Chapter 597 – 597 Infiltrating the royal palace


Naturally, Shun Long wouldn't be waiting inside the restaurant blindly and simply hope that the crown prince was going to show up in front of him.


He had already found out a few things about the infamous crown prince of the Tang dynasty after registering the mission in the Assignment Hall of the Holy sect.
After all, the Holy sect wouldn't just ask its disciples to assassinate someone without a good reason and would always do a thorough research before issuing a mission.​​


Although most people in the Blue star continent didn't know about it, how could the Holy sect not know anything about the profligate crown prince who didn't like to cultivate and would visit Tang city every few days, picking every beautiful woman that caught his sight?


Everyone inside Tang city already knew that the crown prince of the Tang dynasty had only boosted his cultivation to the middle rank 1 of the Nascent Soul stage thanks to the pills that he had consumed throughout his entire life, while his combat prowess wasn't even a match for normal early rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivators.


And yet, despite all that, nobody dared to go against his wishes even though it was known that the crown prince didn't discriminate against commoners or nobles, picking any woman that he liked despite her status, before he f.o.r.c.i.b.l.y brought her back to the royal palace.


Of course, it was only natural that nobody would dare to speak up against it.
After all, not only did the crown prince have the backing of the entire Tang dynasty behind him, but every time that he left the royal palace, 2 powerful Dao Kings would accompany him inside the city.


Even the experts who were strong enough to repel 2 Dao Kings from the Tang dynasty would have to think twice before doing so, lest they face the wrath of the strongest superpower in the entire 'Blue star continent'.


Staring at the 2 Dao Kings who were sitting on top of the crown prince's carriage with their eyes closed but were still emitting their auras brazenly, scaring away all the passersby, Shun Long actually didn't show any surprise, and instead he simply nodded his head.


In the past few hours, he had already discussed the possibility of assassinating the crown prince after leaving the royal palace, since it was only a matter of time until the infamous prince got bored of the women he had picked the last time and went out to pick some more.


However, since the mission clearly stated that they had to infiltrate the palace to assassinate their target, Shun Long understood that it was extremely likely, that more than one Dao King would be accompanying the crown prince every time that he went out of the palace, making the mission simply impossible for them to complete.


After all, even a single Dao King protecting the prince in secret had already made this mission an extremely difficult C-rank faction mission that could even be compared with some B-rank faction missions.


Leaving the restaurant, Shun Long threw a glance at the luxurious carriage that was heading deeper inside the city, before he turned his attention towards Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian and said calmly


''You guys can wait here, Xingyi and I will go ahead.''


Liu Mei, Bai Longtian, and Jiang Chen, all nodded their heads with serious looks, before Shun Long raised his right hand and slashed the air in front of him.


A human-sized space tear appeared in front of him a moment later, as he and Xingyi both entered inside.


Xingyi had already memorized the places that were relatively safe inside the palace and those that were heavily guarded by the palace guards.


As for the space tear that Shun Long had just opened, it had led them directly inside the royal palace, in a spot that was outside of most guards' vision.


After successfully infiltrating the royal palace and making sure that there were really no guards around them, Shun Long turned his eyes towards Xie Xingyi and said


''Xingyi, I'm counting on you.''


Nodding her head, Xingyi smiled gently before she reassured him


''Brother Long, leave it to me!''


As soon as she finished speaking she activated her Vanishing Shadows unique physique, as her body melded into the shadows before she disappeared deeper inside the royal palace.


10 minutes later, Xie Xingyi's figure materialized in front of Shun Long and said


''Brother Long, we can head deeper inside.''


Nodding his head, Shun Long slashed the air in front of him for the second time, opening another space tear that led them deeper inside the palace.


The same scene repeated itself more than 5 times, before Shun Long and Xie Xingyi finally reached the palace's core region, where the members of the royal family resided.


Shun Long's plan was to have Xingyi lead the way directly to the chambers of the crown prince.


Even though he already knew the rough location of the crown prince's chambers thanks to Xingyi, Shun Long couldn't open a space tear that would lead right towards it since if the guards happened to pass by the area at the same time, or he and Xingyi would be instantly discovered.


By then, forget about assassinating the crown prince, Shun Long and Xie Xingyi would have a hard time escaping the palace under the thousands of Nascent Soul stage cultivators and the Dao Kings who were hidden inside the palace.


Although the Tang dynasty had many members who lived inside the palace, only the direct descendants of the royal family were allowed to live inside the core region where Shun Long and Xie Xingyi were in front of right now.


As for those membered who were from the branches of the Tang dynasty and weren't members of the royal family, although they were given places within the royal palace as well, they weren't allowed to live within the core region.


''Sigh, I heard that the crown prince left a few hours ago.
I wonder how many girls he is going to bring back this time.''


''Haaa, it must be really good to be born as the prince.
Even if you don't cultivate and just laze around all day, you still get experts like commander Peng who will protect you at all times!''


The 2 late-stage Nascent Soul guards who were guarding the entrance of the core region of the palace started to talk to each other, seemingly oblivious to the fact that a nearly invisible shadow was heading in their direction.


And yet, the moment that Xingyi's shadow entered a radius of 5 meters from the guards, the guard on the left suddenly narrowed his eyes, before he turned his gaze towards her direction and shouted in a loud voice


''Who is there??''

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