The black dragon answered proudly

’ ’Master have you felt your personality slightly changing lately? That ’s because all 3 parts of your soul have once again become one.

Although back then, you split your soul into 3 parts and reincarnated, your desires were all hidden deep inside you even after your soul fused back together.
In other words, you hadn ’t yet woken up.
That was the only way I could stimulate your soul ’s desires and help you wake up.

As for the reason why master can sense my emotions, as I am soul-bound to master, we can both exchange messages with our minds.
However, master isn ’t strong enough yet and you have to wait until you reach at least the Spirit realm before using your soul to directly transmit telepathic messages. ’ ’

’ ’Spirit realm? Is that the realm above the Heaven grade? ’ ’

’ ’Mm ’ ’ the black dragon nodded

’ ’Also what do you mean by soul-bound? ’ ’

’ ’It means that my soul is bound to yours, master.
In order for my body to enter the ’Stone of Time ’, my soul had to be connected to master ’s, or the ’Stone of Time ’ would have rejected me otherwise and I would have died back then.

Master, you are my only family and I will make sure to protect you.
It ’s just… ’ ’

The dragon seemed trouble by something and Shun Long could obviously feel it.

’ ’Just? ’ ’

’ ’It ’s just that I had to restart my cultivation from the start so I am extremely weak right now. ’ ’

Shun Long was a bit disappointed when he heard that the black dragon was weak.
Since he just started cultivating he couldn ’t be any stronger than himself right? Probably around the middle or the late stages of qi condensation?!

However, he wasn ’t dejected at all.

Instead, Shun Long had a mysterious feeling of intimacy towards this dragon and he could also sense the familial affection that the dragon felt for him.

Shun Long then smiled as he petted the dragon ’s head and asked

’ ’Right, what should I call you? ’ ’

’ ’Master you have always called me little Black ’ ’ the dragon answered enthusiastically.

’ ’Fine then, I ’ll continue calling you that. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded before falling deep in thoughts

’ ’Little Black should be telling the truth, both based on the feeling I got from his soul when he was speaking earlier, as well as the fact that everything makes sense now that I know the story behind my past.

Although I ’m not really interested in becoming a god right now, I will still need to visit those ’Ruins of the Universe ’ in the future if I want to find out more about the origins of the ’Stone of Time ’.
Since it has merged with my soul and it doesn ’t seem to have its own consciousness, I doubt it ’s anything harmful, but I still have to investigate.

I also need to become stronger to keep both myself and my parents safe.

If it ’s possible, I should also try to help little Black to find out more about himself in the future.
It isn ’t logical for his father to try to kill him as soon as he stepped foot in that place called the Dragon Realm.

Right now however, I ’m too weak that I can ’t even leave the ’floating cloud sect ’.

For now, I should focus on the ’outer sect examination ’. ’ ’

As Shun Long sorted his thoughts he said

’ ’Little Black, for now it ’s better for you to recuperate and become stronger.
The outside is dangerous and even I don ’t have absolute certainty of staying safe. ’ ’

The black Dragon, little Black looked at Shun Long in a weird manner as he said

’ ’Master…
the outside is perfectly safe.
As far as I can sense at least, there is nothing within 30 miles from your current location that can even match up to me, let alone posing a threat. ’ ’

Shun Long hesitated a bit before asking

’ ’Little Black..
what is your current strength right now? ’ ’

Little Black thought seriously for a while before answering

’ ’Right now I ’m extremely weak, much weaker than when I was born the first time, as the qi I could absorb back then couldn ’t be compared to the thin qi in this place.
If I have to put it in magical beast standards, then I ’m just a rank 3 magical beast. ’ ’

Shun Long sucked in a deep breath as he heard this, but the shock wasn ’t over yet

’ ’Despite my low cultivation though, I should be able to easily fight against a Spirit realm cultivator who is in the middle stages. ’ ’

Shun Long was left speechless now.
Not only could little Black send his spiritual strength and scan 30miles around his body, but he was also a powerhouse who could fight against middle stage Spirit realm cultivators.
Shun Long suppressed his shock as he then asked

’ ’Can you sense any secluded place anywhere near my current location? ’ ’

Little Black nodded his head as he answered

’ ’About 7 miles towards the east, there is a small lake with a rank 3 ’double-headed fish ’ hiding inside.
There is no magic beast or human anywhere near the lake. ’ ’

Shun Long then followed little Black ’s directions and quickly reached the small lake.

’ ’Little Black, take care of the ’double-headed fish ’ then.
Also, use your spiritual strength to keep watch around the lake.
If anyone comes close, whether a human or magic beast, let me know. ’ ’

’ ’Understood master. ’ ’ Little Black responded as he flew out from Shun Long ’s body and directly headed towards the lake.

Little Black stretched his pitch-black wings as the majestic form of a dragon could be seen diving inside the lake, sending a huge current of water up in the sky.
The dragon looked just as agile in the water as he looked in the air.

The ’double-headed fish ’ watched in horror as little Black approached it, and yet in front of a dragon, it couldn ’t move at all.

The battle had no suspense as little Black used his sharp talons to instantly tear the fish in half.
A shiny blue core fell out from the beast ’s body as little Black grabbed it with its talons and delivered it to Shun Long.

Shun Long looked at the rank 3 beast ’s core in his hand excitedly, as he put it inside his spiritual space.

Then he took a deep breath as he thought

’ ’I didn ’t have the time earlier, but now it ’s finally time to test the first stage of the Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ ’

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