’Senior brother Feng ’ snorted as he looked at the furious Sheng Huang, while the young woman who was at the early rank 6 and the robust young man who was at the peak of rank 5 in the Nascent Soul both looked at him with cold gazes.

Seeing that Sheng Huang wasn ’t willing to back away until he received an answer, ’Senior brother Feng ’ stopped activating his ’Memory recording formation ’ on his sect token now that they were a distance away from the ’Giant Crane forest ’, before he said in a cold voice

’ ’Junior brother Sheng, I think you have been too used to get everything happening the way that you want them to, that you clearly don ’t realize what ’s going.

Didn ’t I just give you a chance to deal with junior brother Shun Long just now?

It ’s you who wasted that chance by chasing after me and asking me for an explanation instead of stalking him when he enters the forest!

You have already lost your chance, because your pride made you think that everyone else needs to listen to your wishes.

However, this isn ’t the ’Night star continent ’, and you are nothing more than an ordinary new outer disciple of the sect! Know your place! ’ ’

As he finished speaking, senior brother Feng ’s aura at the middle of rank 6 in the Nascent Soul exploded out from his body, forcing Sheng Huang to circulate his cultivation to the fullest to try and resist it.

However, even when he used his Dao of Destruction along with his cultivation at the middle of rank 4 in the Nascent Soul to protect himself and resist the powerful aura coming from ’senior brother Feng ’, Sheng Huang realized that he was still unable to resist it completely as he was actually being pushed back just from senior brother Feng ’s aura alone.

Zhong Fang and Hu Liu were both terrified as they immediately stepped back, unwilling to get caught in all of this.

Senior brother Feng had only shown a gentle side so far, but it seems that his anger wasn ’t something that they could deal with!

If even Sheng Huang who was known as the strongest genius of the Night star continent couldn ’t resist this, then they wouldn ’t fare much better than him either!

Taking a few steps forward in the sky, ’senior brother Feng ’ kept pressuring Sheng Huang with his aura forcing him to step back repeatedly before he continued

’ ’You think I ’m trying to insult you?

So what?

Do you want me to kill him in broad daylight in front of hundreds of other cultivators simply so that I can solve your so-called enmity with him?

Don ’t forget, it ’s you who has enmity with junior brother Shun Long, not me! Why would I offend him for no reason?

No, why would I offend someone with an immortal-grade bloodline for you in the first place?

Even if you are stronger than him right now due to your cultivation and your Dao of Destruction, I heard that that kid isn ’t inferior to you even in terms of the Dao that you have both comprehended, since he has comprehended the Dao of Space as well.

Do you understand now?

Your value in my eyes isn ’t enough to make me help you against someone like that! ’ ’

Sheng Huang ’s gaze widened in disbelief as he looked at ’senior brother Feng ’ who had finally stopped advancing towards him.

At that moment, the yellow-robed young woman who was at the early rank 6 in the Nascent Soul looked at Sheng Huang and said mockingly

’ ’Junior brother Sheng, you probably think that you are some genius who only appears once in every thousand years, but the truth is that you are not.

This is the central region, not your tiny Night star continent.

Although your Dao of Destruction is rare, there are far too many geniuses inside the sect who have comprehended rare Daos, some of which are actually far beyond your imagination!

The only reason we are traveling with you right now, is to help you get experience in faction missions since we are members of the same faction.

However, don ’t be mistaken.
You are nothing more than a slightly more talented junior brother in my eyes! Your comprehension of your Dao of Destruction isn ’t enough yet to put you at the very top of the sect to compete with the strongest disciples.
Perhaps you may be able to do so in the future, but right now…
hehehe, you need to start using your brain a little more. ’ ’

Sheng Huang ’s face was flushed red, unknown if it was due to anger or embarrassment, as he looked at his 2 senior brothers and his senior sister who were all staring at him with different looks in their eyes.

A moment later, the look in his eyes had turned cold as he suddenly shot forward all by himself, leaving the group of 5 behind him.

After a moment of hesitation, Zhong Fang followed after him as well, and Hu Liu did the same.

At the same time, Shun Long had already entered the ’Giant Crane forest ’, as he spread his soul sense around him, looking out for any potential dangers.

He had already learned from the 2 years that he and Liu Mei had spent in the ’Ten-thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’, that the most dangerous things in these types of forests weren ’t the magic beasts that were lurking around, but the groups of other cultivators instead.

As long as they met someone who they believed was carrying enough wealth to take such a risk, regardless of that person ’s identity, those groups would immediately attack him.

Thus, Shun Long knew, that in this place, his identity as a disciple of the Holy sect wouldn ’t help him in the slightest.

After staying still and looking at the trees around him for a few moments, Shun Long mumbled to himself in a surprised voice

’ ’This place is probably even bigger than the ’Ten-thousand beasts ’ mountain range ’.
No wonder others find it almost impossible to locate specific magic beasts in this place! ’ ’

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