’ ’Changming…
are you certain about this? ’ ’

Elder Zhi ’s voice had turned slightly hoarse as he asked this question, while his eyes stared at the yellow-robed young man in front of him intently while he waited for confirmation.

Nodding his head, Liao Changming looked at Elder Zhi with a serious look in his eyes that failed to completely hide his fear, before he said

’ ’Master, I am certain!

The first of them is Shun Long ’s wife.
Her name is Liu Mei and she came from the Night star continent just like him.
Apparently, she is someone who has managed to comprehend the Dao of Death, and a little more than a month ago, she was even accepted by Elder Xuan Jiao as a personal disciple! Although I don ’t know the specifics and neither did I dare to pry too much, I have heard that Elder Xuan is doting on this new disciple of hers very much! ’ ’

’ ’Elder Xuan Jiao from the inner court… ’ ’

Elder Zhi slowly slumped back to his chair when he heard the name of this terrifying Elder who instilled fear in everyone ’s heart.
Even though both of them were Elders of the Holy sect, the difference in status between an outer court Elder and an inner court one was extremely big.
It was even bigger than the difference between an outer court disciple and an inner court one.

This was even more so for an inner court Elder like Elder Xuan, whose status was even above most other inner court Elders like Elder Cao Ling, the white-robed Dao Emperor with the unkempt appearance who was present during the fourth test of the Holy sect and watched Shun Long and the rest.

If such an Elder was doting on her new disciple, wouldn ’t Elder Zhi directly offend her by messing with her disciple ’s Dao partner?

Even if Elder Xuan didn ’t take any measures against him, Elder Zhi knew that it would be akin to him sitting on pins and needles if an inner court Elder had suddenly targetted him!

’ ’No, perhaps it ’s still possible to do it.
No matter what, he is still nothing more than a new outer court disciple! ’ ’

Elder Zhi tried to console himself as he looked at the young man who was still kneeling in front of him as he waited for him to finish explaining what else he had found out.

Unfortunately, this was only the beginning, as Liao Changming continued a few moments later, his every word mercilessly crushing Elder Zhi ’s hopes

’ ’The second person from his faction is another beauty named Xie Xingyi.
Apparently, she came from the Night star continent just like Shun Long and Liu Mei, and just like Liu Mei, she was also accepted as a personal disciple from an inner court Elder.

I heard that it is the Elder responsible for the Refinement Hall in the inner court, Elder Mao Jing who has accepted her as a personal disciple! That girl is rumored to have an extremely rare unique physique, the ’Vanishing Shadows unique physique ’, which was why Elder Mao Jing took her as her disciple! ’ ’

It looked like Liao Changming hadn ’t noticed the shock in Elder Zhi ’s eyes that could no longer be hidden nor his pale face that was now as white as a sheet of paper, as the yellow-robed young man didn ’t stop speaking, his voice being the only thing that resounded inside Elder Zhi ’s private room.

’ ’The third one is a kid named Bai Longtian who has comprehended the Dao of Light, and just like the other 3- ’ ’

’ ’Don ’t tell me that he came from the Night star continent as well! ’ ’

Elder Zhi finally interrupted him as he refused to believe that everyone in Shun Long ’s faction came from the Night star continent as well!

Just what kind of shit continent was the Night star continent?

In so many years, it hadn ’t produced even a handful of passable disciples, making the Elder even forget the name of the continent altogether, and yet in just a single batch, 3 people had managed to enter the sect and 2 of them had even become personal disciples of inner court Elders, and now there could even be another one?

Unfortunately for Elder Zhi, Liao Changming seemed to have turned as dense as a block of wood today, as he had been completely overwhelmed from the fear of the background of everyone in Shun Long ’s faction that he even failed to notice the shock and fear in his master ’s eyes.

Naturally, his master was an outer court Elder of the Holy sect so why would he be afraid of a few outer court disciples?

This was the thought inside Liao Changming ’s head that managed to calm him down, as the yellow-robed young man nodded his head without any hesitation before he answered

’ ’Master is right! That kid is from the ’Night star continent as well.
Apparently, not only has he comprehended the Dao of Light, but in the fourth test to enter the sect, he even revealed that he has comprehended the Dao of the Buddha!

It seems that Elder He Kun has personally accepted him as a personal disciple as well, making his status the same as Liu Mei ’s and Xie Xingyi ’s. ’ ’

’ ’Elder He Kun? What the hell is going on with every single one of those monsters? Isn ’t that old man He Kun from the same generation as the chief of the inner court Elders, Elder Sun Wen? I thought he wouldn ’t be accepting any more disciples in his life! ’ ’

Unfortunately, Liao Changming didn ’t give Elder Zhi any more time to daydream, as he took a deep breath and continued with a serious look in his eyes.

’ ’As for the last person, his name is Jiang Chen.
Master, for some reason, I couldn ’t find anything about him, not even which continent he came from.

I am not sure how that ’s even possible, but I did find out, that during the fourth test of the sect he actually revealed his bloodline.

In the end…
he is the same as Shun Long…
a monster with an immortal-grade bloodline! ’ ’

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