600 Chapter 600 Fighting a Dao King 2


The veil of darkness that was slowly expanding around Jiang Chen's body had soon turned into an enormous fist, as it followed after Liu Mei who was standing on the Death Eater's back, as well as Bai Longtian who was using his Dao of Light to increase his speed even further, all of them heading straight towards the still stunned prince of the Tang dynasty!


With a smile on his face, Shun Long nodded his head before he waved his right hand, taking out the black, star-rank sword from the 'Stone of Time'.


His eyes were still locked on the powerful Dao King from the Tang dynasty, before he turned his attention towards the crown prince who was standing behind him barely a moment later.


Injecting his qi inside the sword, Shun Long slashed it forward without holding back, causing the mysterious runes and patterns on the sword's surface to light up all at the same time, before a powerful black-colored sword slash erupted from the sword's edge heading directly towards the dumbfounded crown prince!




The powerful Dao King, Commander Peng snorted once he felt the auras of Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian that were only at the rank 5 of the Nascent Soul, before he tossed the young woman that he was carrying on his shoulder to the ground, no longer caring about her.


Instead, his eyes barely glanced at the huge army of skeletons that were led by the 60 black-armored undead knights, before his gaze was focused on the huge black-colored slash that was crackling with sparks of lightning, the enormous Death Eater and Liu Mei who was standing on its back, Jiang Chen's fist created from his 'Kingdom of Darkness', and Bai Longtian's gigantic 'Golden Buddha body', all of whom were heading straight towards the crown prince who was standing a few meters behind him!


The crown prince trembled when he felt the 4 terrifying auras that were coming straight towards him, but Commander Peng had a calm yet serious look in his eyes as he took out a large bronze spear from his spatial ring and held it tightly with his left hand.


As soon as Shun Long's Thundergod's slash, Liu Mei's enormous Death Eater, Jiang Chen's black fist made from his Kingdom of Darkness, and Bai Longtian's gigantic 'Golden Buddha form' all arrived in front of him, Commander Peng swept the bronze spear in his hand sideways as he shouted loudly




Saint low-grade martial skill, Earth splitting sweep!''


A huge crimson slash emerged from the bronze spear's tip in the next moment, colliding with Shun Long's Thundergod's slash head-on!


This was the strongest martial skill that the Tang dynasty owned, the Earth splitting sweep!


Normally, only members of the royal family were allowed to learn this martial skill, but as the personal bodyguard of the future king of the Tang dynasty, Commander Peng was allowed to learn the first form of the Earth splitting sweep.


As soon as the huge crimson slash collided with the black-colored slash, Shun Long's Thundergod's slash was destroyed in an instant, before Commander Peng's Earth splitting sweep continued towards Liu Mei's Death Eater!


The might of a Dao King wasn't to be underestimated.


The early rank 5 Nascent Soul stage Death Eater's body was instantly split in half the next moment, as the powerful crimson slash instantly tore through its body before it continued heading towards Jiang Chen's black palm!


Jiang Chen gritted his teeth when he saw this, but his enormous black palm was no different when placed in front of Commander Peng's powerful crimson slash, as it was split in half in a single instant.


The look in Bai Longtian's eyes instantly turned serious when he saw this scene, and realizing that the crimson slash was about to hit him, he circulated his Dao of the Buddha to its fullest, creating a small golden sphere around his body that enhanced his defense to its limits.




As soon as he met Commander Peng's sweep head-on, Bai Longtian's protective golden sphere crumbled almost instantly, before his enormous 10 meters(33ft) tall golden body was sent flying backward uncontrollably, only stopping after it collided with the palace walls.


Hundreds of Liu Mei's skeletons and more than a dozen of her black-armored knights were destroyed simply from the remnant attacks of the slash!


And yet, Commander Peng's expression didn't show the slightest hints of joy, but instead it turned even uglier, as he hurriedly turned around to look at the crown prince behind him, only to see the figure of a blond-haired young woman appearing right next to the crown prince.


Tens of shadow-like tentacles seemed to have emerged from the crown prince's own shadow, completely restricting his movements, as the gorgeous blond-haired young woman held a silver dagger in her hands, ready to plunge it in the crown prince's throat.


This was precisely the final step of Shun Long's plan.


Knowing that it was impossible to defeat the Dao King who was protecting the crown prince, Shun Long had decided to avoid fighting him to begin with and sent a barrage of their most powerful attacks straight towards the crown prince.


Even a Dao King realm expert like Commander Peng would have to take their combined attacks seriously or he wouldn't be able to block every single one of them.


Of course, if Commander Peng went all-out and used his most powerful martial skill, Shun Long knew that even his Thundergod's slash combined with Liu Mei's Death Eater, Jiang Chen's Kingdom of Darkness, and Bai Longtian's Golden Buddha form wouldn't have a chance against it, but in that case, it would be impossible for Commander Peng to stop Xingyi's perfectly timed attack.


However, just when Xie Xingyi was a moment away from slashing the crown prince's throat, a powerful silver light suddenly covered the crown prince's body, before it headed straight towards Xingyi.


Xingyi didn't even have a moment to dodge before she was hit by the silver light, causing her to fly back without any ability to resist, as her body collided with the palace walls, causing her to cough a mouthful of blood in the process!

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