Of course, Shun Long didn't feel any jealousy towards Bai Longtian or Xie Xingyi for receiving such a pill from their masters.

He knew that the pill they had most likely obtained was the rank 5 'Barrier piercing pill'.

Shun Long was already planning to concoct this pill and give it to Liu Mei, Xie Xingyi, Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian to consume it. 

However, the version of the rank 5 'Barrier piercing pill' that he was planning to create was much more potent than the pills that Xie Xingyi and Bai Longtian had consumed.
His pill would allow even late-stage Nascent Soul cultivators to advance an entire minor tier upon consuming it, and wouldn't be effective only for middle-stage Nascent Soul cultivators.

The only reason why he hadn't concocted the pill so far, was because even though it was just a rank 5 pill, the 'Barrier piercing pill' required the essence blood and the beast core of a peak rank 5 magic beast to be concocted. 

Thus, although Shun Long had already collected the medicinal herbs that he needed back in the 'Ten thousand beasts' mountain range' and he was only lacking a few supportive rank 5 medicinal herbs in the past, he couldn't create the pill previously.

But now, not only had Shun Long gathered all of the supportive medicinal herbs that he lacked from his journey in Yanzhu city as well as the 'White tiger chamber of commerce', but he also had the corpse of the peak rank 5 'Red-furred bear' inside the herb garden in the 'Stone of Time'!

Although Shun Long knew that the second 'Barrier piercing pill' normally wouldn't have any effects, he knew that his own version of the pill could help Xie Xingyi and Bai Longtian breakthrough a second time in the future, but the pill's effects would be greatly diminished.

''Regardless, the effects should still be enough for Xingyi and Longtian to breakthrough at least half a minor realm upon consuming it.''

At the same time that he reached this conclusion, Shun Long's eyes suddenly spotted a yellow-robed young man flying from the direction of the Holy city, before he arrived in front of the entrance of the Holy sect a few moments later.

The young man immediately attracted a lot of attention the moment that he arrived on the Holy mountain's peak, causing not just Shun Long, but everyone else present to also turn their eyes towards him.

From the black wings on his back that were burning with dark red flames, even from a distance Shun Long could guess that this was Jiang Chen.

Although Jiang Chen wasn't the only one in the entire Holy sect who was training in the 'Demonic Wings', thanks to his comprehension of the Demonic Dao, when he activated the 'Demonic Wings', the black wings looked no different than real wings that truly belonged to him, instead of looking like a pair of wings that were formed from his qi.

''Hey, isn't that Jiang Chen?''

''Jiang Chen? The guy who slapped senior brother Qian Kun?''

''What the hell? A newbie really dared to slap senior brother Qian Kun?''

''Haven't you heard yet? More than a month ago, Jiang Chen actually refused to join senior brother Qian Tao's faction even when he was invited personally by senior brother Qian Tao! He even said that he would join the faction of another new disciple instead named Shun Long.

However, this isn't the end.

Supposedly, more than a week ago, senior brother Qian Kun met Jiang Chen in the Holy city and threatened him that he would personally break his legs in a faction battle, if Shun Long's faction ever dared to participate in the faction wars of the sect! 

Apparently, not only was Jiang Chen not afraid after hearing this threat, even though it is known that Qian Kun is senior brother Qian Tao's cousin, but he even slapped Qian Kun in broad daylight inside the Holy city, even knocking out a few of his teeth in the process.''

''What? Isn't Jiang Chen just a new disciple? How could he even fight against a middle rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivator like Qian Kun head-on, let alone slap him?''

''I heard that Jiang Chen was actually lucky enough to be accepted by Elder Yao Xuedong as a personal disciple.
In just the last month, his cultivation is rumored to have even exceeded Qian Kun's!''

''Tsk! No wonder! He probably received a 'Barrier piercing pill' by Elder Yao.
But still, to dare provoke senior brother Qian Tao's faction like that, even if he is the personal disciple of an inner court Elder, it won't save him from getting bashed in the faction wars by senior brother Qian Tao…''

Shun Long could see that the crowd around him had instantly exploded into hushed discussions the moment that Jiang Chen appeared in the Holy mountain's peak.

And yet, Jiang Chen didn't seem to mind as he allowed the black wings from his back that were burning with dark red flames to disperse in the wind, as he walked towards Shun Long without a change in his expression.

The crowd immediately parted whenever Jiang Chen appeared close to them, as they turned their eyes towards him to see where he was walking towards instead of entering the sect.

In just a few moments, Jiang Chen had already arrived in front of Shun Long and the rest, and after throwing a few looks towards Liu Mei and Xie Xingyi and nodded his head in greeting, he threw a mocking glance at Bai Longtian before he turned his eyes towards Shun Long and said

''Sorry for being late.''

Shun Long simply smiled and shook his head.

Even though he hadn't heard the crowd's discussions since his eyes were entirely focused on Jiang Chen, how could he not guess from the crowd's reaction that something big had happened already?

However, Shun Long didn't really care too much about what had happened either. 

As long as every one of them was safe that was enough.

A smile also appeared on Shun Long's face when he noticed that Jiang Chen had actually stepped into the peak of rank 5 in the Nascent Soul during this past month.

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