622 Chapter 622 Growth


Seeing that the 2 groups had both entered into their respective forests and had taken their positions, Elder Teng spoke again for the second time, his loud voice instantly overpowering the excited cheers of the crowd as he said




Liu Mei, Xingyi, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian, all turned their attention towards Shun Long at that moment, before Xingyi asked with a gentle smile on her face


''Brother Long, should we go with the usual plan?''


Nodding his head, Shun Long said


''Yes, there is no need to change.
We will go with the usual battle formation.''


Nodding her head, Xingyi had the same smile on her face as her body suddenly blended into the shadows.


At the same time, Jiang Chen looked at Shun Long and simply nodded his head as he said calmly


''Don't worry about that Peng Chao, I'm going to make him suffer.


The top 300 factions are in a different league? Hmph, let's see how long his faction is going to last then.''


As he finished speaking, Jiang Chen's aura at the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul exploded out from his body, as Jiang Chen first spread out his soul sense and covered the entire arena, before he sped towards the center of the arena by himself.


Shun Long nodded his head at Jiang Chen as he saw him disappear inside the forest in front of him just like Xingyi did.


At that moment, Liu Mei turned her beautiful black eyes and looked at Shun Long with a brilliant smile on her face as she said


''Then, Long-ge, I'm going on ahead.''


Nodding his head, Shun Long looked at Liu Mei who flew for approximately 100 meters forward until she came to a halt, not heading too close to the center of the arena like Jiang Chen and Xingyi.


Closing her eyes, Liu Mei gathered her qi between her hands, causing a pitch-black ball of qi that was filled with the aura of darkness to appear in front of her before it slowly fell on the ground.


The familiar army of the 1000 jade-white skeletons and the 60 black-armored undead knights leading them, along with the enormous Death Eater all appeared around Liu Mei, before Liu Mei allowed them to spread throughout the forest, not allowing anyone to sneak through them!


Even if the members from Peng Chao's faction wanted to sneak past them, it would practically be impossible to do so with more than 1000 undead creatures that had filled the forest.


Liu Mei's skeletons were no different than an undead army that had instantly filled a large part of the forest itself.


''So this is the Death goddess, Liu Mei? This is the first time I'm seeing her! How beautiful…''


''She is too terrifying! All of those skeletons have an aura at the middle of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul! Even if they aren't as strong as average cultivators at the same level, with 1000 of them combined, even normal cultivators at the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul will have some trouble breaking past their defenses.''


The crowd instantly erupted in discussions the moment they saw this scene.


Unlike the past, the auras of Liu Mei's skeletons had not only grown stronger now that Liu Mei had broken through to the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul, but they were also much more violent and bloodthirsty!


After receiving Little Black's advice, Liu Mei had truly changed the way she acted with her undead creatures, and she no longer fully suppressed them, allowing their violent aura to truly show its full potential!


However, this wasn't the end.


Just as everyone thought that this was the full extent of Liu Mei's powers, Liu Mei finally showed something that she hadn't shown in any of the previous faction wars.


Next to the Death Eater, 2 human silhouettes also appeared, shocking not just the 50.000 outer disciples in the crowd, but even the white-robed Elder Teng in the sky!


''What? Humans? So it's true that the Dao of Death can resurrect humans?''


''No! They aren't alive! They are nothing more than puppets! But how can she control puppets stronger than herself? Isn't her Dao too terrifying?''


Indeed, the silhouettes next to the Death Eater belonged to a black-robed old man and a young woman, both of whom had reached the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul!


Sitting on the gigantic Death Eater's back, Liu Mei closed her eyes and spread her soul sense around her body, covering the entire arena in the blink of an eye.
A moment later, the black-robed old man next to the Death Eater shot forward as he flew towards the center of the arena, while 500 skeletons and 30 undead knights followed after him.


As for the black-robed young woman at the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul, she actually stood next to Liu Mei with her lifeless eyes staring at the forest ahead.


''Haha, brother Shun, sister Mei seems to be going all-out this time.
It seems like Peng Chao's words really angered her and brother Jiang.''


Shun Long simply smiled and shook his head as he looked at Bai Longtian who was smiling as he stood next to him, while they could both clearly feel the army of undeads that had appeared just 100 meters ahead.


Indeed, although most of the people in the crowd were shocked, those who had seen the previous faction wars among Shun Long's faction already knew that this was exactly how Shun Long's faction usually fought.


Shun Long would always stay in the back with Bai Longtian 'protecting him' from any enemy attack.
After all, Bai Longtian's defense was truly the best one among everyone else in Shun Long's faction.


As for Xingyi and Jiang Chen, they would always attack the enemy faction since their Daos and their attacks were really suited towards offense.


Jiang Chen was truly considered a monster powerhouse in terms of his speed and his offensive abilities that even early rank 8 Nascent Soul outer disciples had failed to stop, while Xingyi's assassination attacks were even deadlier and more unexpected!


As for Liu Mei, she was the only one who had taken the role of both an attacker and defender.


Half of her undead army would attack the enemy faction while the other half would stay behind to protect Shun Long.


In the entire outer sect, only the top 100 factions would now confidently claim that they could easily defeat Shun Long's faction.


As for the rest? Even the arrogant Peng Chao had a serious look in his eyes as he remained in his own part of the forest protected by one young man and one young woman next to him, while the other 4 were all speeding towards the center of the arena just like Jiang Chen and Xie Xingyi!

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