Half an hour later, Shun Long's turn finally arrived, as he walked towards the yellow-robed young woman who was standing behind the counter and took out his sect identifying token.

The young woman who was an outer disciple of the sect as well had a placid look on her face as she looked at Shun Long and asked

''How may I help you?''

Placing the golden sect identifying token on the counter in front of him Shun Long then said

''I am here to hand in 2 missions.''

Shun Long then mentioned the names of the missions that were still on the 'Mission board' at the depths of the Assignment Hall.

The yellow-robed young woman behind the Exchange counter nodded her head and sent her servant to grab the missions from the 'Mission board'.

Once a mission was completed by an outer disciple or if it had a certain time-limit where the disciples were allowed to accept it, the disciples of the Holy sect that were working in the Assignment Hall would take the missions off from the 'Mission board' so that other outer court disciples wouldn't waste their time with those missions.

A couple of minutes later, the young man whom the young woman had sent over returned from the 'Mission board' holding only a single scroll in his hands.

Since the first mission that Shun Long had accepted, Ying Gui's mission, had a time limit of 3 days before Ying Gui left the Holy city, the disciples of the Assignment Hall had already removed it a month ago.

Taking Shun Long's golden-colored token in her hands, the yellow-robed young woman placed it right in front of her, before she activated the formations etched on the counter.

A dim white light instantly enveloped the entire counter, before certain scenes started to appear in the air, coming from Shun Long's token, but for some reason, only Shun Long and the young woman from the Exchange counter could actually see them.

Of course, these were the scenes that were recorded inside the 'Memory recording formation' while it was activated by Shun Long, so they only started to show what had happened from the moment that Shun Long entered the 'Blue Heaven inn' in the Holy city.

The yellow-robed young woman didn't watch the entire thing as she quickly used the formation etched on the counter to skip everything else, and only watched the very beginning when Shun Long met with Ying Gui inside the 'Blue Heaven inn', as well as the end of the mission, when the 2 of them safely arrived in Yanzhu city with the 4 carriages carrying the peak rank 5 magic beasts being completely intact.

With so many people handing in their missions, how could the disciples working in the Exchange counter possibly look through every single mission from the beginning until the end? Some of those missions lasted for more than a day, while others lasted for more than a week and maybe even a month.

Shun Long's mission was the same as it went on for more than a week, so unless there was something extremely important going on during the mission that needed the Holy sect to take special note of it, such as a dispute between 2 disciples or some other matter, the disciples in the Exchange counter would avoid wasting their time seeing what happened in the missions and only verify whether it was completed successfully or not.

After taking a look at the mission, the yellow-robbed young woman nodded her head as she said seriously

''Merchant Ying Gui has already reported that the mission's difficulty was higher than what was originally listed and he has actually increased the reward from the original 80 sect points to 250.''

Turning her eyes towards Shun Long, the young woman was surprised when she saw that he didn't have much of a reaction, but she still transferred him the 250 sect points in his sect identifying token in the end, before she turned her attention towards the second mission that he had accepted.

Naturally, Shun Long wouldn't care whether he obtained 80 or 250 sect points from a D-rank personal mission, since the reason why he completed the missions was to obtain sect points, but to train himself and complete the quota of a single mission every 3 months.

Having completed 2 missions meant that he didn't have to take on another D-rank personal mission for the next 5 months.

As for the sect points, unless he started to complete B or A-rank personal missions, Shun Long would still keep selling his pills if he happened to be in an urgent need of sect points.

In the end, after buying the Silverbark guqin the last time he was in the Golden Treasures Hall, as well as the peak rank 2 gold grade cauldron to upgrade his previous one, he was still left with 5000 sect points in the end.

The young woman behind the Exchange counter took a look at the second mission that Shun Long had completed when her eyes suddenly widened in shock. 

Turning her gaze towards Shun Long she then looked at him with a look filled with incredulity before she asked in a disbelieving tone

''Are you really the person who destroyed Dai Lim's and Dai Hao's shop?''

Without waiting for a response, the young woman turned her attention towards the golden-colored token in her hands, before she once again activated the protective formations on the counter.

Another scene started to replay in front of her eyes, showing Shun Long standing right outside from the medium-sized slave shop in Yanzhu city.

She knew that she had heard something about the missions in Yanzhu city lately, but it was only after reading the names Dai Lim and Dai Hao that she remembered what it was.

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