Dai Hao screamed loudly in despair when he saw Dai Lim's body lying on the ground in front of him.
Unfortunately for him, Shun Long's slash hadn't just destroyed Dai Lim's body, but it had completely destroyed his soul as well, instantly killing the peak rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

''Let's die together then!''

A look of madness suddenly appeared inside Dai Hao's eyes as he looked at Shun Long who was standing just a few meters in front of him, before he started to madly gather his energy inside his dantian.

Indeed, he was trying to explode himself, just like the leader of the 'Dark Blade guild', Tan Duyi, had done back in the 'Night star continent'. 

Shun Long still remembered how Tan Duyi's explosion had managed to hurt even Little Silver back then, causing his wings to be filled with its blood!

Instantly realizing what Dao Hao was trying to do, Shun Long's serious gaze was fully focused on him, as he mumbled to himself in an inaudible voice

''Time Prison.''

Shun Long could feel more than 40 percent of his qi being sapped in an instant, as he f.o.r.c.i.b.l.y stopped the flow of time around Dai Hao, placing him in a temporary time prison!

Holding his black sword with both hands he then used blink for a second time, appearing right in front of the 'frozen' Dai Hao, before he slashed his black sword horizontally towards his abdomen.

A rain of blood soon followed suit, as Dai Hao's body was slashed in half by Shun Long's sword slash, before he collapsed on the ground barely a moment later.

Another peak rank 5 Nascent Soul cultivator died in just a single slash!

There was no mercy inside Shun Long's eyes as he slowly turned his attention towards the remaining customers inside the shop who were still under the effects of his 'Monarch's Domain'.

In the blink of an eye, 7 more corpses appeared inside the shop, lying on the ground right next to the Dai Lim, Dai Hao, and the green-robed young master Yan Wen.

After gathering their spatial rings, Shun Long stopped his 'Monarch's Domain', allowing the flow of time inside the shop to return to normal.

The slaves inside the shop who were also affected by the 'Monarch's Domain' as well, were all stunned when they saw the Dai Lim and Dai Hao's corpses on the ground right next to Yan Wen's, before they turned their attention towards the yellow-robed young man who was standing at the center of the shop.

Some of the slaves even thought that they were dreaming for a moment, unable to truly believe the scene in front of their eyes, but the thick scent of blood that had filled the shop made them realize that this was anything but a dream.

Using the black sword in his hands, Shun Long freed every single one of the slaves that were inside the shop, before he turned around and stepped past the shop's entrance, freeing the remaining slaves who were standing outside as well. 

Regardless if it was the qi condensation rookies or the Nascent Soul stage cultivators, every single one of the slaves looked at him with gazes filled with respect, reverence, and gratefulness. 

Shun Long ignored their reverent gazes of those people, and pointing at the distance ahead of them he then said

''You are no longer slaves, but if you allow yourselves to be caught again, I doubt that you will be freed a second time.''

More than 30 cultivators all bowed towards Shun Long, before they turned around and started to run as far as possible.
Especially those who were inside the shop and had seen Shun Long kill Yan Wen.
They knew it was only a matter of time until the Yan family got wind of it.

However, there were some who didn't run right away, and looking at the yellow-robed young man in front of them, they steeled their hearts and walked towards him before one of them said cautiously

''Senior, that…
young master Yan Wen that you killed…
is really from the Yan family of Yanzhu city.
The Yan family is one of the 2 biggest families in the city and they control the city alongside the Zhu family.
As for young master Yan Wen, he was someone who visited Dai Hao's and Dai Lim's shop very often, and we have even heard that his father is one of the Elders of the Yan family! Even if senior is really a disciple of the Holy sect, if you don't have a powerful backing you will definitely be chased down by the Yan family! Also…
thank you for saving us!''

Since Shun Long hadn't activated his first 'Monarch's Domain' before he had killed Yan Wen, every single one of the slaves inside the shop had witnessed the terrifying sight that had taken place inside it.

Thus, although these people were afraid and wanted to leave this place as quickly as possible, they still grouped together and informed Shun Long of the incoming danger.

Surprisingly, Shun Long actually smiled at them and said

''Don't worry, I already figured as much from the beginning.
However, it still doesn't matter.
His identity makes no difference in my eyes.''

he is from the Yan family!''

Those people couldn't understand why Shun Long would still dare to save them and kill Yan Wen after knowing of his identity.
No matter what, they were still inside Yanzhu city.
Killing Yan Wen in this place was no different than declaring war on the Yan family.

At that moment, the look on Shun Long's face turned serious as he continued

''The Yan family? So what? Is there a reason for me to be afraid of the Yan family inside Yanzhu city when I am a disciple of the Holy sect? This is still the Holy sect's territory in the end.
Killing Dai Lim and Dai Hao was also a mission issued by the Holy sect itself, so why would a disciple of the Holy sect simply leave, just because Yan Wen ordered him to do so?

However, even if I wasn't a disciple of the Holy sect, I would still kill him all the same today!''

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