The middle-aged man's face instantly brightened when he heard this, as he laughed and emptied his cup of wine before he said in an overjoyed tone

''Then I must thank senior in advance! I have heard that Zhu Guanyu has already reached the peak of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul and he can nearly fight against an early-rank 1 Dao King head-on.
I am sure it's only a matter of a time until he enters the top 500 rankings of the sect as well.
Perhaps in the future he will even be able to match geniuses like Zhu Rong from your Zhu family!''

The white-haired old man had a proud smile on his face when he heard so many praises for his grandson, but as soon as the name Zhu Rong was brought up, he simply shook his head and sighed before he answered in a tone that was filled with disappointment

''Although there are some chances for Guanyu to enter the top 500 rankings, it will be impossible for him to go any higher if he doesn't breakthrough to the Dao King realm! Geniuses like Zhu Rong are simply monsters in human skin who have also received the best resources of the clan.
It is simply impossible for Guanyu to compete with the heir of the clan.
You should understand this too since your family's Yan Bai is no different.''

The white-haired old man sighed as he said this, while a look of envy also appeared in the middle-aged man's eyes when the name Yan Bai was mentioned.

At that moment, just as the old man in purple robes was about to drink his wine as well, the door of the room was suddenly opened, as a young man in green robes entered inside, along with 2 middle-aged men in purple robes who were following after him.

The white-haired old man of the Zhu family and the green-robed middle-aged man from the Yan family both turned their eyes towards the green-robed young man with stern looks on their faces, before the old man turned his eyes towards his 2 guards who seemed to have allowed the green-robed young man inside like that.

However, before the old man questioned his guards, the green-robed young man looked at the middle-aged man from the Yan family and knelt on the floor, before he said in a voice that was filled with dread

''El-Elder Yan Ning! Something terrible happened!''

The middle-aged man's from the Yan family, Yan Ning's eyebrows were raised when he heard the alarmed tone in the green-robed young man's voice, but the young man didn't care as he continued speaking with a face filled with horror

''I-It's Elder's son.
Young master Yan Wen's life jade has…
it has shattered!''

Yan Ning's face instantly paled when he heard this, while even the white-haired old man from the Zhu family stared at the young man who had entered the room with eyes filled with shock.

Was this a joke? How could Yan Wen's life jade shatter when he was still inside Yanzhu city? Would someone really dare to touch him inside Yanzhu city?

The life jade was a magical jade that the geniuses of the powerful families in the central region used, so that their family would know of their condition and if they were alive or if a mishap had actually happened.
Everyone clearly understood that a life jade shattering could only mean one thing! That the person whom the life jade belonged to had actually perished!

If the young man in front of them wasn't wearing the robes of the Yan family, the white-haired old man from the Zhu family would have never believed what he had just heard.

As for Elder Yan Ning, his hands had started to tremble, causing the empty cup of wine to fall from his hand and shatter into countless pieces upon touching the ground.
And yet, Yan Ning didn't seem to have noticed this as his eyes kept staring at the young man in front of him while a gaze that was filled with killing intent that he was unable to suppress, causing his aura at the Dao King realm to erupt from his body and shake the entire room!

''What was Yan Wen's last location?''

The green-robed young man who was unable to even lift his head from the floor due to Yan Ning's overpowering aura that was now suffocating him, finally raised his head with extreme difficulty and looked at the elder of the Zhu family before he answered fearfully

''I-I heard that young master went to Dai Lim and Dai Hao's slave shop! I don't know if the young master left their shop or if something happened there!''

Yan Ning stood up from his seat while his gaze that was filled with endless killing intent was instantly focused towards the east of the city, almost as if he was trying to look past the buildings in front of him and have his gaze land directly on Dai Hao's and Dai Lim's shop as he mumbled to himself

''Dai Lim and Dai Hao's shop? Those bastards failed to protect Wen'er when he was visiting their shop? I will personally cut their heads off if they are still alive! As for the person who dared to touch my son…
I will destroy your entire family no matter who you are!''

Turning his gaze towards the green-robed young man who was looking at him with the same look of dread as before, Yan Ning then said in a frosty tone that seemed to be able to chill the hearts of anyone who heard it

''Lock down the entire city! Don't let anyone leave!''

Without saying another word, Yan Ning didn't even bid farewell to the white-haired old man from the Zhu family before he soared in the sky, destroying the roof of the room without any hesitation as he flew towards the east of the city at full speed!

The people of Yanzhu city trembled when they sense the furious Dao King who was flying in the sky and was radiating endless killing intent, as they all understood that something extremely big must have happened, something that would probably affect the entire Yanzhu city!

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