As he led the carriages deeper inside the 'Flame Lion's canyon', Ying Gui started to check his surroundings with unconcealed fear in his eyes, clearly afraid that they would be attacked again.

Although Shun Long was probably stronger than his entire previous group of guards combined, Ying Gui still didn't feel safe in this place that was rumored to have even rank 6 magic beasts, that were as powerful as Dao King realm experts.

After taking a few breaths to calm himself down, he turned around and looked at Shun Long who was still sitting on top of the first carriage, before he asked cautiously

''Young master Shun Long…
should we find a place to stop and rest for a few hours? There are many magic beasts in this place…
and I'm afraid that young master Shun Long isn't in optimal condition to fight.''

Shun Long opened his eyes and thought seriously for a few moments after hearing Ying Gui's cautious suggestion, before he actually nodded his head and said

''You are right.
It's better to rest for a few hours before we head deeper inside.''

Just as Ying Gui was about to ask if they should turn around and set up camp near the entrance of the canyon so that they won't have to face the attacks of any magic beasts who lived inside the canyon, Shun Long's next words instantly chilled his heart to the core as they destroyed any such notions from his mind.

''Although we should find a place to rest, we will do it deeper inside the canyon.
Staying close to the entrance is too dangerous right now.
You don't know if those 2 are the only members that that Su family sent to this place, or if there are more of them on the way.''

Ying Gui immediately understood what Shun Long meant, causing his heart to freeze from the chill he felt.

Indeed, if there were more members of the Su family on their way to this place, or if more of them simply came to search for Su Dong and Su Bao and only found Ying Gui's camp there, the scene that would follow after that wasn't hard for Ying Gui to imagine.

Even if Shun Long could somehow preserve his own life against more members of the Su family, it wasn't certain if Ying Gui himself would be able to escape from a second certain death scenario.

Nodding his head with a serious look, the fat merchant turned around and led the 'Ironhide cows' deeper inside the 'Flame Lion's canyon' without any delay.
Right now, Ying Gui's fear of the Su family was hundreds of times bigger than his fear for the magic beasts living inside the canyon.

A little more than an hour later, Shun Long and Ying Gui stopped the carriages in an isolated place, not too far away from the main path of the canyon.

Seeing that this place was surrounded by large rocks high above their heads, that blocked them from being spotted by any flying magic beasts that happened to fly in the sky above them, Shun Long nodded his head before he sat cross-legged and took out a bottle filled with top-grade rank 5 'Qi replenishing pills'.

Since he couldn't enter inside the 'Stone of Time' with Ying Gui sitting right next to him, while the 'Memory recording formation' from his sect identifying token was still active during the mission as well, Shun Long simply closed his eyes and ate a handful of 'Qi replenishing pills' to refill the qi inside his qi balls.

Although his fight with both Su Dong and Su Bao didn't last for too long, Shun Long knew that he had expended more than 50 percent of his qi when he used his 'Eternal Banishment' to take care of Su Dong's 'Flame arrow', as well as when he used his 'Thundergod's slash' to destroy Su Bao's qi shield.

Continuing deeper inside the canyon when his qi wasn't even 50 percent full was too dangerous considering that powerful magic beasts probably lived deeper inside the canyon.

At the same time, although Shun Long knew that it would be somewhat troublesome to explain how he took care of Su Dong's 'Flame arrow', since he wasn't planning to explain anything about his Dao of Time to the sect, he wasn't really too worried about this either.

The chances that the sect would review every single mission that a disciple took on were practically non-existent, and even if for some reason they decided to check his own missions, Shun Long would still blame it on his Dao of Space.

After all, even the Holy sect's Elders wouldn't be able to find out anything about his Dao of Time through the 'Memory recording formation'.
At most, it would only create some suspicions but that was still a level that Shun Long was willing to handle.

An hour later, after feeling that his qi balls were back to 100 percent full, Shun Long stood up from his seat and turned his attention towards Ying Gui who was still sitting just a few meters away from him and was vigilantly checking his surroundings.

It was obvious he didn't feel safe in the slightest in this place.

Of course, even Shun Long could sense how dangerous this place actually was, since in the first 1 hour alone that he and Ying Gui had entered the canyon, he had already dealt with 2 peak rank 4 magic beasts.

Although peak rank 4 magic beasts were only equivalent to rank 9 Spirit realm cultivators, considering that their group was still near the entrance of the canyon, Shun Long knew that things would only get tougher the deeper inside they headed.

After placing the bottle with the rest of the 'Qi replenishing pills' in his hand inside the 'Stone of Time', Shun Long then sat on top of the first carriage and looked at the restless Ying Gui before he said

''Let's go.
There is no reason for us to spend the night here.
The faster we reach Yanzhu city the better.''

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