Shun Long smiled and shook his head at Ying Gui before he said

''No need but thanks for the offer.''

Jumping down from the carriage, he then waved his hand as he walked towards the east of the city as he then continued

''Since there are no dangers inside the city, let's part ways here.''

Ying Gui got down from the 'Ironhide cow' when he heard this, and staring at Shun Long's back, the fat merchant bowed deeply without saying a word.

Words weren't enough to express how grateful he felt after making it to Yanzhu city safely.

Shun Long had the same smile on his face as he kept walking towards the east of the city at a leisure pace. 

Before he found the shop of the 2 slave traders and took care of them, he didn't mind having a look at the rest of the shops inside the city as well, and see if there were any rare rank 6 medicinal herbs or anything else that caught his attention.

After all, what Shun Long lacked the most right now was precisely rank 6 medicinal herbs.

After walking around the pill shops in the eastern part of Yanzhu city for a few hours, Shun Long found nearly a dozen rank 6 medicinal herbs that were placed up for sale.
The situation in this city didn't seem to be that much different compared to some of the shops in the Holy city.
Most of the shops only sold pills and very few of them looked to sell medicinal herbs directly.

Shun Long even heard from a shop clerk, that if he wanted to buy medicinal herbs directly he should have a look at the 'White tiger chamber of commerce' in the Holy city.

Regardless, Shun Long still bought every single rank 6 medicinal herb that he found despite the extremely expensive prices.

A single rank 6 medicinal herb was sold for more than 60.000 middle-grade spirit stones, while the prices of some of the more expensive ones went even beyond the 100.000 middle-grade spirit stones mark. 

Naturally, those herbs could be used not just by peak rank 3 gold-grade alchemists, but even by the famous star-rank alchemists that had already exceeded the gold grade long ago, which was why they were so expensive. 

After all, although they were only rank 6 medicinal herbs and couldn't be used as the main medicinal ingredients to create rank 7 pills, star-rank alchemists would always look to buy rank 6 medicinal herbs to use them as supplementary ingredients when they concocted their pills.

In the end, Shun Long had to pay 755.000 middle-grade spirit stones just for the rank 6 medicinal herbs that he had purchased today, leaving him with only 675.000 middle-grade spirit stones remaining.

Seeing that his spirit stones inside the 'Stone of Time' had shrunk by more than half after a single shopping spree, a deep look flashed through Shun Long's eyes as he decided to do something that he had never done in the Night star continent.

He first temporarily deactivate the 'Memory recording formation' from his sect identifying token, so that his next actions wouldn't be recorded inside it, before he started to visit the rest of the pill shops in the eastern part of Yanzhu city.

Since he had dozens of rare rank 5 medicinal herbs inside his 'Stone of Time', and most of them would only be used as supplementary herbs for him in the future, he decided to sell a big batch in the pill shops in Yanzhu city.

Naturally, this was a huge risk, since he would sell a big amount of the same rank 5 herbs, which would definitely attract some people's attention.
This was the reason why he had never done so in the Night star continent.

However, things in the central region were completely different.

Shun Long was now a disciple of the Holy sect, and he was simply selling his medicinal herbs in a city that was clearly not at the level of the Holy city.
Even if he attracted some people's attention here, he didn't really care about it.

Besides, Shun Long had already created his own faction inside the Holy sect, how could he be afraid of selling some medicinal herbs in Yanzhu city? Especially when the risk of someone finding out about his secrets through that was practically zero.

As he entered the rest of the shops and turned his attention towards the rank 5 medicinal herbs as well, Shun Long noticed that the prices of most rank 5 herbs in the central region were actually much more expensive compared to the Night star continent.

In the end, Shun Long sold plenty of his medicinal herbs in many different shops in the eastern part of Yanzhu city, and in a bulk at that, making the employees inside the shops widen their eyes in shock.
It was obvious that every single one of them was looking at Shun Long in disbelief, wondering where he found so many rank 5 medicinal herbs.
Some of those shops didn't even have half of the number of herbs that Shun Long sold in their own stock, causing them to fervently buy everything that Shun Long sold. 

Especially rare herbs like the 'Dragonblood grass', the 'Dreamy ash flower', as well as the even more rare 'Icicle soul grass', every single one of them was sold for very much higher prices compared to the other rank 5 medicinal herbs.

In the end, Shun Long made more than 1 million and 200.000 middle-grade spirit stones from his herbs, filling back his almost empty 'Stone of Time'.

After nearly emptying his stock of rank 5 herbs from his herb garden, Shun Long stared at the clerk of the pill shop in front of him and asked her if she knew the location of Dai Lim and Dai Hao's shop.
After receiving a positive response, he left the pill shop and continued to walk around the eastern part of Yanzhu city at the same unhurried pace as before, until he arrived in front of the entrance of a small shop half an hour later.

Shun Long's expression didn't change even after seeing the cultivators who were chained in front of the entrance of the shop like magic beasts for sale and had almost no clothes on their bodies aside from those that were barely covering their private parts.

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