Shun Long didn ’t ask anything as the black dragon continued explaining

’ ’Although dragons will don ’t submit to humans, as a newborn with no one else to rely on, master became my only family.
That was when I first decided to follow master.

Master helped me grow and after almost 1000 years of cultivation and the continuous consumption of mountains of pills and natural treasures, I had finally reached a level where I was just slightly weaker than master.

That was when master decided for us to go to the Dragon Realm and find out more about my origins.
After all, it didn ’t make sense for a dragon to be born alone, outside of the Dragon Realm, and with no seniors to protect him. ’ ’

Then the black dragon ’s eyes turned chilly as an aura of murder radiated from his body that made even the surrounding space to tremble

’ ’However that was when we met HIM. ’ ’

The black dragon then stopped speaking as his body was now trembling from rage, his eyes having turned hazy with a hint of bloodl.u.s.t as he remembered those scenes.

’ ’Who are you talking about? ’ ’ Seeing that the black dragon wasn ’t speaking anymore, Shun Long couldn ’t hold in his curiosity and decided to ask

As the black dragon heard Shun Long ’s voice, his hazy and bloodshot eyes became clear again as he answered

’ ’The person who called himself my father.
One of the nine emperors of the Dragon Realm, Long Tianyu.

As soon as we met him, he tried to kill me without any hesitation or reason, and he and master then ended up fighting for 7 full days and nights.

Since no winner could be determined in the end, Long Tianyu and master stopped fighting.
However, before he left Long Tianyu looked at master and spat out .

Master then replied without any hesitation .

After that you brought me away as we left the Dragon Realm.

Since then, I followed behind master as we traveled the world and explored many different ruins until one day we entered a place called ’The ruins of the universe ’.
In there, we nearly died before master found the ’Stone of Time ’. ’ ’

’ ’Are you sure that the person back then had something to do with me? Also what exactly is the ’Stone of Time ’ ? ’ ’

The Black Dragon resolutely nodded his head at Shun Long ’s question before saying

’ ’Master you will understand everything as soon as I finish explaining things. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded and let the Dragon continue speaking

’ ’The ’Stone of Time ’ is one of the supreme treasures of the universe.
Nobody knows exactly what it is, but it is said that inside it lies the secret to become a God… ’ ’

Shun Long couldn ’t resist asking

’ ’Do gods really exist then? ’ ’

The Black Dragon shook his head as he said

’ ’I don ’t know master, however it was said that inside the ’Stone of Time ’ lies the secret for a person to ascend to Godhood.
There are other rumors as well, claiming that the ’Stone of Time ’ is the key to enter another world.

Nobody knows if they are true or not, but one thing is for sure: the ’Stone of Time ’ is truly a mysterious and supreme treasure.

There are always numerous people exploring the ’Ruins of the Universe ’ at all times, and people happened to see that master obtained a peerless treasure before we could leave the ruins.

In their greed, many powerhouses banded together to attack master and in the end our only choice was to flee.

As the ’Stone of Time ’ merged with master and became a part of your soul, the situation back then had reached a point where almost one tenth of all the powerhouses in the universe were chasing us.

However, as master ’s soul was fusing with the ’Stone of Time ’, your strength was also rapidly increasing.
And yet, in the end, an old monster that was in seclusion, heard about master finding a priceless treasure and joined in on the chase.
Although master could probably fight him off one on one, we couldn ’t win against so many enemies.

As we were cornered then, master took a huge gamble.

Activating the ’Stone of Time ’, master placed me inside this space, before you also sealed part of your memories inside the stone.
These memories then became a golden book.
A third of master ’s soul had also been sealed inside that.

After master sealed me and the golden book inside the ’Stone of Time ’, master also split the remaining two-thirds of your soul in 2 parts.
After that, master, detonated his body as well as his remaining cultivation, while sending the 3 parts of your soul in different directions.
’ ’

The black Dragon ’s eyes were now glistening with tears as he remembered that scene.

There was a huge explosion as the enemies around them had turned to dust.

Shun Long ’s eyes widened as he connected the rest of the dots.

If what the black Dragon had said was all true, then nothing in his life what happened randomly.

He died on earth, almost at the same time as the other part of his soul died in the ’Mortal world ’.
The 2 parts of his soul merged, and the third and last one, that was inside the ’Stone of Time ’ also found him and merged with him.

Shun Long couldn ’t believe what the Black Dragon was saying, and yet deep inside he knew that it was most likely the truth.
After all, why else would the ’Stone of Time ’ merge with him out of nowhere? But the most important reason that made Shun Long completely trust the black dragon…
was that he could sense that the dragon was connected to him.

Shun Long took a deep breath as he asked

’ ’Assuming that everything you said so far is the truth, why did you ask me if I wanted power the first time you met me? Why did you ask me what my goal was? And…
why can I sense your emotions? ’ ’

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