chao's faction, a faction at the top 300 rankings in the Holy sect, but they themselves were also geniuses!


At the very least, since they were in the same level of cultivation as Jiang Chen, the young man and the young woman both believed that they should be able to at least push Jiang Chen back after they joined hands to fight against him.


Unfortunately, their thoughts were quickly shattered in the next moment, as a terrifying, baleful aura suddenly covered Jiang Chen's body.


Jiang Chen didn't even take out his saber as he punched the young man's spear rip and the young woman's dagger with his bare hands!


The 2 peak rank 7 Nascent Soul stage cultivators both stumbled back from the impact the next moment, while their eyes were filled with shock as they stared at the young man in front of them, not even noticing the hints of blood that had appeared on their lips.


Although the young man and the young woman from Peng Chao's faction could clearly sense the terrifying aura around Jiang Chen which came from his Demonic Dao, the 2 of them couldn't believe that they had both been injured after just a single exchange, when the person in front of them hadn't even taken out his weapon yet!


However, Jiang Chen wasn't planning on letting them go.


If they headed directly for the forest behind him, he would allow Bai Longtian to deal with them if they had somehow managed to get past Liu Mei's terrifying undead army and reach Shun Long, but since they wanted to fight against him, Jiang Chen wasn't going to let them go.


Indeed, it only took a few more exchanges for the peak rank 7 Nascent Soul young man and young woman to collapse on the ground unconscious while their bodies were heavily injured before Jiang Chen flew deeper inside the forest ahead of him, heading straight towards Peng Chao's direction.


Jiang Chen could feel that Peng Chao was less than 300 meters away right now, while 2 more people were around him to protect their faction leader.


As for Xie Xingyi, with her Vanishing Shadows unique physique even Jiang Chen himself couldn't sense her right now, but he already knew that Xingyi was most likely approaching Peng Chao as well if she hadn't already reached his location.


''That guy is a monster! Both Ren Li and Ren Jin are at the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul just like him, and yet they couldn't even force him to draw his weapon!''


''That's only natural.
Even though Ren Li and Ren Jin can barely be qualified to be called geniuses, Jiang Chen's talent is already above 'normal geniuses' like them.
Perhaps only the true monsters of the outer court would truly be able to defeat him at the same level!''


At the same time that Jiang Chen headed deeper inside the forest, the 2 young men from Peng Chao's faction who had entered inside Shun Long's side of the forest both stopped, as a huge army of 500 skeletons and 30 undead knights, as well as an old man at the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul suddenly blocked their path, making the crowd in the audience seats stare at the scene with endless excitement.

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