Ying Gui quickly noticed Shun Long's abnormality, as his gaze followed Shun Long's, only to see the giant red bear that was running towards him.

His heart almost leaped out of his c.h.e.s.t at this horrifying sight, but the moment that he sensed the bear's aura, Ying Gui's eyes widened even further in terror.

Although he was just a rank 1 Spirit realm cultivator and he was usually unable to sense the difference between a rank 3 and a rank 6 Nascent Soul stage expert, Ying Gui knew that he had to be an idiot if he failed to understand that this bear's aura had already far exceeded the aura of a peak rank 6 Nascent Soul stage cultivator like Su Dong. 

Based on this overbearing aura that made the 'Ironhide cows' tremble in fear and freeze on the spot, it could only mean one thing!

Nodding his head solemnly, Shun Long looked at Ying Gui and said in a serious voice

''You better step back!''

Naturally, if Ying Gui could sense the bear's aura then how could Shun Long fail to?

Looking at this bear that was obviously at the peak of rank 5, even Shun Long knew that it would nearly impossible for him to take it down!

Ying Gui hurriedly nodded when he heard this, but an expression of despair had already appeared in his eyes as he realized what was going to happen.

Forget about his 'Ironhide cows', the bear was definitely going to destroy his carriages and completely ruin his mission.

The moment that the 'Solar hound' and the rest of the magic beasts inside the carriages were set free, the first thing that they would do would definitely be to take his life.

''Young master Shun Long…
is there any way for you to…?''

Although Shun Long clearly heard Ying Gui's question, he didn't even bother to respond to it as his eyes were fully focused on the peak rank 5 'Red-furred bear' that was quickly approaching the first carriage.

He knew that there was no way for him to fight against a peak rank 5 magic beast head-on, at least not just yet.

After all, the cultivation level required to do something like that would be close to the level of a Dao King, while Shun Long was still at the early rank 3 of the Nascent Soul.

With a serious look on his face, he tried to think if there was any way possible way to deal with this, but all of his thoughts led to the same conclusion.
There was only one way.
As he stared at the incoming magic beast, a sharp look flashed through his eyes as he mumbled to himself

''This shouldn't affect cultivators at the rank 9 of the Nascent Soul stage and above, but…
there is a chance if it's against the 'Red-furred bear!''

His eyes were focused completely on the massive body of the bear that was quickly approaching the carriage, before an illusionary purple blade appeared in his hand a few seconds later.
At the same time, Shun Long also waved his left hand, causing a small bottle that was filled with a purple liquid to appear inside it.

The enormous bear was now only 500 meters away from the first carriage and the 'Ironhide cows' that were pulling it, and at this point, even Shun Long could clearly sense the uncontrollable bloodl.u.s.t coming from its body that was only growing more and more intense.

It was obvious that it had already targeted Shun Long, Ying Gui, and the 'Ironhide cows', as its own food.

With a serious look on his face, Shun Long circulated his 'Monarch's Hourglass' and activated his second 'Monarch's Domain', causing a blue light to cover his own body, before he used his left hand to open a small space tear in the air in front of him, while making sure that the bottle with the purple liquid in his hands wouldn't break at the same time.

The moment that the space tear appeared in the air, Shun Long's right hand along with his illusionary purple blade both entered inside it, appearing right in front of the charging rank 5 'red-furred bear'.

The bear seemed to have sensed something the moment that the space around it started to get distorted, but its attention was already fully focused on the 'Ironhide cows' in front of it.
By the time it noticed what was going on and tried to respond, it was already too late!


The giant bear screamed in pain as its left eye was suddenly pierced by Shun Long's illusionary purple blade, causing its bright red blood to cover its face.

Shun Long's spatial blade had destroyed the bear's eye effortlessly before he pulled his right hand back from the space tear. 

Just as the bear roared in pain by having its left eye destroyed, Shun Long didn't hesitate, as he pushed his left hand inside the space tear, before he actually threw the bottle filled with the purple-colored liquid towards the furious magic beast that was still thrashing around.


The moment that the bottle fell on the giant bear's head, it immediately exploded, causing the bear to scream in pain for the second time.

It was obvious from the bear's roars, that this time the pain was much more intense than before.

It seemed that part of its red fur had also started to get corroded by the purple liquid, but that wasn't the end.

Ying Gui watched with a dumbfounded look on his face, as the moment that the purple liquid entered inside the bear's destroyed left eye, the terrifying peak rank 5 magic beast actually collapsed on the ground with a bang.

''I-It d-d-died? It really died?''

Ying Gui was stuttering unable to believe the sight that had appeared in front of his eyes.
He couldn't understand how it was possible for Shun Long to kill a peak rank 5 magic beast like that.
He had already prepared himself to lose everything including his life, but before the bear had even killed a single 'Ironhide cow' Shun Long had somehow managed to kill the huge magic beast instead.

Unfortunately, Shun Long didn't seem to be willing to share his secrets, as he actually opened another space tear, appearing right in front of the huge body of the bear.
After touching it with his right hand and placing it inside the 'Stone of Time', he returned back and sat on top of the first carriage before he turned his attention to the still stunned Ying Gui who was standing in a frozen state behind him. 

Ying Gui didn't need any instructions this time, as he climbed on the back of the 'Ironhide cow' and drove the 4 carriages forward without any delay. 

He had already been scared to the core by his experiences in the 'Flame Lion's' canyon this time, and he wasn't willing to stay in this place any longer.

In fact, if he managed to escape successfully, he never planned to enter this goddamned place ever again!

Ying Gui didn't know if it was thanks to his prayers or his good luck, but in the next 2 hours, he and Shun Long didn't meet with a single other magic beast, causing him to rejoice as he finally managed to escape the horrifying canyon.

Even after his 4 carriages all left the canyon, he didn't stop for a moment, as he kept urging the 'Ironhide cows' forward at full speed.

Finally, 10 hours later, Shun Long's eyes lit up as the outline of a city slowly appeared in front of his eyes.

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