605 Chapter 605 Can you heal him?


And yet, Shun Long only took a moment to rest, before he waved his right hand, causing a bottle filled with orange pills to appear in front of him.


These pills were naturally top-grade rank 5 'Qi replenishing pills' that Shun Long had refined inside the foggy space in the 'Stone of Time'.


After consuming a handful of them to restore some of his qi, he then turned his attention towards Xie Xingyi who was standing just a few meters away from him and said


''Xingyi, come here.''


Knowing that Shun Long was going to do the same for her, Xingyi didn't refuse, as she sat down in front of Shun Long and closed her eyes.


This time, Shun Long didn't use his 'Time Reversal' right away like he did with Longtian, but he first activated his soul sense before he completely covered Xingyi's body with it.


Feeling the powerful soul sense that was about to enter inside her body, Xingyi tensed up in reflex, but she still relaxed without a second thought a moment later, as she allowed Shun Long to do as he pleased.


Xingyi's injuries were much trickier than Bai Longtian's since they were internal injuries instead.


Although the silver light from the crown prince's pendant wasn't anywhere near as strong as the all-out attack from a powerful Dao Emperor like Commander Peng, it was still enough to severely injure Xingyi after taking the attack head-on.


After inspecting her body thoroughly, Shun Long placed his right hand on Xingyi's stomach before a familiar azure light covered it a moment later.


Xingyi could feel a soothing sensation enveloping her entire body before it started to spread inside her.
Every couple of seconds, Shun Long's hand moved slightly around Xingyi's abdomen, causing the refreshing feeling to spread throughout her body.


A few seconds later, the bright blue light faded, revealing Xingyi who was still sitting on the ground with her eyes closed with a bright smile on her face, as well as Shun Long who was completely exhausted.


Opening her eyes, Xingyi looked at Shun Long and said in a quiet voice


''Brother Long, thank you!''


Shun Long simply smiled at Xingyi and shook his head, before he closed his eyes and started to absorb the qi in the air around him as he started to refill his almost empty qi balls.


Even with the help from his top-grade rank 5 'Qi replenishing pills', using his 'Time Reversal' twice to heal both Bai Longtian and Xie Xingyi had completely exhausted Shun Long.


In the next 6 hours, Shun Long simply absorbed the qi in the air around the lake before he finally opened his eyes.


The moment that he opened his eyes, the first thing that Shun Long saw was Jiang Chen staring at him with a serious look on his face as he asked in a hopeful voice


can you heal my father?''


Silence instantly filled their surroundings as Liu Mei and the rest all stared at Shun Long without speaking as they waited for his answer.


Although Jiang Chen hadn't mentioned it, after Jiang Tianfang had saved them from the Dao Emperor of the Tang dynasty, Shun Long and the rest all understood that Jiang Tianfang was heavily injured.


Besides, how could a genius like Jiang Tianfang who had spread his name throughout the entire central region in the past, suddenly give up on his wife and put all of his hopes on his son's shoulders for no reason?


There was only one explanation for this;


His dantian was heavily injured and he couldn't utilize his strength!


This was why Jiang Tianfang was so exhausted after merely using 2 saber strikes to fend off Tang Wu!


Shun Long stared at Jiang Chen without speaking, before he turned his gaze towards Jiang Tianfang with a deep look in his eyes.


And yet, contrary to everyone's expectations, Jiang Tianfang was the first one to speak, as he looked at Jiang Chen with a warm gaze and patted his shoulder before he shook his head and said


''Chen'er, it's alright.''


He then turned his attention towards Shun Long and continued with a kind smile


''Little nephew Shun, don't worry about it.
My condition isn't something that can be healed.
I have asked for help from many star-rank alchemists in the past 40 years, but none of them could find a cure for it.''


Shun Long ignored Jiang Tianfang's words, and seeing the determined gaze that hadn't left Jiang Chen's face as he looked at him, he nodded his head a moment later, before he turned his attention towards Jiang Tianfang and asked


''Senior, do you mind if I have a look?''


Shaking his head, Jiang Tianfang had the same smile on his face as he said


''Have a look then.
Also, you don't have to call me senior in the future, you can just call me uncle Jiang.''


Shun Long didn't decline as he stood up and walked in front of Jiang Tianfang.


Just like he did with Xingyi, Shun Long closed his eyes before he spread his soul sense outside of his body, completely covering Jiang Tianfang, and focusing on the area around his dantian.


Jiang Tianfang didn't put up any defenses, allowing Shun Long to have a look at his dantian directly.


This was an extremely dangerous approach that most cultivators wouldn't allow others to do.


After all, allowing someone's soul sense to enter your dantian without putting up any defenses, was no different than letting yourself completely unguarded in front of that person.


If Shun Long had any malicious intents, Jiang Tianfang knew that his cultivation could be completely crippled in an instant.


And yet, he still allowed Shun Long to do so without any hesitation.


For a powerful late-stage Dao Emperor to do this, it was unknown what thoughts were coursing through his mind.


After taking a deep look at Jiang Tianfang's dantian, a shocked look appeared on Shun Long's face the next moment, as he opened his eyes and stared at Jiang Tianfang without speaking.


However, Shun Long didn't stop there, as he closed his eyes once again a moment later, before he sent his soul sense towards the area of Jiang Tianfang's severed right arm.

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