Seeing that Su Bao's gaze was completely focused on him and the 4 carriages, Shun Long simply smiled before he waved his right hand, causing a black sword with countless mysterious runes and patterns on its surface to appear in front of him.

Since he was going to fight against a middle rank 6 Nascent Soul stage cultivator he wasn't planning on holding back this time.

As soon as the black sword appeared in his hand Shun Long injected his qi inside it without any hesitation, causing sparks of lightning to appear all over the sword's surface before they slowly gathered on its edge.

The moment that Su Bao's eyes landed on the black sword in Shun Long's hands his body suddenly started to tremble, as a look of disbelief appeared on his face.

For a moment, he couldn't believe what he was seeing, before an uncontrollable look of greed soon replaced his expression barely a moment later.

Although he wasn't part of some extremely powerful family, Su Bao wasn't someone who couldn't recognize a treasure when it was right in front of him!

He already knew that even the patriarch of his family only had a single peak rank 3 gold-grade weapon in his possession! Su Bao had once seen it and he immediately understood, that his rank 1 gold grade crimson sword simply couldn't be compared with the patriarch's weapon!

And yet, the energy fluctuations coming from the black sword in Shun Long's hands had already exceeded the Su patriarch's peak rank 3 gold grade weapon.

This could only mean one thing! 

With a face filled with excitement, Su Bao didn't immediately attack Shun Long, as he first asked with a voice that could barely cover his heavy breathing

is that a legendary star-rank weapon?''

Although Ying Gui was a distance away and he was still moving further back so he would avoid being harmed by their fight that was ready to erupt at any moment, his feet were instantly rooted on the spot when he heard the words 'star-rank weapon' while his gaze was glued to the black sword in Shun Long's hands.

After all, although he was just a small rank 1 Spirit realm merchant, since he frequently visited the Holy city, he had already heard about the legendary weapons above the gold grade.

He knew that they were called star-rank weapons and that even in the Holy city, they were extremely rare to appear and would only do so in the auctions of the highest level.

The value of these weapons was so high, that even the powerful Dao Emperors of the strongest families in the Holy city would instantly exit their seclusion to obtain them!

Thus, for Shun Long to really have a star-rank weapon, how could Ying Gui as a merchant not be interested in such a treasure?

Surprisingly, not only did Shun Long not deny this, but he actually nodded his head in confirmation before he said

''You are right.
Not only is it a star-rank weapon but it's even a peak rank 1 star weapon!''

Naturally, how could Shun Long not noticed the greed in Su Bao's eyes?

Indeed the moment that he heard Shun Long's confirmation Su Bao no longer held back, as he stepped forward and exploded with his full strength, as he slashed the crimson sword in his hand towards Shun Long's c.h.e.s.t.

Not only was he not feeling afraid to fight Shun Long who had a star-rank weapon in his possession, but even if Shun Long was even stronger than he currently was, Su Bao would still fight him going all-out!

Forget about the 4 peak rank 5 magic beasts, just this black sword alone was worth him risking his life to obtain it.
Unfortunately for him, the moment that he stepped inside Shun Long's 'Monarch's Domain', he didn't notice that his speed was lowered by nearly 40 percent.

At the same time, after activating his second 'Monarch's Domain', Shun Long's body was instantly covered by a pale blue light, before he calmly took just a single step to the side.
And yet, that single step was enough for him to avoid Su Bao's full-powered slash that only managed to touch the edge of his clothes.

Su Bao and even Ying Gui were both surprised when they saw how easily Shun Long avoided his lethal attack, but Su Bao didn't stop, as he continued to attack Shun Long without stop.

Although Su Bao wouldn't possibly admit it, he was actually feeling extremely anxious right now and was afraid that Su Dong would take care of that peak rank 5 Nascent Soul head of guards and return at any moment.

If that happened, Su Bao's dreams of obtaining Shun Long's black sword for himself would only remain a dream! There was no way that Su Dong would allow him to do something like that.
A star-rank weapon wasn't something that a small middle rank 6 Nascent Soul cultivator like him could keep for himself.

Unfortunately for him, not a single one of his attacks landed on Shun Long's body, as even those that came from the trickiest angles were easily blocked by the terrifying black sword in his hands.

Of course, how could Shun Long be caught off-guard when he could easily see 5 seconds into the future and foresee every move that Su Bao was about to make?

''Brat, stop running like a coward! Do you not have balls to fight like a man?''

It was obvious that with every passing second Su Bao was only growing more and more agitated, afraid that Su Dong was going to return.
Shun Long avoiding and only parrying his attacks without giving him a single opening only made him more furious, as he couldn't hold himself back from taunting Shun Long, hoping that he would take the initiative to attack himself.

Unfortunately, Shun Long's next words made the middle rank 6 Nascent Soul stage expert vomit blood from anger, while his eyes instantly turned red from the fury and humiliation as his words resounded in his and in Ying Gui's ears

''Attack you? I'm afraid that you won't be able to withstand even a single strike.''

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