Chapter 591 – 591 Noble Tang restaurant


''A Dao Emperor?''


Shun Long's body suddenly froze while his eyes widened the moment he heard Little Black's voice inside his mind.​​


However, he still calmed down quickly barely a few moments later, after remembering what he had heard in the 'Alchemist's Guild' in Heaven's Dome city 2 years ago.


The old woman from the 'Alchemist's Guild', Jin Wenling, had told him that at least one Dao Emperor needed to be present and control every continent around the central region.


Since Shun Long knew that there weren't any Dao Emperors in the Night star continent, he had already forgotten about it, but it seemed like the Night star continent was simply an exception to this rule due to its poor qi that wasn't enough to nurture any Dao Emperors.


''It doesn't matter, as long as we don't expose the fact that we come from the Holy sect, it's unlikely that a Dao Emperor will suddenly turn his attention to 5 Nascent Soul stage juniors for no reason.
And even if he does, I doubt that he would dare to truly do anything to us anyway! Besides, if things really end up turning bad, I still have Little Black.''


As he came to this conclusion, Shun Long no longer bothered with this matter as he turned his attention towards Liu Mei and the rest and said with a smile on his face


''Let's have a look at this Tang city first.
Our mission can wait for a bit.''


Everyone nodded as they all followed after Shun Long who had started to walk around the busy streets of Tang city.


Half an hour later, Shun Long's group entered inside a big building named Noble Tang restaurant.


This was supposedly the best restaurant in the entirety of Tang city.


Rich merchants, people of high status within Tang city, nobles, and sometimes even people from the royal family were the ones who would normally come to eat in this place.


Someone without enough spirit stones would never dare to step foot inside this building, since there were rumors that the royal family of the Tang dynasty was the force behind this restaurant.


A beautiful young woman dressed in a long red dress was the one to welcome Shun Long and the rest inside as soon as they entered the building.


The young woman's eyes instantly lit up the moment she saw the 3 extremely handsome men and the 2 kingdom toppling beauties enter the restaurant, as she skillfully bowed, slightly exposing some of her cleavage in the process, as she said in the most enticing voice she could muster


''Young masters, young ladies, welcome to the Noble Tang restaurant.
What can I do for you?''


Noticing that the first floor of the restaurant that only had 20 tables was almost fully crowded, Shun Long turned his eyes to the young woman in front of him and gave her 10 middle-grade spirit stones before he said


''Give us a table on the second floor.''


''Of course! Please follow me, young master!''


The young woman's eyes instantly brightened upon receiving the 10 middle-grade spirit stones, before she led Shun Long and the rest to the second floor.


Her monthly salary was only 1000 low-grade spirit stones, and she had just received the entirety of it just now!


After Shun Long sat on the table with Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi sitting on his left and right respectively, while Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian sat next to them as well, the young woman in the red dress looked at Shun Long with her sparkling brown eyes and asked


''Young master, what would you like me to bring you?''


Shun Long didn't even ask her for her menu as he said


''I heard that your restaurant is famous for your 'royal Tang wine' that only the royal family of the Tang dynasty can drink.''


The young woman nodded her head with a somewhat proud look on her face as she responded


''Young master is correct.
In the entirety of Tang city, I can assure young master that you won't find a better wine than the 'royal Tang wine', and the only place you can find it is our Noble Tang restaurant.
However, I need to warn young masters that this wine is extremely expensive, with every single jug costing 1000 middle-grade spirit stones, while every person is only allowed to purchase at most 2 jugs of it every day.''


Shun Long nodded his head as he said


''Bring us 5 jugs of it, as well as a dozen dishes of your restaurant's best food.''


The young woman stood there with a stunned expression, not knowing how to react.


This was an extremely expensive order that she wasn't prepared to hear.


She was certain that upon hearing the expensive price, Shun Long wouldn't be able to afford it and would opt out to choose something else.


A moment later she took a deep breath and asked gently with that same professional smile on her face


''Young master, your order would be 9500 middle-grade spirit stones.
Are you certain about it?''


It was only natural for her to ask since 9500 middle-grade spirit stones wasn't a small amount even for the scions of the ric.h.e.s.t families within Tang city!


Shun Long nodded his head before he waved his hand, causing a rumbling sound to fill the almost empty second floor of the Noble Tang restaurant, as the table in front of him was instantly filled with a small mountain of spirit stones.


The young woman and even the people sitting at the 2 other tables all stared at this scene with their mouths agape.


Although only rich merchants or people with high status would usually come to eat in this place, those who were rich enough to spend nearly 10.000 middle-grade spirit stones for a single meal could be counted on one hand within Tang city!

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