With a deep look in his eyes, Shun Long led Jiang Chen and the rest past the Holy sect's gates, as he started to look for the Beast Tamer hall's location.

Although Shun Long knew that he could save some of his sect points if he had Little Silver carry them all to the Northern region, he wasn't planning on exposing Little Silver's existence just yet.

Thus, he preferred to rent a flying magic beast from the Beast Tamer hall directly, and have it carry them all the way to the 'Blue star continent' in the Northern region instead.

After walking for more than an hour, Shun Long finally arrived in front of a large building with the words 'Beast Tamer hall' right above its entrance.

Even before he entered the building, Shun Long could clearly hear the occasional roars of magic beasts that sounded from the inside, before he led Liu Mei and the rest past the building's entrance.

After he entered inside, Shun Long found himself inside a large lobby with 20 other outer disciples, all of them waiting in front of the reception.

Behind the reception counter Shun Long saw 5 wooden doors, while each door was guarded by at least one outer disciple that had reached the early rank 7 of the Nascent Soul.

''So this is the Beast Tamer hall?''

Xie Xingyi mumbled in a low voice as her stunning green eyes took in the details of this spacious room and the disciples queueing up in front of the reception counter.

''Hello, how can I help you?''  The yellow-robed young woman behind the counter asked with a smile on her face.

''I want a flying magic beast to take us to the 'Blue star continent' in the Northern region.'' Shun Long voiced his request without any hesitation, as his eyes landed on the 5 wooden doors behind the reception counter.

He had already seen the disciples before him enter those doors after talking to the 2 girls in the reception counter, so he easily guessed that the magic beasts were all behind the doors.

''Please follow me!'' The young woman nodded her head and guided Shun Long towards the third door right behind the reception counter.

The disciple that was guarding the door naturally didn't stop them, as the yellow-robed young woman opened the door and gestured for Shun Long and the rest to enter inside.

As soon as he walked past the door, Shun Long saw an enormous garden that seemed to span for more than 10 miles, with tens of flying magic beasts either sitting around in their nests, or flying around in the sky.

''This is the place where our Beast Tamer hall keeps the flying magic beasts.
Unlike those magic beasts that live in the water or the land-based magic beasts who can live in any environment, we keep the flying magic beasts in this open space so they can enjoy some freedom.

Naturally, our beast tamers have made sure that each one of them are docile and won't try to escape, so there is nothing to worry about.''

The yellow-robed young woman could guess that it was Shun Long's and the rest's first time coming to the Beast Tamer hall, so she explained things with a smile on her face.

''Is there a specific magic beast that you want to choose? Since you want to get to the 'Blue star continent' in the Northern region, I suggest that you pick a peak rank 5 flying magic beast or above.

A middle rank 5 magic beast will need 6 months to take you to the Northern region and 6 more months to return, so the entire journey will take more than a year.''

''A year?'' It wasn't just Liu Mei who was surprised, as Shun Long and the rest all stared at the young woman in front of them with stunned looks on their faces.

A year just to travel to the 'Blue star continent' and return back to the Holy sect?

The yellow-robed receptionist nodded her head matter-of-factly before she answered

''Naturally, the distance between our central region and the northern region isn't small, so a year is the minimum if you choose a middle rank 5 magic beast. 

Of course, middle-rank 5 magic beasts are also the cheapest options, as each of them will only cost you 200 sect points, regardless of how long you rent them for until you return back to the Holy sect.

If you rent a magic beast to transport you during a mission, then it doesn't matter if you leave the sect for a month or a year, you will still have to pay the same amount in the end.''

Shaking his head, Shun Long rejected the option right away before he asked

''What about peak rank 5 and rank 6 beasts?''

He would much rather spend more sect points to choose a faster magic beast since that was the case.
There was no way he would simply spend an entire year just traveling from the Holy sect to the northern region like this.

The yellow-robed young woman's face bloomed with a bright smile when she heard Shun Long's question, before she nodded and explained

''A peak rank 5 magic beast will only need 4 months to take you to the northern region and 4 more months to return you back to the Holy sect after you have finished your mission.
As for the price, it is 500 sect points.''

Shun Long shook his head without any hesitation before he said

''What about the rank 6 magic beasts then?''

He had already decided that if the Beast Tamer hall didn't have any early rank 6 flying magic beast, he would sell some pills in the Holy city and purchase an early rank 6 flying magic beast for himself.

Although the price would most likely exceed 1.6 million middle-grade spirit stones and could even reach more than 2 million if he was unlucky, in his eyes Shun Long knew that this was a much better option than spending more than half a year in a magic beast's back.

Author's note: 2/3

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