619 Chapter 619 Thrasing


A sudden bolt of lightning emerged from Shun Long's finger, heading straight towards the young man's chest.


The young man at the early rank 5 of the Nascent Soul behind Lim Yu didn't even have enough time to raise his sword and defend against it, before the powerful thunderbolt struck his chest.


The man collapsed on the ground barely a moment later, as the charred smell of flesh burning instantly filled the air.


''Junior brother Zhen!'' A young man at the peak of rank 5 in the Nascent Soul shouted in fear when he saw the body of 'junior brother Zhen' collapsing on the ground.


Thankfully, his body was still twitching, despite the sparks of lightning that were still present on his chest which had yet to disappear.


It was obvious that although he was seriously injured, the young man was still alive.


Shun Long simply smiled, and without taking another look at 'junior brother Zhen', he turned his attention towards the young man at the peak of rank 5 in the Nascent Soul who flew straight towards him.


During his attack, Shun Long had consciously reduced the power of his 'Thunderbolt finger' to just 40 percent of the original.
Although the 'Thunderbolt finger' was just a Mystic high-grade martial skill, Shun Long knew that if he hadn't held back, it was very likely that it would have taken this 'junior brother Zhen's' life.


After all, even 40 percent of the original had been enough to immediately take out an early rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivator like this 'junior brother Zhen'.
As for the full power? It was very likely that it would have truly killed any early rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivator.


Lim Yu narrowed his eyes when he saw this scene, but he ignored the young man on the ground after seeing that he was still breathing, as Lim Yu turned his attention towards Shun Long and flew straight towards him.


Shun Long's golden eyes flashed continuously with every passing second, his movements stunning not just the disciples sitting in the audience seats, but even the white-robed Elder Teng in the sky.


''Who the hell is this guy? How can he fight against 5 people from Lim Yu's faction all by himself?''


''Is he really just a middle rank 4 Nascent Soul stage cultivator? How is he so fast? Even Lim Yu can't seem to match him!''


The 5 people from Lim Yu's faction, including Lim Yu himself, unleashed attack after attack at Shun Long, but Shun Long seemed to have known where every single attack would come from, and he either avoided them or blocked them with his black sword.


Even Lim Yu's lightning-fast dagger attacks that could take any normal early rank 6 Nascent Soul stage cultivator by surprise had actually been blocked by Shun Long!


Even with his strength as an early rank 6 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, Lim Yu realized that he was actually unable to overpower Shun Long!


As for Shun Long's speed, that was even more terrifying.
Even with his lightning-fast attacks, Lim Yu was actually having trouble even keeping up with him!


At the same time that Shun Long fought against the 5 people from Lim Yu's faction, Liu Mei and the others were all waiting leisurely inside the forest, not even bothering to go and spectate the faction war.


Bai Longtian stared at the trees in the distance with a smile on his face as he said


''I wonder how long it will take care for brother Shun to finish this faction war.''


''Hmph, that guy named Lim Yu was really arrogant.
He didn't even bother to take a look at Shun Long before the fight started.
Wait until Shun Long trashes his entire faction all by himself!'' Jiang Chen snorted coldly as he spoke with a cold look in his eyes.


As for Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi, they simply nodded their heads as they waited for the faction war to come to an end.


Since Shun Long had said that he would fight this by himself, none of them would intervene.


Besides, in their eyes, although Lim Yu would definitely be much stronger than average early rank 6 Nascent Soul stage cultivators, even an early rank 6 Nascent Soul outer disciple of the Holy sect wouldn't be enough to force Shun Long to go all-out.




A violent crash resounded throughout the entire arena, as a peak rank 5 Nascent Soul stage young man from Lim Yu's group was buried to the ground, creating a human-shaped hole.


If it wasn't for his limbs that were still twitching lightly, everyone would have assumed that this young man had died after taking on Shun Long's punch head-on!


Whether it was the white-robed Elder Teng in the sky or the disciples sitting in the audience seats in the crowd, everyone stared at the black-haired, golden-eyed young man who was holding a black sword at the center of the arena with eyes filled with shock, as their excitement instantly filled the arena barely a moment later.


''Are you serious? How strong is this guy?''


''He is a monster! His body cultivation has barely entered the fifth stage, and yet it only took a single punch for him to defeat a peak rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivator like Ming Bo!''


The disciples among the crowd were almost unable to believe their eyes.


After all, most of them were at the rank 5 or rank 6 in the Nascent Soul, with less than a handful of them having reached the rank 7.


And yet they knew that for an early fifth stage body refiner to use only his physical strength to break past the qi defenses of a peak rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivator and knock him out in one punch was practically impossible!


Of course, although Shun Long's 'Monarch's Eternal body' was still at the early fifth stage, Shun Long knew that his physical strength alone was enough for him to destroy almost any middle fifth stage body refinement cultivators without any trouble!


After all, Shun Long had yet to find someone who could match his strength at the same level, even in terms of body refinement, to say nothing of his qi cultivation.


Even if he didn't use his qi or his Dao of Space and his Dao of Time, Shun Long knew that there was almost no rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivator who would be able to stand in front of him, and the same went even for most outer disciples of the Holy sect at this level.


If Shun Long went all out using his Dao and his qi cultivation that was at the middle of rank 4 in the Nascent Soul as well, he was confident to fight against even a late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, to say nothing of the people in Lim Yu's faction.


Seeing that all 5 members of his faction were defeated and were lying on the ground unconscious while he was the only one left, made Lim Yu stare at the golden-eyed monster in front of him with a look filled with disbelief.


Lim Yu had originally thought that in this faction war, the only one he would have to pay some attention to would be Jiang Chen and perhaps Liu Mei, while he would simply have to be wary of Xingyi's assassination attacks.


Although Bai Longtian was a middle rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivator who had comprehended a rare Dao, Lim Yu believed that he wouldn't be a threat either.


As for Shun Long? He was definitely the weakest one among his faction, someone whom Lim Yu didn't even need to pay any attention to.


Even when he had found out that Shun Long had broken through to the middle stages of the Nascent Soul, even becoming a middle rank 4 Nascent Soul cultivator, Lim Yu himself was a powerful early rank 6 Nascent Soul stage expert and he naturally wouldn't put this in his eyes.


However, seeing everyone in his faction having fallen unconscious while Shun Long was now staring back at him with a smile on his face and those terrifying golden eyes of his, made Lim Yu involuntarily take a step backward.


''No! I refuse to lose like this!'' Lim Yu shouted angrily as he placed his small black dagger back in his spatial ring.


With his eyes staring at the calm, golden-eyed young man who was leisurely standing in the sky, Lim Yu placed both of his hands in front of his chest and shouted angrily


''Take this! Saint low-grade martial skill, Water spear!''


A large spear more than 10 meters long slowly started to take form in front of Lim Yu, before Lim Yu grabbed it with both hands and sent it threw it towards Shun Long using all of his strength.


The spear itself made the air around it tremble, as it flew towards Shun Long at a terrifying speed, aiming to pierce through his chest.


Even the white-robed Elder in the sky, Elder Teng narrowed his eyes as he looked at this, ready to interfere at any moment.


After all, it wasn't uncommon for a Saint-grade martial skill to accidentally kill another disciple during a faction war.


And yet, Shun Long simply stared at the large, 10 meters long spear that was flying towards him with a serious look in his eyes, before he mumbled in a low voice



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