Shun Long wasn't surprised when he heard this voice and saw the customers instantly stepping to the side and opening a path for 2 middle-aged men and a young man to walk towards them.

He had already scanned the shop with his soul sense from the moment that he entered inside it, and had instantly sensed that 2 men at the peak of rank 5 of the Nascent Soul, as well as a man at the early rank 9 of the Spirit realm who were sitting at the shop's depths together.

Naturally, the 2 men were Dai Lim and Dai Hao, the 2 peak rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivators who were now walking towards Shun Long.
As for the person who was at the early rank 9 of the Spirit realm, it was obviously the green-robed young man who was walking by their side.

The person who had spoken was actually the middle-aged man on the left.
His expression had turned furious when he saw the old man's headless body that was lying on the ground, but the moment he saw Shun Long's yellow robes, his expression instantly changed as he suddenly halted his steps.

The middle-aged man on the right had a similar reaction as well, as he instantly realized that Shun Long must be an outer disciple of the Holy sect.

Even if he was just an early rank 3 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, they knew that they couldn't publicly kill a disciple of the Holy sect in their shop, or there would be no place left for them within the Holy sect's territory. 

After all, killing Shun Long privately during a bodyguard mission where no one would find out about it like Su Bao and Su Dong planned to, and killing him in broad daylight inside Yanzhu city were 2 completely different things.

At the end of the day, Yanzhu city was an official city inside the Holy sect's territory, and the 2 families that governed the city deferred to the Holy sect.

The moment that the 2 brothers laid their hands on him, they knew that they were doomed to be chased from the forces of both the Zhu and the Yan family until they died.

At that moment, Dai Lim and Dai Hao seemed to have realized something, as they both turned their heads towards the young man behind them at the same time.

The young man seemed to have also realized what was going on, as he nodded his head towards them with a reassuring expression on his face, before he turned his gaze towards Shun Long.

''It looks like you are an outer disciple of the Holy sect, right? What's your name and which family do you come from? Hmm, based on how low your cultivation is, you must be someone newly admitted to the Holy sect.
Is there a feud between you and the Dai brothers or is there some other reason you are here?''

Yan Wen immediately threw a barrage of questions towards Shun Long, completely uncaring of his identity as an outer disciple of the Holy sect.

At that moment, the middle-aged man on his right immediately took a step forward when he heard this, and looking at the green-robed young man next to him he said politely

''Young master Yan Wen, neither I nor Dai Hao have ever met with him before! Maybe he is here because someone has targeted our shop?''

As soon as Dai Lim offered his opinion, Dai Hao nodded hurriedly confirming that they had never met Shun Long before, while the green-robed young man's eyes lit up in realization.

With a calm smile on his face as if he was looking at 3 jumping clowns, Shun Long surprisingly nodded his head before he said

''You are right.
There has been a personal mission from the sect that requires you two to die.''

As for Yan Wen, he didn't even bother to respond to his questions.
Why would Shun Long even pay attention to an early rank 9 Spirit realm cultivator who suddenly starts barraging him with questions?

Dai Lim and Dai Hao's faces instantly paled when they heard Shun Long's answer, unable to conceal the fear on their faces any longer.

Of course, they weren't afraid that Shun Long would kill them, but they were terrified of the fact that the Holy sect had placed a mission on their heads.

This was the same as if a king had issued a royal decree in a mortal kingdom, ordering for a commoner to be sentenced to death!

Even if they didn't kill Shun Long and they somehow managed to send him away peacefully, there would definitely be other powerful disciples of the Holy sect who would come to take their heads in the near future!

Since the mission has already been accepted by the Holy sect, it means that the sect has researched thoroughly about them, and has already confirmed that the 2 brothers deserve to die.

Terrified, they could only turn their heads to look at 'young master Yan' for help, but they saw that his expression had also turned ugly when he heard this news.

Taking a deep breath, Yan Wen calmed himself down, and after throwing a few more looks towards the pleading Dai brothers, he turned his attention back towards Shun Long and waved his hand dismissively before he said seriously

''You can return back to the Holy sect.
Dai Hao and Dai Lim are my friends, so they are also friends of my Yan family.
I will personally ask my family to take care of this, so there is no need for someone like you to concern yourself with this matter any longer.''

Dai Lim and Dai Hao both heaved a sigh of relief when they got 'young master Yan's' promise that he would deal with this, but young master Yan's expression was still ugly.

It was obvious that dealing with a personal mission of the Holy sect wasn't something easy to do, otherwise he wouldn't have turned so serious when he heard this.

Seeing that Shun Long had yet to leave and instead he was staring at him like he was looking at an idiot, Yan Wen's expression instantly turned ugly as he took another step forward in a threatening manner and said furiously

''Didn't you hear me? I TOLD YOU TO SCRAM!''

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