Staring at the tree branches that were moving towards him Shun Long wasn ’t flustered in the slightest, as he stretched out his right hand before an illusionary purple-colored blade appeared on it.

Although martial skills couldn ’t be used inside the Dao Tower, anything related to his own comprehension of their Dao could be utilized as long as Shun Long was willing to spend some of his qi.

This meant that although he couldn ’t use martial skills like the Gale steps, or his Thunderbolt finger, or the only Saint low-grade martial skill that he knew, the Thundergod ’s slash, things that Shun Long had comprehended through his own Dao, like the spatial blade in his hand, his blink or opening a space tear with his own hands, everything that was related to his own Dao, regardless of whether they originally required Shun Long to use his qi or his body refinement energy to be activated, could now be used inside the Dao Tower.

Of course, Shun Long wasn ’t planning to use any of his moves that required him to use his Dao of Time, and was planning to completely rely on his Dao of Space instead.

Staring at the tree branches that were about to completely submerge him in their attacks, Shun Long didn ’t hesitate as the spatial blade in his right hand started to cut through them like a scorching blade cutting through snow.

The tree branches couldn ’t provide the slightest resistance in front of the purple spatial blade, and regardless of whether it was the thicker tree branches or the small and thin ones, they were all cut down all the same as Shun Long advanced towards the young man in brown robes.

The young man ’s body trembled when he felt his strongest attack being destroyed from the inside without him being able to do anything.

Although he tried to summon more tree branches, it was obvious that his attempt was futile as Shun Long simply cleared them faster than they emerged from the ground while he moved towards him.

And yet the only thing that he could do was stick to this same plan.

As he kept attacking Shun Long, the young man had started to step backwards at the same time, opening up the distance between them as he wasn ’t willing to allow Shun Long to get too close to him, but in just a few moments, he realized that he had ended up reaching the end of the hall with his back against the wall.

At the same time, Shun Long finally cut through the last of the tree branches that was blocking his way a few moments later, before he stared at the young man in front of him who was clearly trembling in fright.

Shun Long wasn ’t certain if this was the young man ’s first fight in the Dao Tower as well or his first time coming so close to death which made him so afraid, but it was obvious that his comprehension of his Dao was more than lackluster, to say the least.

Although the attribute of his Dao of Space was really terrifying being able to cut through practically anything at will, Shun Long knew that as long as he met someone whose comprehension of their Dao was higher than his comprehension of his Dao of Space, he wouldn ’t be able to win effortlessly like this.

As for the young man in front of him, Shun Long guessed that his comprehension of his Dao was at the level of someone who had just broken through to the Heaven grade.

Slashing the air in front of him with his right hand, Shun Long then opened a space tear and stepped inside it, closing the distance between them and appearing in front of the brown-robed young man in practically an instant before he swept his right hand horizontally before the young man could even open his mouth to say anything.

A small wound appeared on the place where the brown-robed young man ’s heart was supposed to be, and a few moments later, his body started to break down into motes of light as he began to disappear in front of Shun Long.

The young man didn ’t know why he had been so unlucky to face a monster like Shun Long so early in the Dao Tower.

He had won his previous fight almost effortlessly, but just in his second fight, he had to fight against this monster who had destroyed him in less than a minute.

He was still in the white rank!

What the hell was this guy doing in the white rank as well?

Shun Long had also guessed that the young man would probably feel aggrieved about his loss, since this previous fight was no different than bullying, he didn ’t really care about it since there was nothing he could do about it either.

As he was still in the white rank, Shun Long had guessed that he would probably have to fight against the weaker cultivators before rising in the ranks, causing most of his opponents in the beginning to only have a comprehension at the Heaven-grade level, but as he rose to the yellow-grade, Shun Long guessed that he would start fighting against peak Heaven-grade opponents or even Spirit realm cultivators, making the battles tougher as he rose through the ranks.

The moment that the brown-robed young man disappeared, Shun Long noticed that some of the motes of light around his body didn ’t disperse in the surroundings, but instead, they were being absorbed by his white rank token.

His token that had a pure white color didn ’t change externally, but Shun Long could sense that there was a small difference as he held it.

After looking at it seriously for a few more moments, a smile broke out on his face before he sat cross-legged on the ground on the now dead-silent palace hall and closed his eyes.

The cracks on the ground created by the fissure of the young man ’s attack were quickly repaired in less than a minute, restoring the palace ’s appearance to its original state before Shun Long ’s first fight.

Finally, 15 minutes later, after the period for everyone to rest had ended, a new silhouette started to materialize in front of Shun Long, causing him to slowly open his eyes as well.

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