Chapter 598 – 598 Infiltrating the royal palace (2)


The guard on the right was stunned when he heard his friend's loud shout, before both of them turned their attention towards Xie Xingyi's direction and sent out their soul sense.


After scanning the area around her 3 times without finding anything, the guard on the right looked at his friend and said


there is no one there.
What's wrong with you? Are you really that tired? Besides, who would dare to enter this place to begin with?''


''Sigh, you are right.
Was I really mistaken?''


Shun Long and Xie Xingyi both heaven out a sigh of relief when they saw this, before Xingyi headed past the 2 guards and entered the core region of the palace.


Even with her Vanishing Shadows unique physique, it wasn't that easy for her to sneak past most late-stage Nascent Soul guards.
However, as long as there wasn't a Dao King present, Xie Xingyi was confident that she wouldn't be discovered as long as she was careful inside the palace.


A few minutes later, Shun Long saw Xingyi's body that had started to materialize itself in front of him, before Shun Long raised his right hand, once again opening another space tear, as he and Xingyi both stepped inside.


After exiting the space tear, Shun Long found himself standing in front of a pair of large wooden gates with Xie Xingyi standing by his side.


Although there were no guards in front of the wooden gates, from the protective formations that were engraved on them, Shun Long instantly understood that even early-stage Dao Kings wouldn't be able to force their way through and enter inside without permission.


''Is this the crown prince' quarters?'' Shun Long looked at Xingyi and asked for confirmation.


Nodding her head, Xie Xingyi had a serious look in her eyes as she answered


''Brother Long, I heard from the guards that were patrolling the last time, that this is where the crown prince stays.
However, I couldn't stay for too long the last time, since there was a Dao King in this area.''


Nodding his head, Shun Long smiled lightly, before he placed his right hand around Xingyi's small waist, causing her body to involuntarily tremble by his sudden touch before he said


''Xingyi, remember to not move under any circ.u.mstances.''


As soon as he finished speaking, spatial fluctuations started to ripple around Shun Long's body, slowly expanding and covering Xie Xingyi's body as well, before their bodies both vanished in the next second.


This was the technique that Shun Long had comprehended after breaking through to the early fifth stage in the Monarch's Eternal body back in the Holy city, 'One with the world'!


In terms of concealment abilities alone, Shun Long's 'One with the world' was even better than Xingyi's Vanishing Shadows unique physique.


Although Shun Long wasn't certain if he could avoid detection from the soul sense of powerful Dao Kings while he was concealed itself with 'One with the world', he knew that the chances of doing so successfully were at least 40 to 50 percent.


As for Xingyi's unique physique, although Shun Long knew that she could still avoid the detection from most late-stage Nascent Soul cultivators, avoiding the soul sense of Dao Kings was an entirely different matter.


Of course, even though Shun Long's 'One with the world' was much better in terms of concealment, Xingyi's unique physique allowed her to move while she had activated it as well, while also providing her with enhanced combat abilities at the same time.


Her survivability while she was using her unique physique would also shoot up by countless times, making it even tougher to harm her with normal attacks since it was impossible to lock on to her.


Seeing that she was keeping her lips tightly sealed, almost as if she was afraid to speak, Shun Long smiled and said a moment later


''Xingyi, don't worry, you can speak freely.
No one should be able to hear us in this place.''


Xingyi's face started to turn somewhat red upon hearing the last sentence that Shun Long had just said, since she could still feel his hand that was holding her from her waist.


Of course, infiltrating the palace like this was part of the plan, making Shun Long heave out a sigh of relief upon reaching this stage successfully.


Although this wasn't the most dangerous part of the mission, if Shun Long and Xie Xingyi were discovered during this time, Shun Long knew that the plan would be completely ruined.


''All we have to do now is wait.
Hopefully, it won't take too long.''


Xingyi nodded her head gently as her eyes surveyed her surroundings with a gaze filled with wonder.


As for why Shun Long didn't choose to bring Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian with him and conceal them with his 'One with the world' just like he did with Xingyi, it was simply because his strength wouldn't last him for even an hour even after breaking through to the early fifth stage of the Nascent Soul.


After all, with every second that he was concealed within the separate space, the strength of his 'Monarch's Eternal body' was being rapidly depleted.


Bringing Xingyi in this place was even tougher, but it was impossible for Shun Long to let her roam throughout the palace and hide herself while he had concealed himself here.


Besides, Xingyi's abilities were still vital to the rest of his plan on the crown prince's assassination.


In the blink of an eye, 5 hours had already passed.


At this point, Shun Long could feel that more than 60 percent of his strength had been depleted already, but he and Xingyi still didn't move a single step.


Finally, just as Shun Long was about to get depressed by his bad luck, a loud laughter resounded from the distance ahead of him and Xie Xingyi, before the excited voice of a young man entered his ears


''Hahaha! I thought I had plucked the entire Tang city of beautiful girls, but who would have thoughts that I had missed Baron Chen's daughter! Quickly, commander Peng, bring her to my room!''


A few seconds later, a luxuriously dressed young man with a big nose appeared in Shun Long's vision, followed by a tall man with spiky brown hair who was carrying a short-haired young woman on his shoulder.


Shun Long's eyes instantly narrowed upon feeling the powerful but reserved aura of a Dao King coming from the tall man with the spiky brown hair, before his gaze was focused on the luxuriously dressed young man with the big nose a moment later.


This was the infamous crown prince of the Tang dynasty, Tang Long!

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