The black-robed old man glanced at Shun Long with a serious look, before he actually started to laugh a few moments later as he said

''Hehe, kid.
I'm not sure if it's this old man that is lucky enough or if it's you that is extremely unlucky.
To have reached this far you probably already understand the difference between the Nascent Soul stage and the Dao King realm.''

Although the old man didn't say it explicitly, it was obvious that he was hinting that Shun Long's chances were practically non-existent.

Shaking his head, Shun Long activated both of his 'Monarch's Domains', before he turned his eyes towards the black-robed old man in front of him whose face was still blurry, making it impossible to discern his facial features before he said calmly a moment later

''Old man, you sound very confident, but unfortunately for you, this isn't the first time I'm fighting against a Dao King purely through Dao comprehension.''

The old man's laughter suddenly halted when he heard that, while his eyes narrowed dangerously into 2 slits as he looked at Shun Long.

Although he didn't believe that he would actually meet with someone who could defeat a Dao King through their Dao comprehension before they stepped into that realm themselves, since he clearly knew the difference between a Dao King and anyone who had yet to step into that realm, the black-robed old man also knew that it wasn't impossible.

There were plenty of monsters around the world, and he wouldn't simply discard the possibility that the yellow-robed kid in front of him was one of them.
The chances were low that Shun Long was such a monster but his words immediately made the old man stare at him seriously, as the gusts of wind around his body started to turn wild and unpredictable.

What Shun Long had said just now wasn't a lie, since he had truly fought against a Dao King realm expert in the past purely through his Dao comprehension.

It was Cui Guoliang's soul incantation that Shun Long had faced inside the Vermilion realm when he had entered his palace to complete the final trial!

Although the conditions weren't exactly the same since Shun Long was able to use martial skills back then if he wanted to, and he could also make use of his qi that was much purer than Cui Guoliang's soul incantation as well as his qi reserves which were incomparable to other cultivators at the same level as him, it was still a fact that back then he was fighting against the soul of a Dao King who was suppressing his cultivation.

At the same time, Shun Long didn't want the black-robed old man to look down on him during the fight. 

He wanted him to give it his all.
Otherwise, there was no point in him training inside the Dao Tower.

The old man shook his head as the gusts of wind around him turned even more powerful, raising his body rapidly into the air, before the old man said

''Fine kid.
Since you want this old man to get serious then so be it!

I don't want to waste my time with a greenhorn anyway! Let's see if you are worthy to stand in front of me!''

Pointing his hand forward, hundreds of wind blades instantly appeared around the old man seemingly out of nothing, before he sent them all flying towards Shun Long, completely blocking him from all angles!

There was no way for someone to simply run away from this attack.

With a wave of his hand, the old man could easily command the element that he had comprehended, forcing the wind to bend under his will.

Understanding that this was just a probing attack and not one that went all-out, Shun Long placed his entire focus in his 'Monarch's Domain'!

As the wind blades entered inside Shun Long's domain, the old man's eyes widened as he saw that the wind blades' speed started to slow down drastically.

The closer they approached towards Shun Long, the slower the wind blades became.

However, thanks to the old man's own level of comprehension, his Dao of Wind was many levels higher than Shun Long's Dao of Time, making Shun Long's 'Monarch's Domain' unable to fully stop the flow of time around the wind blades.

And yet, it didn't matter in the slightest, as the speed of the wind blades ended up being so slow when they reached a distance of just a few meters away from Shun Long, that even an earth grade cultivator would be able to effortlessly dodge them, let alone Shun Long who was augmented by his second 'Monarch's Domain' right now.

One by one, the hundreds of wind all slammed on the floor of the palace hall causing it to slightly tremble, as not even a single one of the wind blades managed to touch Shun Long's robes.

Despite his failed attempt, the old man didn't send another attack and stared at Shun Long seriously for a few moments without moving as a single thought flashed through his mind

''What kind of Dao is that?''

It was obvious that the old Dao King's experience wasn't enough to recognize Shun Long's Dao of Time.

A moment later, the black-robed old man reorganized his thoughts before he thought to himself

''Regardless of the type of Dao that you have comprehended, the difference between a Nascent Soul stage cultivator and a Dao King can't be covered so easily!''

Closing his eyes, the old man placed his palms together in front of his c.h.e.s.t, looking like he was praying, before the wind around his body started to calm down.

And yet, Shun Long not at ease after seeing the raging winds calming down, as a feeling of lethal danger sprouted in his heart, before his golden eyes lit up with a bright blue light barely a moment later.

At the same time, the figure of a an illusionary, enormous bull, that was more than 20m(65ft) tall started to materialize behind the old man.

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