Little Black knew that Shun Long had yet to fully regain his memories, so he knew that he had to explain the ranks of magic beasts in the ’Immortal Dimension ’.

’ ’Although the ’Demonic Crow of Darkness ’ doesn ’t stand at the peak of the ’Mythic rank ’, it is still among the 15 strongest ’Mythic rank magic beasts ’! That Yu family is definitely extremely lucky to be able to obtain its bloodline like that! ’ ’

After pausing for a moment, Little Black then continued

’ ’Of course, it doesn ’t matter if it ’s a ’Mythic rank ’ or even a ’Legendary rank ’ magic beast.
In front of master, all of them will be able to only bow their heads in the end! ’ ’

Shun Long simply smiled as he patted Little Black ’s head, before he said a moment later

’ ’Little Black, there is a problem with Mei ’er ’s undead creatures.
After breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage, her undead creatures have started to develop their own consciousness and they are no longer the soulless beings that they were before. 

Even though they are now stronger than they were in the past after they developed their own consciousness, they are also more dangerous as well, since Mei ’er has to use her soul sense to suppress them during a fight.

According to the words that Mei ’er ’s grandmaster left behind, a cultivator of the Dao of Death shouldn ’t treat their undead creatures as tools but rather see them as living beings, and use their soul sense to completely suppress the killing intent and all the negative emotions that they emit before a fight. ’ ’

Little Black instantly understood what Shun Long was trying to say, and after staying silent for a while, almost as if he was recalling something, he finally shook his massive dragon head a few seconds later as he looked at Shun Long with his bright blue eyes before he answered

’ ’Master…
that is both wrong and right at the same time.

Master must have already realized by now that the Dao of Death is one of the most terrifying Daos in existence, both for those who have comprehended it as well as their enemies.

As soon as a cultivator who has comprehended the Dao of Death breaks through to the Nascent Soul stage, her undead creatures will naturally develop their own soul too as they become stronger!

Of course, since they are undead creatures that are summoned directly from the Death Abyss, they would never have any positive emotions, and instead, they will be filled with malice, killing intent, hunger, and countless other negative emotions.

This isn ’t something that can be avoided by any cultivator who has comprehended the Dao of Death, since this is a trait that comes from the depths of the souls of every undead creature.

It ’s a risk that every cultivator who has comprehended this Dao must take care of by themselves.

However, according to that family from the Immortal Dimension, it is wrong for a cultivator who has comprehended the Dao of Death to use their soul sense and completely suppress their undead creatures or treat them like an army. 

After breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage, you should allow your undead creatures to fully fight, using all their evilness and malice without holding back and only suppress the killing intent that they have towards you and those around you. 

Only when they fight at their full strength without being suppressed, will the creatures from the Death Abyss be at their strongest. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes widened slightly when he heard this, but a moment later he quickly understood that Elder Xuan hadn ’t lied to Liu Mei, but it was simply her master ’s insights in the Dao of Death that couldn ’t compare to the those from a top family of the Immortal Dimension.

Although it seemed like a small detail, to either have Liu Mei completely suppress the killing intent from her undead creatures during her fights, or simply suppress it when it was targetted towards herself, Shun Long understood that the difference was massive for Liu Mei.

After chatting with Little Black for 2 more hours, Shun Long finally stood up from his seat and closed his eyes, as he imagined himself leaving the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ and return back to his room.

It was time for him to return back to the Holy sect and meet up with Liu Mei and the others, before they left for the ’Blue star continent ’ in the ’Northern region ’ to complete the C-rank mission.

Shun Long knew that as long as they managed to complete the mission, their faction would automatically become eligible to join the faction wars inside the Holy sect!

At the same time, Little Black had an overjoyed expression when he heard that Shun Long had unlocked another part of his memories after breaking through to the Nascent Soul a few moments ago.

Leaving the inn, Shun Long flew past the Holy city ’s gates, but this time, he didn ’t head towards the peak of the Holy mountain.

Instead, he flew towards the opposite direction of the Holy sect, and less than a minute later, he had already arrived high above the clouds where a black panther with silver wings lazing around in the sky.

The moment that it sensed Shun Long ’s presence, Little Silver immediately stood up from the cloud he was lying on and flew towards Shun Long without any hesitation.

After greeting Little Silver whom he hadn ’t seen for the last 2 months, Shun Long patted the panther ’s head warmly and placed him inside the ’Stone of Time ’, before he flew straight towards the Holy sect a few moments later.

As soon as he arrived at the peak of the Holy mountain, Shun Long ’s eyes instantly landed on a group of 4 young men and women who were standing a few meters away from the Holy sect ’s entrance, as his lips slowly curved up into a smile.

Almost as if they sensed Shun Long ’s presence, Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi who were chatting together, as well as Jiang Chen who was standing with his eyes closed and Bai Longtian who had his usual warm smile on his face, all turned their eyes towards him at the same time!

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