617 Chapter 617 Faction war 3


Hearing the Elder's voice, Liu Mei's and the rest's ears all perked up, as they followed Shun Long and stepped inside the small corridor that led directly towards the center of the arena.


Entering inside the arena, Shun Long noticed that the arena was actually massive, spanning for more than 800 meters in length, with countless trees surrounding it from all sides.


The trees were blocking everyone's vision, not allowing the contestants to see for more than a few dozen meters ahead of them, but the center of the arena itself where the white-robed Elder was standing was clear from any trees.


The radius of 100 meters that the center of the arena covered, looked like a barren land that was in sharp contrast to the rest of the arena.


At the same time that Shun Long and the rest entered the arena and arrived in front of the white-robed Elder, Shun Long saw another group appearing from the other side, approaching the Elder as well.


Shun Long guessed that this group that was filled with 6 others yellow-robed outer disciples, was most likely Lim Yu's faction.


The person standing in the lead of this group was a young man who had reached the early rank 6 of the Nascent Soul, with short black hair similar to Sheng Huang's and deep black eyes, while the other 5 people standing behind him, were either early stage, middle, or late stage rank 5 Nascent Soul cultivators.


As soon as Shun Long's group appeared on stage, the few outer disciples who were lazily sitting among the crowd seats instantly had their eyes lit up, as everyone's gaze was suddenly focused either on Liu Mei or Xingyi.


''Hey, who are these 2 beauties? Did Elder Teng just say that the name of this faction is 'Shun Long's faction'?''


''Is this a new faction? How come I have never heard of it before? Hmm, but their cultivation levels aren't low…
Aside from that short-haired young man in the middle, the other 4 all seem to be at the rank 5 of the Nascent Soul as well!''


''Right, even if they are weaker than Lim Yu's faction, they probably aren't that much weaker.''


''No, wait! I have heard about this faction! That black-haired young man with a scar on his face is Jiang Chen! He is the person who slapped Qian Tao's cousin, Qian Kun, in the Holy city a few months ago!''


A knowledgeable outer court disciple among the people in the crowd seemed to have recognized Jiang Chen, spreading his name to the rest of the disciples around him.


At the same time that the people in the crowd exploded in a feverish discussion, while Shun Long was inspecting this group in front of him, the people from that group stared at Shun Long's group as well with serious looks on their faces.


Their eyes were entirely focused on either Jiang Chen, the 2 girls, or Bai Longtian.


Although the people in the crowd may not have known enough things about Shun Long's faction, but Lim Yu's faction would always do a thorough check on their opponents before a faction war started.


Thus, they all knew that the 4 people around Shun Long had not only been accepted by the inner court Elders of the sect as personal disciples, but every single one of them were complete monsters!


In the early rank 6 Nascent Soul cultivator's, Lim Yu's eyes, although Shun Long by himself was of no threat and could be taken care of extremely easily, since he was just a peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivator 4 months ago when he entered the sect, the other 4 from his faction were an entirely different matter altogether!


This was even more so for Jiang Chen who had not only reached the peak of rank 5 in the Nascent Soul already, but he also possessed an immortal-grade bloodline as well just like Shun Long.


Among the people who had entered the Holy sect a few months ago, Jiang Chen was at the top of the list among the people whom they wanted to recruit!


As for Liu Mei and the terrifying monsters that she could summon, or Xingyi and her weird physique that allowed her to disappear, Lim Yu had already attached enough importance to them as well.


In his eyes, Bai Longtian who had simply comprehended a rare dao like the Dao of the Buddha, and Shun Long whose cultivation was still at the early-stages of the Nascent Soul, were the only people among his opponents that he didn't have to worry too much about.


Elder Teng, the white-robed Elder standing at the center of the arena, looked at Shun Long and the young man with short black hair who had reached the early rank 6 in the Nascent Soul and said


''Give me your sect identifying tokens.''


With a practiced motion, Lim Yu took out his sect identifying token and handed it to him, while Shun Long nodded his head and did the same a moment later.


After taking a look at the 2 tokens in his hands, Elder Teng turned his attention towards Shun Long's group and said


''I trust you already know the rules of the faction wars.
All you have to do is defeat the enemy faction leader and you will win the war.''


Shun Long nodded his head in confirmation, as he turned his gaze towards the early rank 6 Nascent Soul cultivator, Lim Yu, who was staring back at him.


''Alright, take your positions.''


Elder Teng spoke once more, before he floated upwards, to the sky above the arena, while his eyes stared at the 2 groups below him.


As Lim Yu's group turned around and headed deeper inside the dense 'forest' behind them, Shun Long's group did the same as well.


After they arrived deep inside the forest, Jiang Chen looked at Shun Long and asked


''Should I take care of them?''


Although their opponents consisted of a handful of rank 5 Nascent Soul stage outer disciples of the Holy sect, and their leader who had clearly reached the early rank 6, Jiang Chen was still confident that he could defeat everyone, including Lim Yu.


Shaking his head, Shun Long looked at Liu Mei and the rest, and with a smile on his face he said


''This time, you guys don't have to do anything.
I will take care of this faction war myself.''

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