''Long-ge, what is the Dao Tower?''

Liu Mei asked in a confused voice as she looked at Shun Long, obviously having never heard of this name before. 

Xie Xingyi had a curious look in her eyes as well.  For Shun Long to tell them to take a look at a certain place when they have enough time, that place must certainly have something extraordinary.

Nodding his head, Shun Long saw how everyone seemed to be curious about it as he started explaining

''The Dao Tower is an enormous tower at the center of the Holy city that allows one to train their own Dao.

One's cultivation base, qi purity, unique physique, their martial skills and everything else are all completely suppressed inside the tower, leaving you with nothing but your own Dao. 

Inside the Dao Tower, you can fight with many other cultivators, not just from those inside the region of the Holy sect, but everywhere around the central region.

The more fights you win, the higher your rank will rise inside the tower, allowing you to fight with even stronger opponents.

The receptionists inside the Dao Tower will explain things to you in more detail when you get there.''

A deep look flashed through everyone's eyes when they heard Shun Long explaining the Dao Tower's use, while Jiang Chen's and Bai Longtian's eyes seemed to be filled with fighting intent as they turned their eyes towards the Holy city at the foot of the Holy mountain.

It was too bad that the Holy city looked like nothing but a small dot in their eyes from the Holy mountain's peak.

Jiang Chen also felt slightly regretful that he had spent 1 week inside the Holy city holed up inside an inn increasing his cultivation, instead of talking a walk around the Holy city.

He had been planning to take a look around the Holy city after he broke through to the peak of rank 5 of the Nascent Soul, but by the time he finished his breakthrough, it was already the appointed time for him to meet with Shun Long and the rest at the peak of the mountain. 

Liu Mei was the first one to return to her senses, as she looked at the small black dot at the foot of the Holy mountain, before she turned her eyes towards Shun Long and hugged him tightly as she said

stay safe.
I will be back in less than a month!''

Shun Long smiled warmly and hugged Liu Mei back for a few moments, feeling her gentle breath on his neck.

Turning her attention towards Xie Xingyi, Bai Longtian, and Jiang Chen, Liu Mei flashed a dazzling smile towards them before she said

''I will see you guys in 1 month.
Hehe, let's take a look at the Dao Tower that Long-ge mentioned and see which of us can climb the highest.''

Without even mentioning their missions, almost as if it was already assured that all of them would succeed, Liu Mei's eyes were filled with a rare look of fighting intent as she looked at Xie Xingyi, Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian, before she started flying towards the east.

A similar look appeared in Xie Xingyi's eyes a moment later as she stared at Liu Mei's figure that was flying on the horizon, before she turned her eyes towards Shun Long and flashed him a smile that could cause the downfall of a kingdom, her blond hair waving behind her as she said

''Brother Long…
good luck! I will see you in 1 month!''

Without waiting for a response, Xingyi then shot to the sky, as she flew towards the northeast.

Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian both looked at the 2 girls, and unwilling to fall behind them, both of them looked at Shun Long and said

''Don't die! I will be waiting for you.''

''Brother Shun, stay safe!''

Shun Long smiled as he saw Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian both turning around and leaving at the same time, almost as if they were competing against each other.

It had only been one month, but Shun Long could feel that it wasn't just himself, but each one of them as well that were also growing stronger.

After sensing Little Silver's figure above the clouds that followed after Liu Mei secretly, Shun Long turned his attention towards the Holy city as he thought to himself

''I need to buy a map first.
Preferably one that covers the entire territory of the Holy sect!''

Thus, without any hesitation, he flew straight towards the small black dot at the foot of the Holy mountain.

Although he roughly knew the location of the 'Giant Crane forest' that he had to travel to in order for him to hunt the 'Poison-tongued Toad', since the mission on the 'Mission board' described where the 'Giant Crane forest' was located, in the end, it was only a rough description of the forest's location.

Obtaining a detailed map to be aware of the most dangerous places that one had to cross when traveling through the central region, like the 'Flame Lion's' canyon that Shun Long had crossed along with Ying Gui to get to Yanzhu city was extremely important.

Half an hour later, Shun Long had already entered the Holy city and arrived in front of the huge 'White tiger chamber of commerce'.

After taking a look at the third floor, Shun Long eventually spent 50.000 middle-grade spirit stones buying an extremely detailed map of the central region.

''50.000 middle-grade spirit stones for a single map…
no wonder most cultivators don't even know where they are heading to when they travel with merchants!''

Although the map only covered the Holy sect's territory, it was precisely what Shun Long needed.
Despite the price being extremely expensive, Shun Long still felt that it was worth it after taking a look at the contents of the map.

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