The moment that the black-colored 'Thundergod's slash' met Su Bao's qi shield head-on, a loud sound akin to a large bubble popping could be heard, before the qi shield was obliterated instantly under Su Bao's and Su Dong's disbelieving eyes!


Su Bao could no longer contain his fear the moment that he saw his qi shield being destroyed so easily, as he shouted in a voice filled with fear and unwillingness.


Unfortunately, his screams were drowned barely a moment later, as his crimson sword failed to block Shun Long's 'Thundergod's slash' before his body was completely engulfed by the gigantic sword slash.

The peak rank 6 Nascent Soul stage expert, Su Dong, stared at the scene in front of him with a gaze filled with shock and disbelief, as the moment that the terrifying sword slash disappeared, Su Bao's motionless body could be seen lying on the ground.

His body had been split into 2 halves, but the clear expression of terror that was still etched on his face even after his death, made Su Dong unconsciously take a few steps back.

Just a single sword slash had actually managed to kill a middle rank 6 Nascent Soul stage expert like Su Bao, even when Su Dong himself had tried to interfere and block it using his 'Flame arrow'!

He didn't know what Shun Long had done to his 'Flame arrow', but the vigilance that was previously present in his eyes now also held traces of fear, as he thought to himself

''What kind of monster are we fighting against?''

An early rank 3 Nascent Soul stage rookie could kill a middle rank 6 Nascent Soul stage cultivator like Su Bao?

Even if Shun Long was a disciple of the Holy sect, Su Dong had never heard of something as exaggerated as this in his life.

A moment later, Su Dong's eyes were attracted to the large black sword in Shun Long's hands, making his body immediately freeze as he stood rooted on the spot.
Just like Su Bao, he also realized that Shun Long's black sword had already exceeded the gold grade, causing a look of unconcealed greed to appear on his face.

However, unlike Su Bao, Su Dong wasn't someone who couldn't control himself.
Although he desperately wanted to get his hands on Shun Long's sword as well, he wasn't planning on getting himself killed in the process.

At the same time, Shun Long had also stopped looking at Su Bao after making sure that he had truly died to his 'Thundergod's slash', before he turned his attention towards Su Dong.

Of course, Shun Long wouldn't give a chance for Su Bao's soul to escape after his body was destroyed, which was why he had made sure to thoroughly kill him with the 'Thundergod's slash'.

After all, he wouldn't simply forget that the Nascent Soul stage was also called the Nirvana stage.

If his attack had been barely strong enough to destroy Su Bao's body without harming his soul, Su Bao would not only try to escape, but in the worst-case scenario, he could even manage to invade Ying Gui's body who was spectating from the distance.

If that happened, Shun Long wasn't certain if Ying Gui who was only a rank 1 Spirit realm cultivator would be able to resist Su Bao's invasion.

Turning his eyes towards the remaining peak rank 6 Nascent Soul stage opponent, Shun Long saw the serious look on Su Dong's face, as he nocked another arrow on his black bow and fired it at him without any hesitation.


The metal arrow pierced through the air, as it headed towards Shun Long with a speed that normal early-stage Nascent Soul cultivators wouldn't even be able to see it.

It was obvious that Su Dong wasn't holding back at all, as he used 100 percent of his strength this time.
He clearly wasn't planning to give Shun Long the chance to attack first and try to get close to him as he was the first one to take the initiative.

However, Shun Long wasn't going to stay still and simply take on Su Dong's attacks head-on.

Taking a step forward, his body instantly blurred as he rushed towards Su Dong at full speed.

With his speed enhanced by his second 'Monarch's Domain', even someone like Su Dong who had reached the peak of rank 6 in the Nascent Soul and was just a step away from entering the late stages, was barely able to keep track of Shun Long.

Of course, since their distance was more than 700 meters away from each other while his blink could only cover around 300 meters at most with his current comprehension of his Dao of Space, Shun Long knew that he couldn't just blink next to Su Dong even if he used his blink 2 consecutive times.

As he crossed the first 100 meters between them, Shun Long suddenly noticed that the trajectory of Su Dong's arrow had slightly changed mid-air and was actually still flying towards him.
Without any hesitation, he immediately dodged to the side, easily avoiding it, before he kept flying towards Su Dong.

Another scene then appeared in his mind that caused his eyes to widen in disbelief.

Without any hesitation, Shun Long immediately turned around and punched the air in front of him without holding back any of his strength.

A metal arrow with a golden hue that was shooting towards him like a bolt of lightning suddenly collided with his punch.

This was the same arrow that Shun Long had dodged just a few moments ago.

Unlike the previous 2 times that he had repelled Su Dong's arrows, this time Shun Long could clearly feel a sharp pain in his left hand, as the arrow's tip actually pierced through his skin causing his blood to spurt in the process.

Ying Gui's face instantly turned ashen when he saw the blood that had started to flow from Shun Long's hand without stop, while a mocking smile had immediately appeared on Su Dong's face when he saw this scene before he shouted

''Hahaha! Die!''

Not willing to waste this opportunity, Su Dong then nocked 2 more arrows on his black bow, and one after the other, he fired them at Shun Long as well.

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