Sheng Huang and Zhong Fang, as well as Hu Liu, were all stunned when they saw their ’senior brother ’ suddenly leaving along with the other 2.

A moment later, Sheng Huang gritted his teeth as he and Zhong Fang ignored Shun Long and followed behind them as well.

As for Hu Liu, he was the only one who stood there in a daze as he looked at Shun Long with an expression of disbelief on his face.

He had already heard about Shun Long from Sheng Huang and Zhong Fang, and he already knew that he had somehow managed to pass the test to enter the Holy sect with a cultivation at the peak of rank 1 in the Nascent Soul.

For someone like Hu Liu who had failed to pass the test with his cultivation that was at the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul, this wasn ’t something that he could accept so easily, especially when it was done from someone from the same continent as him.

He could accept Sheng Huang, Zhong Fang, Bai Longtian, and even Xie Xingyi who had managed to pass the fourth test, since Xie Xingyi had a unique physique that she hadn ’t shown to anyone for so many years, and Bai Longtian had comprehended the Dao of the Buddha which he had kept hidden from everyone as well, but a peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage cultivator passing the test was an entirely different thing.

At the same time, the moment that he saw Shun Long ’s face, Hu Liu ’s eyes had instantly widened, as he recognized him as the person who was riding on the ’Silver-winged panther king ’ back in the ’Golden Exchange firm ’ in the Night star continent.

Although Hu Liu was someone arrogant who usually didn ’t put almost anyone from the Night star continent in his eyes, he clearly remembered Shun Long ’s face due to how rare the magic beast that he was riding on was.

After all, a peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’ was extremely rare, not inferior to rarity or strength when it was compared to his own ’Blue-tailed thunder leopard ’, and both magic beasts were actually at the peak of rank 5 as well, which made Hu Liu take a few more looks at the 2 people on the panther ’s back.

And yet, it was still nothing but a few more looks in the end.

Even though Hu Liu had heard of Shun Long ’s name from Sheng Huang and Zhong Fang already, and he knew that he was someone who also came from the ’Night star continent ’ just like them, he had never expected that it would be the same person he had randomly met in the ’Golden Exchange firm ’ and he had even bullied his magic beast!

Regardless of how unwilling he was to accept this though, Hu Liu knew that this abnormal situation was the truth.

Staring at Shun Long for a few more moments, he then snorted before he shot to the sky, chasing after Sheng Huang and Zhong Fang who had already started to disappear on the horizon.

Although he wanted to completely destroy Shun Long, Hu Liu knew that his identity as a follower of an outer disciple didn ’t allow him to lay a hand on another disciple of the Holy sect.

If he did so, forget about staying in the Holy sect, the disciples of the Enforcement Hall would come to him and would personally take his life without any hesitation.

Besides, he had also clearly heard just now that Shun Long had an immortal-grade bloodline, and Hu Liu could easily guess that this was the reason why Shun Long had managed to pass the Holy sect ’s test.

Additionally, although he didn ’t want to admit it, Hu Liu knew that even if Shun Long was just at the peak of rank 1 in the Nascent Soul, he still wouldn ’t be his match if Shun Long activated his immortal-grade bloodline.

’ ’No, perhaps even Zhong Fang wouldn ’t be able to fight against him.
If anyone, it ’s most likely going to be just Sheng Huang who would be able to match him in terms of strength! ’ ’

This thought appeared in the blue-haired man ’s mind as he threw one last look at Shun Long, and chased after Sheng Huang at full speed.

At the same time, Shun Long had a cold look in his eyes as he stared at Hu Liu ’s disappearing figure, without saying anything during the entire time.

Unlike Hu Liu who had never put that incident in the ’Golden Exchange firm ’s ’ entrance in his mind, Shun Long hadn ’t forgotten about it or the injuries that the ’Blue-tailed thunder leopard ’ had caused to Little Silver just for Hu Liu ’s own amusement.

He could also clearly feel the intense hostility coming from Hu Liu ’s body, that was only inferior to the hostility that Sheng Huang had towards him.

However, despite the fact that Hu Liu was just a follower and not an outer court disciple, Shun Long knew that he was still considered a member of the Holy sect.

’ ’It doesn ’t matter.
Even if you leave the Holy sect in the future, I will still come and find you myself. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s voice was practically inaudible, but the surrounding cultivators who had turned their gazes towards him all trembled when they felt the dense killing intent coming from his body.

It was obvious that whether it was Sheng Huang or Hu Liu or even Zhong Fang, he wasn ’t planning to let any of them live in the future.

Without any hesitation, Shun Long stopped staring at Hu Liu ’s disappearing figure, as he turned around and flew towards the ’Giant Crane ’s forest ’s ’ entrance.

The most important thing right now was still to locate the middle rank 5 ’Poison-tongued Toad ’ and complete the mission.

At the same time that Shun Long entered the ’Giant Crane forest ’, Sheng Huang and Zhong Fang had just caught up with their 2 senior brothers and their senior sister, when Sheng Huang turned to look at his senior brother in the lead, before his angry voice sounded in everyone ’s ears

’ ’Senior brother Feng, I clearly told you that there is enmity between me and that bastard, and yet, not only did you not help me, but you even told him to be careful inside the ’Giant Crane forest ’? Are you trying to insult me, or is it that you don ’t care about my opinion at all? ’ ’

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