613 Chapter 613 Entering seclusion


''Faction wars:


Shun Long's faction (rank 10824th) vs Lim Yu's faction (rank 6523)


Match will begin at noon, 10 days from now.
On the day of the match, proceed to the arena in the outer court.''


It wasn't just Shun Long and the young woman behind the 'Exchange counter' who noticed this, but even Liu Mei and the rest who were waiting by the side that had all turned their attention towards Shun Long's token at the same time.


Seeing that their first match was already decided, everyone had serious yet expectant looks on their faces.


This was the first time their faction was going to fight inside the sect against another faction!


At the same time, the young woman behind the 'Exchange counter' handed Shun Long's token back to him and said


Your first match has already been scheduled.
Fights between factions are fairly simple in their rules.
As long as you can injure the leader of the enemy faction and make him unable to fight any longer, you will automatically win the match.''


Shun Long cupped his hands and thanked the young woman behind the 'Exchange counter', before he took his sect identifying token from the counter and walked towards Liu Mei and the rest.


Seeing that everyone had excited looks on their faces, Shun Long smiled and said


''Let's go back first.
We still have 10 days until the match starts.''


Jiang Chen and the rest all followed Shun Long as they walked out from the Assignment Hall.


They had all spent the past 2 months traveling on top of the 'Arctic blue bird's' back without a chance to cultivate, so every one of them was planning to spend the next 10 days entering seclusion and try to advance their cultivation.


After all, it was practically impossible to cultivate without a care when you were sitting on the back of a middle rank 6 magic beast that was traversing the continental sea at full speed.


Even Shun Long who was absorbing the qi in the air around him wasn't doing so to cultivate, but he was merely replenishing the qi in his qi balls after he had finished treating Jiang Tianfang.


''Then, brother Shun, I will see you again in 10 days.''


Bai Longtian was the first one to bid farewell to Shun Long and the rest, before he walked back to his own courtyard.


Jiang Chen and even Xingyi did the same a moment later, as they left to return back to their own courtyards as well.


Everyone chose to go and cultivate in their own courtyards, since the qi inside Shun Long's courtyard wouldn't be enough for everyone to share.


Shun Long smiled as he and Liu Mei walked back to his own courtyard.
It was obvious that everyone was planning to make the most out of these 10 days now that they had returned back to the sect.


After entering his courtyard, Shun Long first had Little Silver come out from the 'Stone of Time', before he and Liu Mei entered inside the main room.


Since he was planning to enter seclusion again, Shun Long would always let Little Silver stay outside and keep Liu Mei company while she trained.


After all, Liu Mei didn't need to cultivate normally since she was training in the 'Blood Absorption art', but she needed to use her time to get even more familiar with her undead creatures even better.


In the past 2 months, Shun Long had already told Liu Mei about what he had learned from Little Black after the black dragon had woken up.


Little Black had said that it was wrong for a cultivator who has comprehended the Dao of Death to use their soul sense and completely suppress their undead creatures or treat them as an army.


Instead, he had said that Liu Mei should allow her undead creatures to fight freely using all their negative emotions, and that Liu Mei should only suppress the killing intent that they have towards her and those around her.


Since this was the way that a powerful family from the Immortal Dimension taught its descendants who had comprehended the Dao of Death, this was naturally the best way for Liu Mei to go at it as well.


After all, even Elder Xuan's master, a powerful peak rank 9 Dao Emperor, didn't know too much about the Dao of Death aside from her own comprehension.


Entering inside the room, Shun Long suddenly smiled as he walked forward and placed his hands around Liu Mei's waist, holding her tightly.


Leaning slightly forward, he then whispered into her ear in a low voice


''Mei'er, I missed you.''


Liu Mei's face turned red as she Shun Long's hands removing her robes, before they started to roam around her body, but she still nodded her head gently and placed her hands around Shun Long's neck, planting a big kiss on his face.


With that same smile on his face, Shun Long removed his own robes as well, as he took Liu Mei to the shower.


With the water naturally falling above his head from the formation etched on the 'shower', Shun Long's sucked in and even bit Liu Mei's perfect, cherry-like nipples, causing moans of pleasure and ecstasy to escape from Liu Mei's mouth, while his hands explored every nook and cranny of her perfectly sculptured body.


Starting from her neck, Shun Long's right hand slowly slid downwards towards her chest, only to reach Liu Mei's secret place a few moments later.


Shun Long could feel a wet and warm sensation on his fingers, as Liu Mei placed both of her hands around his neck and let him do whatever he wanted to do.


Ragged breaths and moans filled with pleasure and excitement resounded throughout the room for the next few hours, before Shun Long finally laid down on the bed with Liu Mei lying on top of him.


A few minutes later, Shun Long stood up and gently caressed Liu Mei's stunningly beautiful face, and after putting his robes back on, he sat on his meditative cushion and closed his eyes as he entered inside the foggy space in the 'Stone of Time'.


Sitting cross-legged on his usual spot, Shun Long first patted Little Black's head that was leisurely munching a few rank 6 medicinal herbs, before he waved his right hand, causing the corpse of an enormous red bear to appear in front of him.

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