Chapter 592 – 592 Royal Tang wine


The red-dressed young woman's eyes were filled with the sight of the spirit stones, before Jiang Chen coughed a moment later bringing her back to her senses.


''My apologies young master!''​​


The young woman bowed and apologized as she looked at Shun Long, and unknown if it was intentional or not, this time she exposed even more of her pale white skin.


After feeling the 2 displeased gazes coming from Liu Mei and Xingyi, she then straightened her back and waved both of her hands, immediately gathering all of the spirit stones inside her spatial ring before she hurriedly left the second floor.


Liu Mei smiled when she saw this and gently held Shun Long's arm, before she said in an enticing tone


''It seems like everyone has their eyes set on my Long-ge.''


Shun Long simply smiled and shook his head when he heard this, before he turned his eyes towards the other 2 groups on the second floor who had turned their attention towards him.


From the luxurious clothes they were wearing, Shun Long guessed that they weren't merchants, but most likely nobles of the Tang city.


After seeing that Shun Long was looking at them as well, they simply nodded towards him in a friendly manner before they carried on eating.
Since they didn't know his identity, they weren't going to offend him for no reason.


As for the red-dressed young woman, Shun Long didn't care about her in the slightest.


Putting her appearance aside, Shun Long wasn't someone who would go around collecting every random woman that he saw even if she was beautiful enough, let alone when it was a woman that was simply attracted to spirit stones like that red-dressed woman.


Such a woman would never enter his sights to begin with.


After all, Shun Long had yet to respond to Xingyi's feelings even though he knew that she was interested in him while Liu Mei wasn't against it either, so why would he pay attention to someone like this red-robed woman who was clearly inferior to her in every single aspect?


It only took 15 minutes for the woman in the red dress to return to the second floor, with 2 female waiters following after her, while their hands were all full carrying a dozen dishes as well as 5 jugs of wine.


After placing everything orderly on Shun Long's table, the red-dressed woman and the 2 female waiters all bowed before they said


''Young masters, young ladies, please enjoy your meal.''


The woman in the red dress then added in


''If there is anything else that you need please don't hesitate to call me.''


Without waiting for a response, she then led the 2 female waiters as they left the second floor.


Turning his eyes towards the food that had filled the table, Shun Long picked up one of the 5 jars of wine and removed its lid.


The moment that the jar's lid was removed, a sweet scent immediately filled the entire second floor of the Noble Tang restaurant, causing the 2 other groups who had just started to eat their food to involuntarily turn their eyes back towards Shun Long's table.


The royal Tang wine was indeed the best wine in the entirety of Tang city.


After taking just a single whiff of its scent, Shun Long instantly understood why this wine was so popular, as he said in a low voice


''No wonder they sell a single jar for 1000 middle-grade spirit stones.
The power behind this Noble Tang restaurant definitely isn't a pushover.''


The 2 other groups who had turned their attention towards Shun Long's table all mocked Shun Long inwardly for trying to appear knowledgeable.


The power behind the Noble Tang restaurant isn't a pushover?


Who didn't know that already?


However, they still made sure to keep these thoughts in their minds for now.


''Brother Long, is there something special about this wine?''


Xie Xingyi asked in a curious voice, naturally not paying any attention to the 2 groups who were seated a few tables away from them, while Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian were all looking at Shun Long as they waited for his answer.


Shun Long nodded and without even tasting the wine in his hands he answered


''In a certain way, it is indeed special, since this wine was created by a mix of more than a dozen of rank 3 medicinal herbs as well as a rank 4 medicinal herb.


The main ingredient of this wine is a rank 4 herb called the 'Fragrant dew flower'.
Among rank 4 medicinal herbs, the 'Fragrant dew flower' is a relatively common herb, but it is extremely good when it is used to create wine.


However, that is not the main reason why this wine is good.
Instead, it's because a high-rank alchemist personally made this.
At the very least, it's a rank 1 gold grade alchemist if not a rank 2 one.''


Jiang Chen, Xie Xingyi, and Bai Longtian, all stared at Shun Long with looks of shock in their eyes.


Although they already knew that Shun Long was a genius alchemist, especially after tasting his wine back in the Holy sect, they hadn't expected that he would be able to guess what the 'Royal Tang wine' was made of after taking just a single whiff of its scent, since even peak rank 3 gold grade alchemists most likely wouldn't be able to find out something like that so easily.


After all, alchemy was a long process that needed hundreds of years of experience, and regardless of how talented Shun Long was, this had already exceeded the realm of a 'genius'!


As for Liu Mei, a dazzling smile was formed on her lips as she wasn't surprised in the slightest.
She knew that Shun Long's knowledge on alchemy and medicinal herbs was already far above any rank 3 gold grade alchemist.


Perhaps even the alchemists above the gold grade would have a hard time competing with Shun Long simply based on pure knowledge regarding pill concoction and medicinal herbs.


As for the people sitting at the 2 tables away from Shun Long's, their expressions weren't much different from Bai Longtian's and the rest in the beginning, but scornful looks appeared on their faces a few moments later.


''What a joke! Kid, you really are ignorant! You think you can find out the recipe of the Royal Tang wine after just smelling it once? Why don't you say that you are already a star-rank alchemist?''


A fat man couldn't help but mock Shun Long loudly after eavesdropping in their conversation, not caring if he was going to offend them anymore, causing Xie Xingyi and the rest to furrow their brows in disp.l.e.a.s.u.r.e.


At that moment, Jiang Chen stood up with a cold look in his eyes, as he walked towards the fat man's table without any hesitation, while his body was emitting a dense, unrestrained aura of killing intent.


Shaking his head, Shun Long didn't even take a look at the fat man and his group of 3 who were startled after seeing Jiang Chen walking towards them before he said calmly


''Jiang Chen, don't kill them.''


Nodding his head, Jiang Chen didn't even turn around as he answered


''Don't worry.
Even though I won't kill them, I will make them wish they were dead.''

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