The young man stared at Shun Long ’s yellow robes with hints of envy in his eyes, but his words still hammered down mercilessly, uncaring if they were going to ruin his hopes of ever glancing at the people in the top ranks of the Dao Tower.

And yet, Shun Long merely smiled at the young man ’s attempt to lower his confidence while a powerful fighting intent appeared inside his eyes as he stared at the enormous tower in front of him, while watching the line moving forward slowly.

’ ’Hmph. ’ ’

The young man harrumphed when he saw Shun Long ’s smile, making him feel like he was being mocked while inwardly he thought to himself

’ ’Just wait until you enter the Dao Tower.
Outer disciple of the Holy sect or not, no one will give a damn about your identity in there! ’ ’

Without another word, the young man angrily turned around and stared at the Dao Tower as he eagerly waited for his turn to come.

2 hours later, after the young man in front of him entered inside, it was Shun Long ’s turn to enter the Dao Tower.

As he stepped forward, Shun Long saw that the huge gates of the tower were wide-open, allowing him to enter without any obstruction.

A luxurious hall appeared in Shun Long ’s eyes the moment that he stepped foot inside the Dao Tower, as well as 2 beautiful receptionists standing who were behind a large counter.

Seeing the handsome yellow-robed young man who was approaching them caused the eyes of the 2 receptionists to light up at the same time, as both of them flashed the sweetest smiles they could muster and greeted him gently

’ ’Hello young master! ’ ’

’ ’Welcome to the Dao Tower! How may I assist you? ’ ’

The receptionist on the right looked at the woman next to her and pouted when she realized that she had taken the initiative to offer her assistance first.

Shun Long simply smiled at the 2 receptionists, before walking towards the one on the left a moment later and asked her

’ ’It ’s my first time visiting the Dao Tower.
Can you explain the rules for me or tell me anything else that I need to take note of? ’ ’

’ ’With pleasure young master! ’ ’

The young woman ’s gaze heated up even further when she noticed the yellow robes that Shun Long was wearing that indicated that he was actually an outer disciple of the Holy sect.

Pointing at the huge staircase in the distance she then started to explain

’ ’The Dao Tower has more than 9000 rooms split into different floors, and you can use any room that you want without any restrictions.
Every room is the same so it doesn ’t matter which one you choose.

Additionally, you can stay inside a room for as long as you want, but to use a room you are required to pay 5.000 middle-grade spirit stones.
Young master should be careful and shouldn ’t leave the room unless you are certain that you are going to leave the Dao Tower as well, otherwise you will have to pay 5.000 middle-grade spirit stones again to enter inside.

Since it is your first time coming to the Dao Tower, we will give young master your personal tower token.

Of course, since young master hasn ’t participated in any battles just yet, your tower token will be the lowest white rank token.
However, as you fight and win more of your fights, your rank will rise as well.

The first and also the lowest rank is the white rank, followed by the yellow rank and then the orange rank.
After the orange is the red rank, followed by the purple rank and the silver rank, and then finally the legendary gold rank.

Since young master is an outer disciple of the Holy sect, I am sure that you will be able to reach the orange rank in no time so I wouldn ’t worry about it.

Now to the rules.

When you enter inside the room, it will only take a few moments for the Dao Tower to connect young master with someone else.

During the fights there are actually no rules.
You can do whatever you want.

Of course, you cannot use your qi and will only be allowed to use your Dao, but you are free to torture or kill your opponent without any restraints.

Naturally, there is nothing to be afraid about even if the fights look real, since it will only be your mind and your opponent ’s mind that will be connected.
So, even if you die during a fight, your consciousness will return to normal soon…
but you will feel an intense pain every time you die. ’ ’

As she said the last part, the receptionist ’s voice was lowered significantly, almost as if she remembered the intense pain every time she died inside the tower ’s fights as well.

This was why most people couldn ’t handle dying more than 3 times before they left the Dao Tower.

After all, the tower wouldn ’t wait for you to rest every time you finished a fight, regardless of whether you won or lost, and would at most give you 15 minutes to rest before the next fight began.

After taking a deep breath and expelled the bad memories of death inside the tower, the receptionist looked at Shun Long and handed him a small, white-colored token before she continued

’ ’As long as young master lets a drop of blood fall onto the token, the token will connect with your consciousness every time that you enter a room.
As long as you want to stop the challenges or give up a fight, all you have to do is cut off the connection with the token and you can leave the room.
Your face will also not be shown to your opponent during the fights so there is nothing to worry about.
I wish you good luck young master~ ’ ’

There was a flirtatious tone in the young receptionist ’s words as she said the last sentence, but despite her pretty appearance, Shun Long simply nodded his head as thanks before he walked towards the huge staircase in the distance that led him to the next floor.

The receptionist pouted that she couldn ’t get more of a reaction from him, while the other receptionist next to her simply laughed in response.

At the same time, arriving on the first floor, Shun Long saw nearly 100 doors, all of which were closed, while their entrances were filled with 5.000 middle-grade spirit stones.

Seeing that there was no room available on this floor he continued to walk upwards towards the second floor.

Noticing that there were a handful of rooms ’available ’, Shun Long picked one at random and stood in front of its entrance.
Waving his hand, 5.000 middle-grade spirit stones appeared in front of him, before Shun Long sent them towards the small holes on the door.

As soon as the middle-grade spirit stones embedded themselves on the door, a deep rumbling could be heard as the door slowly opened.

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