Shaking his head vehemently, the look of fear in Liao Changming ’s eyes had turned even more intense as he looked at his master, before he took a deep breath and said a moment later

’ ’M-Master…
it ’s much worse than that! ’ ’

’ ’Even worse? ’ ’

Elder Zhi ’s brows furrowed once again as he looked at his disciple, not understanding what was going on this time.

In his mind, Elder Zhi was already certain that he had already mentioned the worst-case scenario when he said that Shun Long was backed by one of the big families and clans around the Holy sect ’s territory.

Especially if it was one of the families that was ranked much higher than the Yan and the Zhu families, Elder Zhi knew that the Yan family would face quite a lot of trouble getting rid of Shun Long.

However, Liao Changming ’s words had given an uneasy feeling to Elder Zhi who turned to look at his trembling disciple with a cold look in his eyes, as the aura of a peak rank 9 Dao King burst out from his body before he said in a voice that shook the entire private room

’ ’Changming, just spit it out! ’ ’

Liao Changming seemed to have regained his senses after feeling Elder Zhi ’s aura that was on the verge of exploding, and after taking a deep breath to press down his fear, he looked at Elder Zhi and said in a hesitant manner, as if he couldn ’t believe his own words

’ ’Master…
from what I found out, that Shun Long isn ’t backed by any powerful family or clan around the Holy sect ’s territory.

He is just a new outer disciple who joined the sect from the continents surrounding our central region 2 months ago…
and he is just a rogue cultivator without any backing! ’ ’

’ ’A rogue cultivator? ’ ’

Elder Zhi mused to himself, becoming even more susprised at how weak ’s Shun Long ’s background was.

However, Liao Changming didn ’t stop, as he then continued speaking despite seeing Elder Zhi ’s questioning gaze

’ ’Not only that, but he is not a member of any of the top 100 factions either! Forget about the top 100 factions, he didn ’t even join the factions in the middle of the pack! He actually made his own faction instead, just a few days after he entered the sect… ’ ’

’ ’Hahahaha! ’ ’

Elder Zhi ’s boisterous laughter resounded throughout the room, as the white-robed Elder looked at Liao Changming and said in a mocking tone

’ ’A new disciple without any backing, and he simply decided to create his own faction after entering the sect for a few days? HAHAHAHA! What kind of problem could a brat without any background pose? ’ ’

However, a moment later, Elder Zhi noticed that the look of fear hadn ’t disappeared from Liao Changtming ’s eyes and had only grown more intense instead.
Liao Changming then took another breath to calm himself down before he continued speaking in a slightly hesitant manner, almost as if he didn ’t know how to breach this subject

’ ’M-Master…
I found out that when that Shun Long passed the fourth test and entered the sect 2 months ago, he was just a peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivator! ’ ’

Before Elder Zhi could interrupt him, Liao Changming ignored the surprised look in his eyes as he then continued

’ ’However, this is not everything! I heard that during the fourth test of the sect 2 months ago, that kid revealed an immortal-grade bloodline when he fought against a disciple at the peak of rank 4 in the Nascent Soul and even won against him! ’ ’

Elder Zhi ’s face instantly paled when he heard the words immortal-grade bloodline!

Even if most outer disciples didn ’t know about it, Elder Zhi clearly knew that the number of disciples who had an immortal-grade bloodline within the Holy sect could be counted on one hand…
and Shun Long was actually one of them?

’ ’No…
it is certain that this will attract the attention of an inner-court Elder sooner or later! If that happens, things will be really bad.
Forget about the Yan family, I may even lose my life if I am involved in this! ’ ’

Elder Zhi seemed to have lost his usual calmness as his eyes finally showed hints of panic when he heard that Shun Long actually had an immortal-grade bloodline.

He knew that the inner-court Elders of the sect wouldn ’t ignore someone with an immortal-grade bloodline for no reason.

Even if they hadn ’t taken note of Shun Long yet, they were bound to do so sooner or later!

’ ’No wonder he didn ’t care about the Yan family! As long as he reveals his bloodline and attracts the attention of an inner court Elder, the Yan family will truly be nothing! Things are too complicated… ’ ’

Elder Zhi seemed to have understood why Liao Changming was so afraid just now, as he looked at his disciple and nodded his head as he waved his hand, before he said seriously

’ ’I understand what ’s going on.
You can leave! ’ ’

However, Elder Zhi ’s thoughts seemed to be just the beginning of all this, as Liao Changming shook his head and said in a voice that could no longer contain his fear

’ ’Master…
this is not everything! ’ ’

Before Elder Zhi could berate him, Liao Changming actually continued speaking, while even his legs had started to shake as he continued his next sentence

’ ’Although that Shun Long created his own faction instead of joining another faction, his faction actually has 4 other members, and all of them are new outer disciples who entered the sect 2 months ago, just like him.

However, in these 2 months that they have been in the sect…
all 4 of them have been accepted by 4 inner court Elders of the sect as personal disciples! ’ ’

Liao Changming ’s next words were like a bomb that exploded inside the private room, making Elder Zhi ’s eyes widen in disbelief.

Standing up from his seat, Elder Zhi ’s face had turned completely pale as he stared at his disciple who was now kneeling in front of him, almost as if he was waiting for his instructions.

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