Chapter 590 – 590 Tang city


''Long-ge, how far away are we from Tang city?''


Hearing Liu Mei's question Shun Long nodded his head before he took a look at the map that he had gotten from Meng Niu.
After roughly calculating the distance he then said​​


''With the 'Arctic blue bird's' speed we should be around half a day away from reaching it.''


Everyone nodded their heads when they heard this while they were unable to conceal the gleams of excitement inside their eyes.


No matter what, this was the first actual faction mission that they were doing together as a faction!




As the 'Arctic blue bird' flew across the 'Blue star continent', Shun Long had already seen many big and small-sized cities on the ground, making him realize that the 'Blue star continent' seemed to be even more populated than the Night star continent that he and Liu Mei were in the eastern region.


Finally, a little more than 11 hours later, a huge city that seemed to be even bigger than the Heaven's Dome city in the Night star continent slowly appeared in the distance ahead, instantly attracting everyone's attention!


''The Tang city!''


Judging from the time that had passed ever since they had left the 'South blue city' and from the huge size of this city itself that was the biggest one that they had seen so far in the 'Blue star continent', everyone could easily guess that the city in front of them was most likely their target, the Tang city.


Before they arrived closer to the city walls Shun Long turned around and looked at Liu Mei and the rest with a smile on his lips, before he waved his hand, taking out a pitch black robe from the 'Stone of Time' and wore it above his yellow robes.


Everyone instantly understood what Shun Long wanted to do, and without any hesitation, Liu Mei and the rest all smiled, as they took out similar black robes from their spatial rings and wore them as well, instantly covering their yellow robes that indicated that they are outer disciples of the Holy sect.


Plain black robes was one of the necessities that every cultivator always had with them along with them, along with high-grade 'anti-toxin pills', 'healing pills' and 'Qi replenishing pills'.


''Brother Long is afraid that we will be discovered by the people from the Tang dynasty?''


Xie Xingyi asked the same question that everyone had in their minds after she completely covered herself with her black robes.


''Although most people won't recognize our yellow robes, in the off-chance that the Tang dynasty actually does, our mission will become nearly impossible to succeed.
After all, 5 disciples of the Holy sect visiting the Tang city at the same time, will definitely end up alarming them.''


Suddenly, Shun Long changed their direction, and instead of heading straight towards the huge city in the distance, he had the 'Arctic blue bird' fly towards a small forest not too far away from them.


The middle rank 6 magic beast landed on the forest a few moments later, before Shun Long and the others all got down from its back.


Holding his sect identifying token in his hand, Shun Long activated the 'Memory recording formation' before he patted the bird's head and ordered it to stay here for a few days.


Although Shun Long didn't have a mental connection with the 'Arctic blue bird' like he did with Little Black and Little Silver, as a middle rank 6 magic beast, the bird's intelligence wasn't inferior to an a.d.u.l.t human's and it could easily understand what Shun Long had said.




After letting out a small cry, the huge bird headed deeper inside the small forest, almost as if it was looking for a good place to stay in.


''Little Black, is there any other middle rank 6 magic beast in this forest?''


Shun Long sent a mental message to Little Black who was still munching on a stalk of 'Dragonblood grass' inside the foggy space in the 'Stone of Time'.


Although the rank 5 grass naturally didn't have any effect on a rank 7 magic beast, Little Black seemed to still be enjoying its taste quite a bit.


Closing his eyes, Little Black then spread his soul sense around Shun Long's body, before he answered a moment later


''Master, don't worry, that bird will probably be safe.
The strongest magic beast in this forest is just a newly advanced early rank 6 wolf.''


Shun Long nodded his head upon hearing Little Black's confirmation, before he deactivated the 'Memory recording formation' from his sect identifying token and turned his attention towards Jiang Chen and the rest.


''Let's go to the Tang city!''


As soon as he finished speaking Shun Long shot to the sky as he headed towards the city in the distance, with Liu Mei, Xie Xingyi, Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian all following right behind him.


The huge city was very close to the small forest where Shun Long had just left the 'Arctic blue bird', and barely an hour later they had finally arrived in front of the city gates.


The moment that they arrived closer to the city gates, everyone noticed the words 'Tang city' that were plated in gold and were written above the city gates in a bold manner.


Although the queue in front of the city gates was long, Shun Long noticed that it obviously couldn't be compared to the bustling Holy city's.


20 minutes later, it was finally Shun Long's turn to enter the city.


A city guard wearing a bronze armor with the words 'Tang dynasty' took a step forward and approached him, before he stretched out his hand and said in a disinterested tone


''3000 low-grade spirit stones for each person.''


Waving his hand, Shun Long took out 15.000 low-grade spirit stones from the 'Stone of Time' and handed them to the guard before he and his group stepped past the city gates and finally entered Tang city.


Even Yanzhu city couldn't be compared to the amount of life and the sheer number of people that were walking on the streets of this city!


However, just as Shun Long finished taking a look at his surroundings, Little Black's serious voice sounded in his mind a few moments later


''Master, there is a Dao Emperor inside this city.''

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