604 Chapter 604 Healing Bai Longtian


A few moments later, a little more than 100 miles away from Tang city,


Shun Long's group of 5 suddenly appeared in front of a small lake, only to see Jiang Tianfang kneeling on the ground gasping for breath heavily!


''Father! Are you okay?''


Jiang Chen called out in a voice filled with concern as he ran towards Jiang Tianfang to support him.


This was the second time that Shun Long and the rest had seen Jiang Chen's cold expression melt and reveal some of his emotions.


The first time was when he had narrated his story back in the Holy sect, and this was the second time.


Liu Mei and the rest all followed after him as they approached the kneeling Jiang Tianfang who was barely managing to support himself using his left arm, just barely holding himself from collapsing on the ground.


A moment later, after calming down and catching his breath Jiang Tianfang sat cross-legged on the ground and waved his hand as he said


''I'm okay.
I simply exerted myself too much this time.
Even dealing with a weakling like Tang Wu brings me to my limits.''


Jiang Tianfang then turned his attention towards Jiang Chen and said with a smile on his face


''Chen'er, introduce your friends to me!''


Jiang Chen nodded his head and turned his attention towards Shun Long before he said in a serious tone


''Father, this person is my friend…
no, he is now my brother…
and he is also the person I have decided to follow.
His name is Shun Long.''


Jiang Tianfang's eyes instantly narrowed when he heard this as his gaze inspected Shun Long seriously without saying anything.


His long black hair started to flow naturally with the wind as his piercing black eyes didn't leave Shun Long's body for even a moment.


Shun Long didn't mind this and he even revealed his cultivation at the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul, before he cupped his hands and bowed slightly as he said


''Senior, thank you for your help earlier.''


Jiang Tianfang actually exploded in laughter the next second, as he waved his hand and said


''Your name is Shun Long right? I can see why Chen'er chose to follow you.
There is no need for you to thank me.
Since you are Chen'er's brother you are no different than a son for me as well.
Besides, back when you were facing Tang Wu, it seemed like you had something else to count on aside from me.''


Shun Long simply smiled in response without saying anything, but the looks on everyone else's faces were filled with shock.


'Something else to count on when facing a powerful Dao Emperor?'


A moment later, a look of joy appeared on Liu Mei's face as she seemed to have guessed something, as Jiang Chen continued introducing everyone else


''Father, this is Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi.
Both of them are Shun Long's women.
As for that buddhist idiot, his name is Bai Longtian…
but he is also a friend to me.''


Liu Mei, Xie Xingyi, and Bai Longtian, all cupped their hands and bowed to the powerful Dao Emperor in front of them.


Jiang Tianfang had a smile on his face as he nodded his head towards them, but the moment his gaze landed on Bai Longtian's and Xie Xingyi's bodies, the look in his eyes instantly turned serious.


It was obvious that the injuries they had suffered were much heavier than they looked.


Shun Long also nodded, and seeing that Bai Longtian was finding it difficult to even stand up and cup his hands at Jiang Tianfang, he walked towards him and said seriously


''Longtian, sit down and close your eyes.''


Shun Long then sat in front of Bai Longtian and placed his hand right above the cut on Bai Longtian's waist that was still bleeding profusely, before he mumbled in an almost inaudible voice


''Time Reversal.''


A bright blue light had completely covered Shun Long's hand the next moment, before it slowly expanded, enveloping Bai Longtian's body as well.


Under Jiang Tianfang's and the rest's disbelieving gazes, Bai Longtian's wound was actually closing at a speed visible to the naked eye.


This was the power behind Shun Long's 'Time Reversal'!


Although Shun Long could feel that his qi was being sapped at an extremely rapid rate due to it, he still didn't stop, and less than 10 seconds later, a stunning scene appeared in front of everyone's eyes.


As the blue light from Shun Long's hand faded, the wound on Bai Longtian's waist was completely healed, not leaving behind even the slightest scar.
No, it wasn't just the wound itself.
Even his torn robes had returned back to their original appearance!


Naturally, reversing time itself, even if it was just in a small area to heal Bai Longtian, was something extremely taxing to Shun Long who had expended more than half of his qi this time, causing his forehead to be drenched in sweat.


''Brother Shun, thank you!''


Seeing the exhausted look on Shun Long's face and feeling his wound that had completely healed, Bai Longtian was the first one to break the silence as he thanked Shun Long.


As a body refinement cultivator, Bai Longtian clearly knew that even his energy from his body refinement wasn't enough to completely heal this wound that he had received from Commander Peng!


An all-out attack from a Dao King, even if it was weakened by Shun Long's, Liu Mei's, and Jiang Chen's attacks, Bai Longtian knew that it was still enough to kill him.


After all, even Jiang Chen was only a peak rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, while Bai Longtian himself was only at the middle of rank 5.


Even with Shun Long's 'Thundergod's slash' and Liu Mei's Death Eater, they had still failed to block Commander Peng's attack!


If it wasn't because he was in his 'Golden Buddha form' and had fully circulated his Dao of the Buddha to protect himself at the last moment, Bai Longtian knew that he wouldn't have survived.


Even after expending all of his energy from both his qi and his body refinement, he was still left with a fatal wound that only top-grade rank 6 healing pills had a chance to cure.

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