As the black egg cracked, a 3m(10ft) tall creature could be seen emerging from it.

As the creature ’s eyes opened, an aura of absolute tyranny burst from it suppressing everything around Shun Long.

Every magic beast in a radius of 3 miles around him was now on its knees prostrating towards the source of this aura.
Shun Long could finally catch his breath, as he hurriedly sent his spiritual strength inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

’ ’WHAT? ’ ’ His mind and thoughts couldn ’t believe that what he was seeing was real.

A black dragon.

Dragons really existed and one of them was inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

The dragon was black from its head to its talons.
The only exception was a pair of bright blue eyes that were as deep as the ocean and were glowing with a shining azure light.
The dragon was rapidly inhaling from its nostrils, absorbing every single bit of qi that was remaining around it.

It suddenly spread its massive wings open and roared from inside the ’Stone of Time ’.
This roar carried itself towards Shun Long ’s spiritual space and then continued outside of his body.

As the beasts prostrating around Shun Long heard this roar, they all fainted on the spot.
It didn ’t matter if they were rank 1 magic beasts or even peak rank 2, they had all fainted without exception.

The dragon then looked at the imaginary Shun Long that had appeared inside the ’Stone of Time ’s ’ space.

His bright blue eyes that exuded absolute tyranny a moment ago, had suddenly turned gentle as the dragon looked at Shun Long and lowered his head in front of him before calling out

’ ’Master ’ ’

The black dragon didn ’t open his mouth to speak.
Instead, his voice had directly sounded inside Shun Long ’s head.

Shun Long looked at the dragon perplexed and unknowingly, he had put his right hand on the huge head that was lowered in front of him.

He then opened his mouth to ask

’ ’Are you the voice that was speaking to me from the darkness? ’ ’

’ ’Mm ’ ’ The dragon nodded his head.

’ ’Then, am I your master because the ’Stone of Time ’ has merged with me?

What is this stone? Since you called it the stone of time then you must definitely know about it. ’ ’

The dragon shook his head at Shun Long ’s question as his answer shook Shun Long to his core.

’ ’Master, you are not my master because you possess the ’Stone of Time ’! You have been my master long before you obtained the ’Stone of Time ’. ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t seem to understand what this black dragon tried to say.
Wasn ’t he inside the ’Stone of Time ’? How could the previous Shun Long, or the Rock from earth to have ever met with any dragons in the past?

The black dragon seemed to be able to see through Shun Long ’s puzzlement as he answered with a question of his own

’ ’Master, why do you think that the ’Stone of Time ’ ’chose ’ you? ’ ’

’ ’Right! Why did the ’Stone of Time ’ choose me? ’ ’

Shun Long seemed to be stumped as he couldn ’t find an answer to this question.
Then he turned his bright eyes towards the Black Dragon as he asked

’ ’Does that mean that you know the answer? ’ ’

’ ’Of course.
Master there is always a reason for everything that happens.
Let me start from the beginning. ’ ’

The dragon then sat down on the space inside the ’Stone of Time ’ and coiled his long head around Shun Long before starting to explain through another telepathic message.

’ ’A long time ago, I was born in a place called the Sky-Mending world.
The birth of any dragon no matter how weak or strong is enough to startle countless superpowers in the universe.
Usually, when someone from our dragon race is born, there will always be some seniors from our race to protect us.
However, my circ.u.mstances were different, and in the end, I had to flee the Sky-Mending world while still a newborn, as I ended up being chased by a huge group of people. ’ ’

The dragon spoke with a hint of melancholy as well as grief in his voice as he continued

’ ’Although many people want to enslave a dragon, there are even more who want to kill one.
A dragon ’s body is a priceless treasure.
The horns, the scales, the claws, everything, even the tongue of a dragon would be a priceless treasure that many superpowers would kill to obtain. ’ ’

Then the dragon ’s eyes shone as he said in a proud voice with a big smile hanging on his face

’ ’That was when I and master met each other for the first time. ’ ’

Shun Long was speechless.

’ ’Why is he so sure that I ’ve met him before? ’ ’

And yet, he didn ’t interrupt the dragon who was explaining more about his past, as this story would probably include parts about the ’Stone of Time ’ as well as help Shun Long understand more about this dragon.

’ ’Although we dragons are born with exceptionally strong bodies and are very intelligent from the start, I couldn ’t escape the pursuit of all those people.
That was when I happened to run into master just outside the Heaven Trampling city.
Back then, master saw my scarred body while I was still a newborn and took pity in me as he came to my aid.

Since master was already the lord of the Heaven Trampling city and the Heaven Trampling Legion followed master, aside from a few superpowers, not many would dare to antagonize you.

However, there were still 2 exceptionally strong people who were willing to offend master in order to get their hands on me in the end. ’ ’

’ ’They brought their armies in front of Heaven Trampling city and demanded master to hand me over. ’ ’

That was when the Black Dragon smirked as he continued

’ ’But how could it be possible that they didn ’t know about master ’s temper? Master was already a renowned powerhouse back then and would never succ.u.mb to threats or forceful behavior.
Their armies clashed in a cataclysmic battle with the Heaven Trampling Legion and in the end master personally killed both of their leaders. ’ ’

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