609 Chapter 609 Above the Dao Emperor realm


In these past 2 weeks, Shun Long had treated Jiang Tianfang twice every single day, using his 'Time Reversal' on the area of his severed right arm.


Although there was no obvious improvement externally, Jiang Tianfang could clearly feel the corrosive effect that was preventing him from using the energy of his body refinement to regrow his right arm slowly disappear with every passing day, causing his face to be filled with endless wonder and joy.


He could clearly feel that with every day that passed, he was coming a step closer to regrowing his right arm, while the corrosive effect that was slowly spreading throughout his body and the rest of his dantian was finally being suppressed!


Although his dantian didn't show any symptoms of getting better, just the fact that the malicious energy inside him was being suppressed and wasn't expanding any further inside him was already more than what Jiang Tianfang had dreamed of in the past!


Every day, Shun Long had to rest for 6 hours after using his Time Reversal to treat Jiang Tianfang, since his qi would be exhausted every single time after the treatment.


In these last 2 weeks, their journey through the continental sea to return back to the central region was peaceful, as there wasn't a single magic beast that dared to attack them on the way.


Finally, as they arrived back in the central region, a huge coastal city that Shun Long and the rest had seen the first time once again appeared in their eyes.


Staring at the huge city that was even bigger than the Holy city itself and had thousands of cultivators queueing up in front of the city gates, Jiang Tianfang smiled and said in an easy-going tone


''It looks like the Zhong clan is still as prosperous as it was 50 years ago.
Haha, I suppose it's only natural!''


''The Zhong clan?''


Jiang Chen asked in confusion as he stared at the city in the distance with a look of curiosity in his eyes, while Liu Mei and the rest had all turned their attention towards Jiang Tianfang.


Even Shun Long who had just finished absorbing the qi in the air to refill his qi balls opened his eyes and looked at Jiang Tianfang curiously.


After all, none of them knew anything about the powers of the central region that were outside the Holy sect's territory.
Even the powers within the Holy sect's territory were a mystery to newcomers like Shun Long and the rest.


As for this 'Zhong clan', it was clear that it was a clan outside the territory of the Holy sect.


With a smile on his face, Jiang Tianfang nodded his head and explained


''Indeed, the Zhong clan is one of the relatively more powerful clans in the northern part of the central region.


Although they are nowhere near close to matching the strength of the true peak powers of the central region, they are still an extremely famous clan in their own right, since they have 2 star-rank alchemists backing their clan!


Rumor has it that the old clan leader of the Zhong clan has stayed in seclusion for more than a thousand years, preparing to advance to the realm above the Dao Emperor as well.


Of course, a thousand years later, nobody really knows if he has successfully advanced past the level of a Dao Emperor or not.
However, if he has really succeeded in his breakthrough…
then the Zhong clan will really be considered among the more powerful clans in the northern part of the central region!''


Everyone sucked in breaths of cold air upon hearing this secret of the Zhong clan!


Naturally, to have 2 star-rank alchemists meant that the Zhong clan had at least 2 Dao Emperors inside the city!


After all, it was common knowledge that for an alchemist to reach the star rank, aside from his skill in alchemy itself, he needed to have a sufficiently strong spiritual strength that could support his pill refinement.


Thus, to refine rank 7 medicinal herbs and turn them into pills, an alchemist needed to have at least reached the average level of spiritual strength as that of a powerful rank 6 Dao Emperor.


As for the old clan leader of the Zhong clan…
he was actually attempting to advance past the level of a Dao Emperor?


Shun Long could easily guess that at least in terms of experience, such an old monster would definitely be among the stronger 1-star alchemists!


''Uncle Jiang, then, is the Zhong clan considered to be at the same level as our Holy sect?''


In the last 2 weeks, everyone had started to get more familiar with Jiang Tianfang as they traveled together, and since he was Jiang Chen's father and didn't put any airs with him despite being a powerful Dao Emperor, everyone had started to naturally call him uncle Jiang as well.


Jiang Tianfang looked at Bai Longtian and smiled, before he shook his head a moment later and said seriously


''If the old clan leader of the Zhong clan has truly managed to breakthrough to the realm above the Dao Emperor, then I suppose the Zhong clan can be considered to be slightly inferior in terms of strength when compared to the Holy sect.


As for the strength of the Holy sect, it is actually much deeper than what it chooses to show on the surface.


Why do you think there are so many Dao Emperors among the powers that are subservient to the Holy sect and yet none of them dare to revolt? After all, every single one of their families has to pay tribute to the Holy sect every year if they want to remain within the Holy sect's territory, and the tribute they are paying isn't a small sum.
Besides, who wants to have their head lowered towards another for their entire lives?


However, none of them even dare to think of revolting and they are more than happy to pay tribute to the Holy sect every year.


The reason behind that is simply the sect master of the Holy sect!


The sect master is an expert who managed to breakthrough to the realm above the Dao Emperor countless years ago! As for his current strength, nobody really knows about it!


Even if it wasn't for the sect master's power, the Holy sect still isn't a sect that just any power would dare to mess with either.
In the depths of the sect, there is also an old monster who has reached the peak of the Dao Emperor realm as well, and among the Dao Emperors that I personally know of, he definitely ranks in the top 5 in terms of strength! Even if he isn't as strong as the Holy sect's sect master, that old man is strong enough to protect the Holy sect all by himself!''


It wasn't just Bai Longtian, but even Shun Long, Liu Mei, Xie Xingyi, and Jiang Chen were all stunned when they heard this piece of news.


Naturally, normal people wouldn't be qualified to learn of the true experts behind the Holy sect, but who was Jiang Tianfang?


As an early rank 9 Dao Emperor whose name had spread far and wide throughout the central region in the past, he was more than qualified to know of the experts behind the Holy sect!


At that moment, Shun Long closed his eyes and asked Little Black in a curious voice


''Little Black, what is the realm above the Dao Emperor realm called?''


Little Black who had been drinking Shun Long's new wine non-stop in the past 2 weeks with an excited look on his face, opened his bright blue eyes and looked at Shun Long's spiritual projection in front of him before he answered in a serious voice


''Master, above the Dao Emperor is the Sovereign realm!''

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