Fortunately, the young woman ’s face wasn ’t downcast when Shun Long rejected picking a peak rank 5 magic beast, but instead, she smiled even brighter before she walked deeper inside the garden and said

’ ’Naturally, our Beast Tamer hall has rank 6 magic beasts, whose speed is simply incomparable to the magic beasts that are still at the peak of rank 5.

A single early rank 6 magic beast will cost 2000 sect points, and it will only take 2 months to get your group to the northern region.

As for middle rank 6 magic beasts, they cost 5000 sect points, but they will only take 1 month to get you all to the ’Blue star continent ’ in the northern region instead.

Naturally, we also have peak rank 6 magic beasts whose price reaches up to 20.000 sect points, and they will only take half a month to get you to the northern region! ’ ’

Understanding that Shun Long wasn ’t interested in the peak rank 5 magic beasts, she started to introduce the price of every single rank 6 magic beast, as well as the amount of time it would take for each beast to get Shun Long ’s group to the ’Blue star continent ’.

After falling silent for a moment, Shun Long nodded his head before he handed the young woman his sect identifying token and said

’ ’We will take a middle rank 6 magic beast. ’ ’

The yellow-robed young woman was extremely surprised when she heard this, but she still nodded her head happily and accepted Shun Long ’s token before she deducted 5.000 sect points from it.

She knew that very few outer disciples would be willing to spend so many sect points just to travel from the Holy sect to another region.

As for a group like Shun Long ’s where everyone aside from Shun Long seemed to be at the middle stages of the Nascent Soul, such a group would normally do everything they can to preserve their sect points, even if that meant spending a year traveling.

After all, which outer disciple didn ’t complete missions to gather sect points?

Even if Shun Long ’s group was taking on a D-rank faction mission this time, even the toughest D-rank faction missions only gave a few thousand sect points at best.

With the strength of their group where even the strongest person, Jiang Chen, seemed to be at the peak of rank 5 in the Nascent Soul, the young woman believed that their mission wouldn ’t give them more than 1000 sect points at best.

As for C-rank faction missions, that thought didn ’t even cross her mind with their group ’s current strength.
Although she couldn ’t sense Shun Long ’s cultivation, the young woman was certain that it was impossible for them to complete a C-rank faction mission by themselves!

Regardless, she still looked at Shun Long with the same bright smile on her face before she said

’ ’Please follow me. ’ ’

The woman then headed deeper inside the garden, and a few minutes later, she arrived in front of a huge tree that was even bigger than the black trees that Shun Long had seen in the ’Giant Crane forest ’.

At the top of the tree, a large blue bird with icy-blue feathers seemed to be resting in its nest that was completely encased in ice with its eyes closed, not even paying any attention to the rest of the magic beasts flying in the sky.

’ ’Oh? A middle rank 6 ’Arctic blue bird ’? ’ ’

The young woman turned around and looked at Shun Long with even more surprise in her eyes than before, as she nodded her head and said

’ ’Junior brother is very knowledgeable.
I suppose I don ’t have to explain things then.

This is indeed an ’Arctic blue bird ’ that our Beast Tamer hall has found.
It will take you less than a month to get to the ’Blue star continent ’ riding on its back.

However, I must warn you that you can ’t allow any strangers to approach it, nor can you carry anyone from the ’Blue star continent ’ back to the Holy sect other than yourselves.

Only disciples of the Holy sect who possess a sect identifying token can approach the magic beasts from our Beast Tamer hall.
If anyone else approaches them, the magic beasts will instantly attack that person. ’ ’

Although Shun Long didn ’t know about this, he still nodded his head in an uncaring manner.

He wasn ’t planning on getting anyone from the ’Blue star continent ’ back to the central region.

As for the ’Arctic blue bird ’, Shun Long already knew that it was an ice element flying magic beast that used its feathers as its primary hunting tool when it hunted its prey.

Although its speed was barely above average compared to most other rank 6 flying magic beasts, the ’Arctic blue bird ’ had a very high endurance, so even traveling for 6 months straight wouldn ’t be a problem for it, let alone the one month it needed to reach the ’Blue star continent ’ in the Northern region.

Shun Long looked at the yellow-robed young woman and nodded his head, indicating that he was satisfied with the ’Arctic blue bird ’ as well.

Although he had spent 5000 sect points for it, leaving him with only 440 sect points, he wasn ’t worried since he could sell some pills to the Golden Treasures Hall anytime that he needed sect points.

Besides, he had yet to collect the 7000 sect points that he would obtain after handing in the beast core of the ’Poison-tongued Toad ’ in the Assignment Hall.

Nodding her head, the yellow-robed woman took out her sect identifying token and raised it above her head, causing the ’Arctic blue bird ’ to open its eyes.

Seeing it spread its large, icy blue wings and float downwards from the tree, the young woman turned her attention towards Shun Long before she explained

’ ’You don ’t have to worry, even if you have never been to the northern region before.

Since our Holy sect is located towards the north of the central region as well, all you have to do is order the ’Arctic blue bird ’ to fly towards the north, and it will take you to your destination by itself. ’ ’

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