610 Chapter 610 Jiang Tianfang“s strength


''The Sovereign realm?''


Shun Long mumbled to himself absent-mindedly, before he opened his eyes and looked at Jiang Tianfang who was leisurely staring at the Zhong clan's city below them.


Even Jiang Tianfang had a bright gleam in his eyes when he mentioned the old clan leader of the Zhong clan and the sect master of the Holy sect, one of whom was just a step away from the Sovereign realm while the other had long since stepped into that level.


It was obvious that Jiang Tianfang really wanted to join their ranks as well.


However, no matter what, Shun Long understood that for the current him, the Sovereign realm was too far away right now.


''It's okay.
After we return back to the sect, I will first enter seclusion and try to breakthrough to the middle stages of the Nascent Soul, before I start fighting in the faction wars.
Fighting against the strongest disciples of the sect should allow my cultivation to advance even faster!''


As he reached this conclusion, Shun Long turned his gaze towards Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, Bai Longtian, and Xie Xingyi, and smiled brightly.


He understood that it wasn't just his own cultivation, but Xie Xingyi's and the rest as well that would explode after they started fighting in the faction wars.


Only by pushing themselves and fighting against the strongest geniuses of the Holy sect would they be able to have a chance to advance even further!


As the peak rank 6 'Flame eagle' and the middle rank 6 'Arctic blue bird' flew past the city of the Zhong clan, Xie Xingyi looked at Jiang Tianfang and asked in a curious tone


''Uncle Jiang, I have a question.
How did you manage to find us inside Tang city? Elder brother Jiang Chen said that you were living in the Polar star continent instead.''


Jiang Tianfang nodded his head calmly, and after putting aside the thoughts of reaching the Sovereign realm temporarily, he turned his attention towards the beautiful blonde young woman who was sitting on the 'Arctic blue bird's' back and answered smilingly


''Chen'er has a small pendant on his neck that has part of my soul sense sealed inside it.


Although it's usually not very useful, I can still sense its location as long as it's not too far away.
With the Blue star continent being right next to the Polar star continent, how could I not know it when you arrived there?


Haha, of course, I didn't expect you brats to kill Tang Wu's great-grandson inside his own royal palace!''




2 more weeks soon passed, and in the blink of an eye, the 'Arctic blue bird' and Jiang Tianfang's 'Flame eagle' had already entered the Holy sect's territory and were now less than a day away from the Holy mountain.


In these last 2 weeks, Shun Long had increased the intensity of his treatment on Jiang Tianfang, but the results were finally showing.


Shun Long could feel that the corrosive power inside Jiang Tianfang's body was completely suppressed by now, while Jiang Tianfang could feel his body feeling much lighter.


As he stopped using his 'Time Reversal', Shun Long looked at Jiang Tianfang with a smile on his face, and ignoring the beads of sweat that were dripping from his forehead he then said


''Uncle Jiang, see if you can use the energy from your body refinement.''


Jiang Tianfang nodded his head with a solemn look on his face, before he closed his eyes and circulated the energy of his body refinement inside his body.


An excited expression appeared on his face the next moment, as tears actually started to roll from the powerful Dao Emperor's eyes!


For the first time in 40 years, Jiang Tianfang no longer felt the energy inside his body being heavy like it was being blocked by something, and he could now freely sense it circulating inside him.


Barely a second had passed, and the spot in his right sleeve that was previously empty, now had a right arm appear out of nowhere and occupy it.


This right arm with its well-defined muscles that looked almost identical to Jiang Tianfang's left arm, caused Jiang Chen's father to stare at it with eyes filled with disbelief.


Even Jiang Chen felt boundless happiness for his father, before he turned his gaze towards Shun Long and bowed deeply as he said


''Thank you!''


Naturally, although Jiang Chen was a cold person by nature, the affection he felt for his father and his mother wasn't something that he took lightly.


And yet, Shun Long immediately took a step forward and appeared in front of him, before he pulled Jiang Chen up from his bowing position and said


''If you truly consider me a brother you won't bow to me like this.
There is no need for you to thank me either.''


Jiang Chen stared at Shun Long with a deep look in his eyes for a few moments, before he nodded his head and actually smiled a moment later.


Even Liu Mei and the others were stunned by this rare smile of his, but Shun Long simply nodded his head with a smile on his face as well.


''Nephew Shun, I, Jiang Tianfang don't owe favors to anyone else aside from you in my life.
In the future, regardless of what you need, I swear that I will always be there!''


''Uncle Jiang, don't worry about it.
Just remember that although the corrosive power inside you is now suppressed, it is still inside your body.
Although your strength won't reach its peak until you completely expel it, you should be able to utilize around 30 to 40 percent of your peak strength now.''


Jiang Tianfang nodded his head seriously since he could feel that Shun Long was right.


Indeed, right now although his body still had that poison-like power inside him that was still affecting his strength, he could now utilize a much larger part of his cultivation than before.


The most important thing was that he could even use the energy from his body refinement as well!


Little Black had a calm look in his bright blue eyes as his voice sounded in Shun Long's mind the next moment


''Master, that man's strength is really stronger than the average Dao Emperor at the same level as him.
Although his strength still can't compare to mine right now, by the time he expels the darkness qi inside him and becomes a peak rank 9 Dao Emperor in the future, he may even be able to fight against some newly-advanced Sovereign realm experts!''


Shun Long was slightly stunned by Little Black's evaluation of Jiang Tianfang's strength.


He knew that after Little Black had finished absorbing the dragonstone and had woken up, he hadn't just reached the early rank 7 but he had actually reached the middle of rank 7!


This meant that Little Black's strength was enough to eradicate most middle and even late-stage Dao Emperors!


For him to praise Jiang Tianfang's current strength meant that Jiang Tianfang was truly stronger than the average Dao Emperor at the same level as him.


Of course, Little Black only threw a glance at Jiang Tianfang through the 'Stone of Time', before he continued drinking Shun Long's wine joyfully.


As for Little Silver, it would keep eating stalk after stalk of 'Dragonblood grass' as he watched the greedy dragon hog all the wine for himself.


2 days later, the 'Arctic blue bird' finally let out a loud cry as it saw the familiar outline of an enormous mountain in the distance, before it flew towards it at full speed.

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