The cultivators around them were startled when they felt the auras from the group of disciples from the Holy sect that were filled with killing intent, before they hurriedly opened up the distance between them, unwilling to be caught in the middle of a fight.

Shun Long narrowed his eyes as he looked at the 3 young men in front of him who were obviously emitting hostile auras filled with killing intent, and yet, he wasn't in a hurry to make a move, as he simply observed the rest of their group for a few moments.

The spiky-haired young man as well as the chubby-faced silver-haired young man who was standing next to him at the very front of the group, along with the blue-haired young man who was standing a step behind those 2 and was actually the only one who wasn't wearing the yellow robes of an outer disciple of the sect were all completely ignored by Shun Long, as he focused his gaze towards the rest of their group.

Even a month ago when he was just at the peak of rank 1 of the Nascent Soul, Shun Long had never been wary of the prince of the Shengtian dynasty, Sheng Huang, or Zhong Fang, the 'young lord' of the 'Mercenaries' Association'.

Even when Sheng Huang had threatened him to hand over his black, star-rank sword, right in front of the inner court's entrance, Shun Long had never viewed him as anything else but an idiot.
Of course, anyone who l.u.s.ted over his treasures was bound to not have a good ending.

As for the blue-haired young lord of the 'Golden Exchange firm' of the Night star continent, Hu Liu who was standing behind those 2, although Shun Long was surprised to see him here since he still remembered that Hu Liu was actually the first one to fail the Holy sect's fourth test, after a moment of hesitation, a look of realization appeared in his eyes as he realized that Hu Liu had probably chosen to become a 'follower' of either Sheng Huang or Zhong Fang, and follow them inside the Holy sect.

For a genius who was previously ranked 4th in the 'Night star continent's' rankings, to lower his head and become someone else's follower, it was obvious how much allure the Holy sect held towards him.

''Eh? A fellow disciple?''

A young man's surprised voice broke the silence in front of the 'Giant Crane forest's' entrance, as he looked at the 2 young men by his side who were emitting an intense aura filled with hostility towards the newcomer, before he spotted the yellow robes that Shun Long was wearing.

The young man wasn't surprised that another outer disciple from the Holy sect would appear in this place, since the 'Giant Crane forest' was a place that many disciples traveled to, either to hunt magic beasts or look for rare treasures or other medicinal herbs.

Instead, he was surprised by Sheng Huang's and Zhong Fang's sudden change in their attitudes.
As for Hu Liu, the yellow-robed young man didn't seem to care about him, as he looked at Sheng Huang and asked curiously

''Junior brother Sheng, do you know him?''

At the same time that the young man spoke, Shun Long turned his attention towards him as well, and looked at him seriously for a few moments.

Unlike Sheng Huang and Zhong Fang who had only recently advanced to the middle of rank 4 in the Nascent Soul, or Hu Liu who was still at the early rank 4, Shun Long could sense that the yellow-robed young man who had spoken just now was on an entirely different level, as he had clearly reached the middle of rank 6 in the Nascent Soul, forcing even Shun Long to look at him seriously.

After all, an outer disciple of the Holy sect who had reached the middle of rank 6 in the Nascent Soul, was definitely a genius who could easily fight against normal cultivators at the peak of rank 6 in the Nascent Soul as well. 

Aside from this young man, Shun Long also noticed a young woman standing next to him, who was actually at the early rank 6, as well as a robust young man who seemed to be almost as big as Zhong Fang himself, and his cultivation was at the peak of rank 5 in the Nascent Soul.

From the 6 people in their group, Sheng Huang and Zhong Fang, as well as Hu Liu, were definitely the 3 weakest.

Turning his eyes towards the young man who had just spoken Sheng Huang nodded his head, but he didn't retract the hostile look from his eyes as he answered

''Yes senior brother.
His name is Shun Long! He is the person who has stolen something that's mine and refused to give it back!''

The young man's eyes lit up when he heard the name Shun Long, as he inspected the yellow-robed young man in front of him seriously for a few moments.
As for Sheng Huang's claim that Shun Long had stolen something from him, the young man didn't seem to have even heard it.

At the same time, the young woman that was standing next to the young man looked at Shun Long with a renewed look of interest in her eyes before she said

''Shun Long? Are you the person who rejected Qian Tao's invitation only to form your own faction in the sect? Hehe, how cute.

Eh? Why can't I sense your cultivation?''

The young woman was even more surprised when she realized that she couldn't sense any qi at all coming from Shun Long's body.
Naturally, since he had completely retracted his aura, forget about an early rank 6 Nascent Soul stage cultivator like her, even peak Dao Kings wouldn't be able to sense the slightest bit of qi fluctuations coming from Shun Long's body right now.

At the same time, Sheng Huang and Zhong Fang looked at Shun Long with gazes that didn't conceal their killing intent, but they knew that they couldn't do anything to him right now.

Since they had come to the 'Giant Crane forest' for a mission, their senior brother had already activated the 'Memory recording formation' on his sect identifying token, and they knew that they couldn't simply attack a fellow disciple of the Holy sect in broad daylight.

Besides, even if they managed to persuade the yellow-robed young man, there were too many cultivators around them who would see that scene.

However, the yellow-robed young man didn't seem to have even noticed Sheng Huang's and Zhong Fang's hostile gazes towards Shun Long as he kept inspecting him with a serious look in his eyes.
A moment later, the young man suddenly smiled as he took a step forward forward and spoke in a warm tone, his next words stunning both Sheng Huang and Zhong Fang who turned to look at the yellow-robed young man with gazes filled with disbelief

''Junior brother Shun Long huh? I heard that you and a kid named Jiang Chen both have immortal-grade bloodlines.
How enviable.
I suggest that you be careful inside the 'Giant Crane forest', since there are many rank 5 and even rank 6 magic beasts lurking in this place.''

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