606 Chapter 606 Can you heal him 2


Finally, a few minutes later, Shun Long opened his eyes and looked at Jiang Tianfang who was still standing in front of him with a calm smile on his face, almost as if he had been through this situation hundreds of times already.


Even Jiang Chen and the others didn't speak as they all looked at Shun Long silently waiting to hear what he had to say.


Turning his gaze towards Jiang Chen however, Shun Long shook his head before he said seriously


''It's impossible to heal his dantian using my 'Time Reversal'.
At least not right now…''


Shun Long then looked at Jiang Tianfang and continued


''Uncle Jiang, you should understand that your problem is much deeper than just a half-crippled dantian.''


Jiang Tianfang's eyes widened when he heard Shun Long's evaluation and saw the look on his face, before he nodded his head and said in a somewhat surprised tone


''Nephew Shun is truly talented.
I didn't think that you would actually see through that so quickly.''


Shun Long then turned his attention towards Jiang Chen and said with a deep look in his eyes


''Although your father should still be considered young, he has at most 100 more years left to live right now.
The person who severed his right arm didn't just make sure that he wouldn't be able to regrow it in the future, but the attack he used slowly corroded your father's body from the inside as well.


Even right now, your father should be in a terrible mental and physical pain, almost as if thousands of bugs are gnawing on his dantian right now, almost as if they are slowly eating him from the inside.


In less than 100 years, your father's dantian will be completely corroded until he can't even muster the slightest bit of qi…
until he eventually dies.''


Jiang Chen's face instantly changed when he heard this as he turned to look at his father with a shocked look, but the moment he saw the rueful smile on Jiang Tianfang's face, he understood that his father already knew about this.


With his eyes turning red, Jiang Chen's cultivation at the peak of rank 5 of the Nascent Soul exploded outwards, as he then roared out in a voice that was dripping with killing intent


''I swear! In the future, I will destroy the Yu family until there is nothing left!''


Shun Long nodded his head as he looked at the determined look on Jiang Chen's face before he continued


''However, although it's impossible to treat the damage in his dantian right now, stopping the corrosion from expanding any further is still possible.
Not only will uncle Jiang be able to live longer this way, but it will even allow him to regrow his right arm.''




''What did you say??''


Jiang Tianfang was the first one to lose his cool, as he held Shun Long by his right arm tightly and looked at him with a gaze filled with incredulity and disbelief.


Of course, this reaction was only natural.


Jiang Tianfang had already visited some powerful star-rank alchemists, but they were all unable to do anything about his condition.


Forget about healing his dantian or stopping the corrosion inside his body from spreading any further, even making him live a few more years had already been deemed impossible by those old monsters.


And yet, a kid who looked to be the same age as his own son had just said that it was actually possible?


Although Jiang Tianfang didn't want to get excited, how could he contain himself when he heard that he could even regrow his right arm back? For a genius like him who had lost the primary arm that he used to hold his saber with, was not only a mark of humiliation, but it even affected his overall strength as well.


''Nephew Shun…
is it really possible?''


Shun Long nodded his head before he pointed at the area around Jiang Tianfang's dantian and continued


''The truth is, that even uncle Jiang's dantian can be cured in the future, and there is more than one ways to do it.
However, right now it's simply impossible to do so.


However, when I become a Dao Emperor in the future, I should be able to use the same skill that I just used on Longtian and Xingyi to heal you.
By then, it shouldn't be too hard for you to return to your peak strength!''


Although Jiang Tianfang was a bit disappointed when he heard Shun Long mentioning becoming a Dao Emperor, since Jiang Tianfang already knew that something like that would take at least a few hundred years if not more, and right now he himself only had less than 100 years left to live, if Shun Long could really stop the corrosion inside his body from spreading any further, then Jiang Tianfang would happily wait for as long as he had to.


After all, as long as he could live more meant finding more ways to heal himself!


Just the thought of returning back to his peak strength was something that he had dreamt for, nearly every single night for the past 40 years.


The look on Shun Long's face turned serious as he then continued


''Uncle Jiang, it will only take a month to completely stop the corrosion inside your body and help you regrow your right arm, but the pain you will feel will be thousands of times worse than what you are feeling right now.''


Jiang Tianfang nodded his head calmly before he surprisingly bowed his head and cupped his hands at Shun Long as he said


''Nephew Shun, as long as you can help me, I will forever be in your debt.''


A powerful late-stage Dao Emperor, someone who would be at the peak of strength even inside the Holy sect, was actually bowing and thanking a small Nascent Soul stage cultivator.


And yet, Liu Mei and the rest all understood how Jiang Tianfang was feeling.


For an expert who had lost his strength, seeing hope in getting it back was a miracle.


Shaking his head, Shun Long didn't have Jiang Tianfang to keep bowing at him, and after taking a look at his surroundings he suddenly asked


''Uncle Jiang, do you have a flying magic beast?''



Author's note: 3/4

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